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The Evolution of Prefabricated Containers: A Comprehensive Guide

The growing usage of prefabricated containers in buildings is causing a revolution in the sector. These multi-purpose structures, also known as modular containers, are displacing old-fashioned building methods because of their efficiency and adaptability. Starting from the standard shipping units to the customized ones, prefab containers can be used in many different ways in different [...]

Container Offices: The Future of Workplace Flexibility

In the era of flexibility and remote work, traditional office spaces are being replaced by creative solutions. From these, office containers stand out as a symbol of design creativity and portability. With the current trend of offices trying to make the most of the space and enhance productivity, office containers are the window to the flexible workspace solutions of the future. We will now [...]

Labor Accommodation Camps

What Are Labor Accommodation Camps? Providing enough and adequate accommodation for employees is one of the critical factors in the fast-paced world of construction and industrial operations. In this context, labor accommodation camps play a crucial role in providing essential facilities for laborers, professionals, and construction employees during a project. The industries and construction workforce [...]

Modular container manufacturer in Mali

Modular Container Manufacturer in Mali | Module-T Modular buildings are used widely throughout West Africa, as the speed at which they can be designed, built, and delivered ensures they offer a practical alternative to traditional construction. Module-T is a well-established modular container manufacturer in Mali, and we supply an impressive range of modular constructions for [...]

Modular building company in Niger

Modular Container Company in Niger Module-T Module-T is a popular modular building company in Niger and a leading supplier of modular constructions throughout West Africa. Our versatile range of prefabricated buildings and containers can be used for many applications and provide a quick-to-supply and more affordable alternative to conventional buildings; plus, our constructions can be optimised to suit almost [...]

Is It Easy To Install A Modular Container? | Module-T

Modular containers are a utility that serves storage and space capabilities in many ways. But how challenging is it to install a modular container? Read this blog to understand more! Understanding Modular Containers  Modular containers are specialized storage or transportation units designed to be easily combined or stacked to create more robust, custom storage or [...]

Modular office buildings in Canada | Manufacturer | Module-T

Expand your facilities and create all the administrative space you need with our innovative modular office buildings in Canada. Our modular office solutions offer a high-quality, sustainable, and time-effective alternative to constructing a traditional building. They are made remotely using state-of-the-art technology to ensure each section meets US code, and you can customise your office [...]

Modular Building Florida | Module-T

Module-T is a leading modular building manufacturer in Turkey. We can supply high-quality prefabricated constructions to commercial and industrial sites throughout America and internationally. From our factory near Istanbul, our modular building Florida range includes various innovative modular structures, all built in sections using modern materials and the latest technology to ensure they adhere to [...]

Container office for sale in Canada

Container Office for Sale in Canada | Module-T For more than 15 years, Module-T has specialised in designing, manufacturing, and supplying modular prefabricated buildings. Temporary and permanent workspace solutions are our forte, and our innovative prefabricated industrial and commercial buildings now provide accommodation, dormitory, sanitary, and other space solutions for businesses in over 120 countries. [...]

Portable Office container in Jamaica

Portable Office Container in Jamaica | Module-T If you need to create a flexible temporary or permanent space for your administrative, projects, or management team, a portable office container in Jamaica offers a quick-to-deliver and affordable solution. Available in various sizes and configurations, these highly durable modular constructions can provide all the space you need [...]

Office container in Germany

Office Container Manufacturer in Germany  -  Module-T As the price of new build and commercial properties increase across Germany, more industrial and commercial businesses are turning to prefabricated modular building manufacturers to provide affordable space solutions.  Module-T is a well-known office container manufacturer in Germany. We supply a full range of modern office containers and [...]

Modular buildings in Bahamas

Modular Buildings Manufacturer Bahamas Module-T Today, modular buildings in Bahamas are very common, as innovative manufacturing processes and sophisticated materials make prefabricated constructions a wise and affordable alternative to conventional structures in the islands. Module-T is modular buildings manufacturer that can supply a broad range of prefabricated offices, WC and sanitary containers, school buildings, locker [...]

Office Container For Sale Guatemala

Office Container For Sale Guatemala | Module-T If you are looking for office containers in Guatemala, consider contacting Module-T. Our innovative office container solutions offer a cost and time effective way to create additional space for your management and administration staff or enhance and expand your existing workplace.  An office container provides a practical alternative [...]

Office cabin manufacturer in Ireland

Office Cabin Manufacturer in Ireland | Module-T The rapidly increasing new build and commercial property prices in Ireland are leading many companies to search for cost-effective alternatives to traditional construction. Thankfully, prefabricated modular buildings offer a practical and affordable solution. Module-T is an office cabin manufacturer in Ireland that can supply a wide range of [...]

Portable office cabin

Portable office cabin | Manufacturer and Supplier - Module-T A portable office cabin provides a cost-effective and highly durable space that you can use for many applications. These versatile structures can be modified in various ways to facilitate the needs of an administration or commercial team. We can also manufacture and supply them quickly and in a [...]

Foldable Container Solutions

Foldable Container Solutions for Industrial Use – Module-T We Manufacture the Best Modular Mobile Cabinets Module-T specialises in rapidly designing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality, large-scale foldable container solutions for industrial use. These strong, reusable galvanised steel frame and sandwich panel structures are optimised to cope with challenging environments and are designed to withstand multiple assemblies [...]

Container Homes In Puerto Rico

Container Homes in Puerto Rico - Manufacturer and Supplier The popularity of container homes in Puerto Rico has risen over recent years, and container houses are now found throughout Puerto Rico, North America, and the Caribbean. Module-T is a container house manufacturer specialising in the international supply of a wide range of high-quality container homes [...]

Modular Prefabricated Building Caribbean

Modular Prefabricated Building Company in the Caribbean Islands – Module-T If you're searching for quality and affordable prefabricated building solutions in the Caribbean, consider Module T! Our extensive modular prefabricated building Caribbean range of products and services is optimised for use in the islands and offers a time and cost-effective approach to creating space. For [...]

Prefabricated Modular building Uruguay

Uruguay, a small country in South America, faces numerous social and economic challenges. These factors can make building safe and affordable accommodations or constructing quality industrial or commercial workplaces difficult in many regions. Prefab construction offers an innovative and timely solution. Modular structures in Uruguay are quick to supply and assemble, offering substantial financial, environmental, [...]

Prefabricated Modular building Turks and Caicos

Modular & Prefabricated Building Supplier | Turks and Caicos A prefabricated building is not a new concept. However, innovative materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes have pushed their use into the spotlight, as they now offer a far more sustainable, affordable, and timely alternative to conventional construction. Module-T supplies standard and custom-made modular buildings to clients [...]

Prefabricated Building Namibia

Prefabricated Building Modular Manufacturer | Namibia | Module-T Module-T is a well-established Turkish prefabricated building manufacturer specialising in supplying prefabricated building solutions to Namibia and many other locations. Namibia is one of the world's most diverse and sparsely populated countries, so conventional construction often proves challenging. Sourcing reliable labour and organising building supplies and equipment [...]

Container House In Costa Rica

Container House Costa Rica Manufacturer Costa Rica’s warm tropical climate and the mix of long, intense rainy and dry winter seasons make traditional construction difficult in many places. The diversity of the landscape, with the mountains, volcanos, beaches, and rainforests, also poses problems if you are looking to build a strong and affordable construction quickly [...]

Modular Building Solutions Canada

Modular Building Solutions & Supplier Canada Canada is known for its harsh winters and regions of extreme climatic change, making a traditional onsite build difficult in many locations. For this reason, our modular building solutions Canada range is ideal for use in the country. Our strong, prefabricated commercial and industrial buildings can be reinforced and [...]

Modular Building Papua New Guinea

Modular Building & Prefabricated Building Supplier Papua New Guinea Modular prefabricated buildings are ideally suited for use in the southwest Pacific, as they are highly durable, perform well, and withstand prolonged use in extremely hot, humid, and tropical climates. You can customise these versatile structures to suit almost any commercial or industrial purpose, and they [...]

Modular structure Uganda

Modular Structure Manufacturer and Supplier in Uganda Module-T is an international modular structure manufacturer that supplies top-quality prefabricated buildings for use on industrial and commercial sites throughout Africa. From Turkey, we manufacture and ship strong and affordable prefabricated offices, accommodation blocks, sanitary buildings, and other modular structures for use in Uganda. Learn more about our [...]

Modular School Buildings Ghana

Some of Our Products More Details More Details More Details More Details Modular School Buildings & Modular Building Companies Ghana Modular school buildings offer a practical way to expand your existing school or create a new educational campus. Our modular education buildings ghana can be used as classrooms, science labs, sports halls, assembly rooms, and [...]

Modular Buildings for Sale in Germany

Modular Buildings for Sale in Germany Module-T manufactures a wide range of modular buildings for sale in Germany. We specialise in designing and delivering affordable standard and custom-built modular solutions for various industrial and commercial environments. From our factory near Istanbul, we create innovative modular structures using the latest materials and techniques to ensure all [...]

Modular Building UK

Modular buildings are popular in the United Kingdom as they offer a fast and affordable alternative to conventional construction. The off-site building process and use of new technology during their manufacture result in significant time and cost savings, making them a savvy choice if you’re looking to create space quickly and on a tight budget. [...]

Modular Office Prices

What Are the Factors That Determine Modular Office Prices? How much do modular office buildings cost? It's a question we are often asked. Module-T is known as a supplier of affordable prefabricated buildings, but many factors must be considered before determining modular office prices. Every client, location, and project is different. The buildings range in [...]

Benefits of Modular Constructions

The Potential Sustainability Benefits of Modular Constructions Recent years have witnessed a shift towards sustainable modular construction. There are many reasons for this, but financial and cost savings aside, one of the key driving factors is that prefabricated modular buildings and the process by which they are made have proved far more environmentally friendly than [...]

Modular School Building Mozambique

Fast & Affordable Modular School Buildings in Mozambique Our modular classrooms and other education modular buildings are widely used in Africa and many other continents because they are affordable, highly durable, quick to assemble, and fast to deliver. Modular school buildings also enjoy many other benefits compared to traditional constructions. Find more information about our [...]

Modular School Buildings USA

Modular School Buildings & Modular Classrooms USA Get in touch with Module-T for all your modular school buildings and modular classrooms USA! As a leading international modular school building manufacturer, we provide a fast, affordable, and efficient service to help expand your existing campus or provide classroom space for students. All our constructions adhere to [...]

What Is a Guardhouse?

What Is a Guardhouse? The definition of a guardhouse (also referred to as a watchhouse, guard shelter, or security booth) is a building used to house security personnel or keep security equipment. The term comes from times when guards or sentries were posted at the entry of buildings or along a perimeter to “keep guard”, [...]

Modular Building Companies & Modular Offices Morocco

Modular structures provide a time and cost-effective solution for businesses and industrial organisations in North Africa. These high-quality, highly durable constructions can be used on temporary or permanent sites. They offer a practical and affordable way to create the space you need to expand your existing facility or create a new labour camp or premises. [...]

Container Shop Features

  Prefabricated shopping containers offer a fast and affordable way to create an attractive and practical commercial space to present and sell your products. Container shops come in a wide range of sizes, can be custom styled and fitted to suit your brand and needs, and can be easily assembled and dismantled, allowing you to [...]

QUEBEC’s modular Container Supplier & Manufacturer

Modular containers and prefabricated constructions have evolved significantly over recent years, and you can enjoy many benefits by using them in Canada. If you are researching Quebec's modular container suppliers and manufacturers, please consider Module-T, as we produce a wide range of prefabricated modular buildings for industrial and commercial use. Here's a look at our [...]

Modular Building Systems Angola

The construction of strong and affordable buildings in Angola can prove challenging. The dry arid climate on the desert plateaus and the humidity and dense nature in the rainforests often make traditional build processes costly, tricky, and time-consuming. Modular building systems Angola, in contrast, provides a wise and affordable alternative. Prefabricated constructions are built remotely, [...]

Modular Building Manufacturer in Jamaica

Module-T specialises in supplying prefabricated buildings in Jamaica. Each modular construction we produce is precision cut to ensure quality and specifically made to meet your requirements. All our modular structures are hurricane and cyclone-resistant and meet local and US building standards, making them perfect for use in Jamaica's tropical climate. They are as hard-wearing, versatile, and functional as traditional builds, [...]

Modular Prefabricated Building Toronto

Whether you wish to create an industrial site, accommodate a team, or extend your workplace, you generally have two options – build or buy. Buying a conventional brick and concrete made property may seem a good choice if you intend to stay at a location permanently and find the right property at the right price. [...]

Prefab Construction Company in Canada

If you are looking for a prefab construction company in Canada, please consider Module-T, as our range of prefabricated construction solutions offers a sustainable, cost-effective, and timely alternative to conventional buildings. In the years Module-T has been established, our business has gone from strength to strength, and we are now one of the leading global [...]

Prefabricated Construction Jamaica

Jamaica is no stranger to modular buildings and has been using prefabricated construction solutions for decades. There are many reasons prefabricated construction in Jamaica is so popular. The time and cost savings compared with a traditional build have led many companies to opt for prefabricated construction in the country. If you want to accommodate staff [...]

Modular Building Manufacturers Kenya

Are you looking for a modular building manufacturer in Kenya? If so, read on, as Module-T is a leading supplier of prefabricated building solutions to Africa. From our factory in Turkey, we design and deliver ready-made buildings for assembly on industrial, commercial, and residential sites. See a few of our products and services below, along [...]

Modular building supplier in Cameroon

Module-T has supplied a wide range of prefab buildings in West Africa. Our team can provide the ideal solution if you are looking for a modular building supplier in Cameroon. We can customise a modular building for use in the arid plains of the north, organise transport to Cameroon’s mountainous central regions, or optimise the [...]

Modular Commercial Buildings Germany

Modular construction is a procedure wherein a building or a structure is constructed off-site or in a different location. It is built under efficient and controlled settings in half the time it would take on-site. The facilities are built in what are termed "modules." These modules are then transported to the required site and assembled [...]

Modular Classroom Building

A building or structure can be built off-site or at a different place, under efficient and controlled conditions, in half the time it would take on-site. This process is known as modular construction. The constructions are built-in units known as "modules." After being delivered to the desired location, these modules are installed by the design [...]

What Are the Advantages of Prefabricated Office?

Prefabrication or Modular construction is an off-site construction process, which means the process of constructing buildings occurs away from the actual site. Construction firms will then transport the completed structure to its required location, assemble it and hand it over to the owners. Off-site built pieces produce less waste than conventional construction materials. Prefabricated office [...]

Modular Building Systems USA

If you are looking for modular building systems USA, consider contacting Module-T, as we can design and supply a wide range of modular constructions for industrial and commercial use in the United States. Module-T is a leading supplier of modular constructions. Over the past 15 years, from your factory in Turkey, we have delivered various [...]

Modular Healthcare Facilities Buildings

Modular healthcare facilities and buildings are purpose-made to meet the ever-changing demands of healthcare providers. These versatile and cost-effective modular health structures can be tailored to include emergency rooms, patient and doctor consulting rooms, wards, administration offices, waiting rooms, operating theatres, sanitary and hygiene facilities, and even temperature-controlled laboratories. Modular-T produces several fully functional modular [...]

Settled Building or Modular Building?

Many companies are now turning to modular construction as a time and cost-effective alternative to traditional builds. Module-T is often asked to explain which is better, a settled building or a modular building. To understand the answer, you first need to grasp what modular construction is and the differences between a prefabricated modular building and [...]

Showroom Containers

Module-T is a leading showroom container manufacturer known for producing some of the most innovative, durable, and affordable container showrooms on the market. Prefabricated showrooms are a great way to create additional sales or commercial space. They are highly versatile and can be used for many purposes. They are also budget-friendly, built to last, and [...]

Prefabricated Labour Camps

Module-T has produced and supplied prefabricated labour camps to over 120 countries across Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and South America. Our specialist worksite modular constructions and hardy, stackable buildings are designed for use in challenging and remote locations. They are perfect for creating highly functional accommodation, office, social and hygiene facilities for contractors and [...]

Turkey’s Best Modular Prefabricated Manufacturer

Module-T is a leading global modular prefabricated manufacturer in Turkey, and we are regarded by many as Turkey’s best modular prefabricated manufacturer. Over the last 15 years, we have established ourselves as an international specialist in designing and producing prefabricated buildings for use on a wide range of commercial, residential, industrial, and construction projects. Module-T [...]

Germany Container Office Building

If you are looking for a fast, effective, and affordable way to accommodate administrative or management staff in Germany, container office buildings may be the answer. Module-T is a leading modular office manufacturer. We produce a range of strong, comfortable, and highly functional prefabricated buildings that can be customised to suit almost any administrative purpose. [...]

What Are the Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings?

What Are the Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings? Suppose you need to expand your workplace or create a safe, temporary worksite for your construction or industrial team. In that case, the cost and speed it takes to deliver a solution are important considerations. Building a conventional structure can be expensive, cause considerable disruption to your site, [...]

Construction Site Container

Module-T is a market leader in manufacturing and supplying modular constructions for use on industrial, heavy industry, and construction sites. We have designed, produced, and shipped a wide range of construction site containers from our Turkish factory for use on temporary and permanent work camps across Turkey, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Africa. [...]

Modular prefabricated building manufacturer in Germany

If you are looking for a modular prefabricated building manufacturer in Germany, consider Module T. From our facility in Istanbul, our team has designed, developed, and supplied a wide range of prefabricated solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential use. The quality of our products, the speed at which we can deliver them, and their cost-effective [...]

Monoblock Container Manufacturer

Monoblock containers are cost-effective, state-of-the-art buildings that provide a savvy way to create affordable space on a tight timeline. They are modular constructions designed and manufactured in a factory, pre-fitted with all the necessary structural, mechanical, and electrical elements, walls, floors, and ceilings, and then flat-packed and transported to a site for use. Introducing Module-T: [...]

Modular Prefab Office Manufacturer in Nigeria

If you’re looking for a modular prefab office manufacturer in Nigeria, consider ordering from Module-T, one of Turkey’s leading prefabricated building companies. Module-T specialises in designing, manufacturing, and installing modular prefabricated office buildings and other pre-manufactured solutions. For the last 15 years, our professional team has supplied modular prefab office buildings, accommodation buildings, WC and [...]

What materials are used in modular construction?

The Materials Used in Modular Construction Module-T prefabricated modular constructions are designed and built off-site in our factory in Turkey. They are then shipped and delivered to your location in easy-to-assemble, flat-pack form. Our products are built to last, as they may need to be transported, assembled, dismantled, and relocated several times during their lifespan. [...]

Modular Construction Turkey

Modular Construction in Turkey Module-T is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of modular constructions in Turkey. For the last 15 years, we have designed, produced, and supplied prefabricated modular structures for commercial use across the globe. You can now find our prefabricated buildings and solutions in 120 countries on 6 continents. But [...]

Modular prefabricated buildings Northern Ireland

Module-T is a leading prefabricated building manufacturer that supplies modular prefabricated buildings in Northern Island and across the globe. We produce a wide range of modular solutions, from stand-alone prefabricated buildings, office containers, and kiosks to state-of-the-art modular commercial structures and living containers that can be stacked and used for many purposes, including industrial, mining, [...]

Prefabricated Toilet and Bathroom Buildings UK

Module-T specialises in the manufacturing and supply of prefabricated toilet and bathroom buildings and other modular container solutions. For over 15 years, from our factory in Istanbul, we have produced modular bathroom buildings and prefabricated sanitary units for commercial use in many countries, including the UK. All Module-T bathroom containers are cost-effective, highly functional, easy [...]

Prefabricated Buildings Ghana

Prefabricated Buildings in Ghana: The 10 Main Advantages   Module-T is a leading global supplier of modular prefabricated containers and constructions. From our base in Istanbul, Turkey, we supply a wide range of ready-made buildings for use on sites worldwide. If you are looking for affordable prefabricated buildings in Ghana, here’s a rundown of the [...]

Prefab Buildings

Prefab Buildings: A Cost-Effective Building Solution Prefab buildings have a wide range of use, from the construction industry to disaster areas. Are you wondering why these structures, which are very useful for construction sites and offices, are cost-effective? Read to learn why and discover Module-T's cost-effective range of prefab buildings that come pre-made for many [...]

Prefabricated Office Cabins UK

Module-T’s range of prefabricated office cabins in the UK is the ideal solution if you’re looking for a cost-effective office or commercial space. Comfortable, durable, well-equipped, and super-efficient, our modular office containers have many benefits. They can be quickly installed and dismantled, making them ideal for use on temporary sites in even the most remote [...]

Prefab Company in the Bahamas

Module-T specializes in designing, building, and shipping prefab buildings worldwide. Over the past 15 years, our team has supplied accommodation containers, warehouses, schoolrooms, kiosks, and other prefab structures to over 120 countries on six continents. We make it our business to understand the construction challenges in all the countries we supply, including the risks faced [...]

Temporary Building

Temporary Buildings: What You Need to Know   Temporary buildings are a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for expanding businesses and companies looking to accommodate seasonal or temporary workforces. Prefabricated buildings offer a cheaper alternative to constructing a permanent building. They are also highly durable and easy to install, meaning you get the space you need [...]

Modul Construction

The Pros and Challenges of Modul Construction Module-T is a market-leading modul construction manufacturer based in Turkey. From our factory in Istanbul, we design, build, and ship prefabricated modular containers to locations across the globe. Modul construction differs from conventional building methods, and there are many benefits. It is a cost-effective and time-saving way to [...]

Portable Living Containers

Advantages of Portable Living Containers With the price of commercial property and rental demands increasing, many businesses looking to accommodate staff are searching for affordable alternatives to bricks and mortar. Locating safe, secure, and cost-effective accommodations for a workforce can prove challenging, so portable living containers are the solution for a growing number of organisations. [...]

Modular Prefabricated Buildings in Turkey

What You Need to Know About Modular Prefabricated Buildings   Module-T is the leading supplier of modular prefabricated buildings in Turkey. For over 15 years, we have designed, manufactured, and supplied modular solutions to factories, building sites, schools, workplaces, and residential homes in Turkey and abroad. Modular buildings offer an innovative solution to residential and [...]

Flat Pack Modular Office Containers UK

The flat pack modular office containers UK are an exciting new approach to home building. They are versatile and long-lasting, with a high-quality and robust construction system that allows for custom-designed, movable building space solutions with layout alternatives. It is perfect for a home office in an inaccessible location. Portable site offices built using these [...]

What Is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is a modern type of construction that uses prefabricated modules or prefabricated containers. These are made of light steel and insulated sandwich panels. Their combination enables creation of a modular building on or over several levels. Today, this type of modular construction can be found in a large number of situations and arrangements. [...]

Container Home Jamaica

What is a container home? A container home is a modular construction formed by one or more sandwich panel prefabricated containers. This housing solution, which is as economical as it is practical, has been popular since the 1990s. First used as a student residence in the Netherlands, the container home is now proving popular all [...]

Modular Building for sale UK

Construct your custom modular building easily from quality modular containers If you are looking for a modular building for sale UK, it is undoubtedly because you want to combine comfort, speed of design and modern appeal. The term "modular" implies an infinite number of possible combinations, so you can create a building that meets your [...]

Modular Building Systems

Easy build system - modular building systems are among the most powerful building systems based on a modular building system. It is an easy and fast way to add building features that cater to both non-programmers and professionals alike. For decades, traditional construction brought all the raw materials directly to the building site for workers [...]

Modular Construction in Poland

We've shipped single-level and multi-level modular buildings to Poland. These sandwich panel buildings with rock wool insulation are adapted to local climatic conditions. Prefabricated modular construction is an economical and quickly-installed solution for the creation of office space or lodging accommodations. Opt for modular construction in Poland  Economical modular construction is a quick-assembly solution made [...]

How much does a modular building cost?

The price of a modular building depends on several factors, especially its dimensions. It also depends on the quality of the building materials used. These materials must comply with current legal standards to ensure user safety, comfort and well-being. In fact, modular buildings are multi-purpose and can be used as office blocks, accommodation, sanitary facilities, [...]

Prefabricated Modular Buildings Manufacturer

Need a prefabricated modular building solution for your building site? Module-T, the main manufacturer of prefabricated modular buildings, offers you structures that can be quickly installed to accommodate your construction site workforce. Our entirely factory-made modular units are used for creating temporary or permanent spaces for offices, dwellings, locker rooms or workshops.  All building components [...]

Accommodation Container to Bahamas

Delivery of Accommodation Container to Bahamas Discover our safe, convenient, healthy living spaces with all the requirements for independent living. These accommodation containers are ideal for workplaces, as site housing, or to fill a range of other accommodation requirements, and come with or without kitchen amenities and dining areas. Every option includes a comfortable sleeping [...]

Prefabricated Buildings in South Africa

office-containers sanitary-containers locker-containers dormitory-containers Prefabricated container cabins for use as offices, sanitary facilities, locker rooms or lodging delivered to South Africa We are a leading manufacturer of rapid assembly prefabricated container cabins. We ship our modular units to South Africa and beyond. Our prefabricated modular portacabin are shipped in disassembled kits in 40-foot sea containers [...]

Prefab Building Companies

The cost-effective construction solution Traditional building methods can be expensive and slow. Unreliable contractors, budgets exceeding targets, delays in completion… these all add up to extra costs which eat into profit margins and handover dates. Prefabricated building offers the ideal solution to the restrictions of conventional construction and are becoming more popular as companies look [...]

Modular Office Container

Do you need new office space? A modular container fitted out as office space is a quick and easy solution. What does it look like? The modular office container takes the form of a pre-painted galvanised steel structure. The sandwich panel walls offer insulation that is comparable with traditional buildings. This insulation is made of [...]

Modular Building : Economical and quickly

Need to create or expand a living or working space? Have you thought about prefabricated modular building? Do you know what it's all about? The term modular construction refers to a type of building made up of different modules arranged together. The main structure, constructed in steel, is combined with sandwich panel walls. This type [...]

Prefabricated Modular Building & Container

Delivery of prefabricated building in Mozambique and Angola Module-T, a leading manufacturer, has delivered modular containers and prefabricated buildings for various construction sites in Mozambique and Angola. We deliver prefabricated, quick-assembly structures to create office containers, dormitories, workshops, WCs and site changing rooms. Module-, the leading supplier of prefabricated building in Mozambique and Angola, our [...]

Flatpack and accommodation container in Tanzania

Office Container Sanitary Container Locker Container Dormitory Container Guardhouse & Kiosk Accommodation Container Flatpack Showroom Container Module-T delivered flatpack containers and carried out the assembly of prefabricated buildings in Tanzania. Our disassembled and flatpack modular containers form shipped to Tanzania are designed to quickly and cheaply build work and living spaces for site personnel. These [...]

Delivery of prefabricated modular constructions  

In September 2020, Module-T delivered prefabricated modular buildings in several African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon. For Ghana and Nigeria, we shipped on one or two floor standard 20-foot   modular structures with walkway and passageway for the creation a building site office and housings.  We also shipped prefabricated shower and toilet modules for [...]

Delivery of Prefabricated Containers and Buildings

Delivery of Prefabricated Containers and Buildings As the leader manufacturer of prefabricated solutions in Turkey, we have carried out various modular and prefabricated building projects for Latin America and the Caribbean countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Suriname and Guyana. These modular structures have been assembled and made available for use in different projects. (Single-storey [...]

Leading supplier of prefabricated containers

Module-T is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated building and container for offices, dorms, changing rooms and site sanitary spaces. As the leading supplier of prefabricated containers in Trinidad and Tobago, we offer simple to assemble prefabricated portable containers for construction site essentials. The standard sandwich panel construction container size is 20 feet. However, there is [...]

Container Delivery Prefabricated

Module-T has exported several hundred prefabricated sandwich panel containers to Latin America and the Caribbean. The prefabricated containers shipped have been furnished as a housing module, a WC, an office or a changing room. The prefabricated sandwich panel modules consist of a highly galvanised and painted steel structure, the inner and outer walls are made [...]

Prefabricated Buildings: ecological construction

The demand for housing and the urgency of the situations have led industrialists to invest in construction methods that are faster and much more economical than traditional concrete constructions. Prefabricated buildings have become essential with regards to creating living and working spaces much more quickly, even in extreme weather conditions. Private companies, town halls or [...]

Delivery of Prefabricated Building to Ghana

Last month, 600 square meters of prefabricated buildings were exported to Ghana by Module-T. The project, which was designed in accordance with the physical and geographical conditions of Ghana, has been successfully completed. In our prefabricated buildings, the inner walls are built as 60mm thickness sandwich panel (Metal Sheet + Rockwool + Metal Sheet), the [...]

Prefabricated containers quick installation

Our prefabricated containers are designed for difficult site conditions while meeting the comfort of the staff. Module-T portacabin can be arranged as offices, dormitories, changing rooms, dining rooms, sanitary facilities, storage area... Our dismantled construction portacabin containers are specially designed to export. The exclusive Module-T packaging technology minimizes the cost of transporting land and sea [...]

Delivery of prefabricated buildings in Senegal

Module-T shipped and supervised the assembly work of nearly 3500m2 prefabricated buildings and containers in Dakar Port, Senegal. The prefabricated buildings are intended to provide workspace for more than 400 workers. The outer walls of the modular buildings are made of sandwich panels with very high galvanized steel surfaces and 100mm thick Rockwool insulation. The [...]

Delivery of modular office buildings in Cameroon

Modular Office Buildings in Cameroon Our office containers are in great demand all over the world thanks to their ingenious packaging that reduces shipping costs. Since the beginning of 2019, T-Module has delivered more than 300 office containers equivalent to 4000m² for the construction of modular buildings for the construction bases of Ivory companies operating in [...]

Delivery of modular site containers

Module-T sandwich panel modular containers are also delivered in a special package to optimize transport costs. Since the beginning of 2019, more than 250 modular site containers have been delivered to different seaport in Africa (Dakar Port, Douala Port, Dar Es Salaam Port, Tema Port and Port-Louis). To meet the needs of the field personnel, Module-T is delivered [...]

Latin America-Delivery of Portacabin Offices

Our modular container offices have been sent to different countries in Latin America (such as Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica and Chile). Modular portacabin offices that have been delivered have different sizes and configurations. The panel portakabin offices of Module-T are 6×2.50 m. The portable container offices of our company can be assembled with the purpose of expanding the workspaces for [...]

Module-T Prefabricated Worksite Containers in the Caribbean

office-containers sanitary-containers locker-containers dormitory-containers accommodation-containers 55 Units prefabricated worksite containers were exported to Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic and Grenada Island in the Caribbean Region by Module-t. Modular sandwich panel containers are specially designed for use in construction sites.   Module-t demounted prefabricated buildings can be produced in different configurations and sizes according to the [...]

Security Booth-Kiosk

Our polyethylene or sandwich panel cabins can be used as security booths, kiosks, mobile public WC or even as mobile showers. We offer different dimensions and configurations: 1,35x1,35 / 1,35x2,10 / 1,35x2,60 / 2,10x2,10 /2,10x2,60 / 2,60x2,60 with a hight of 2,45m. CONTACT US MODULE-T PREFABRIK DIS TIC VE SAN LTD STI KURIS KULE D-100 [...]

1200 m² Modular Construction

MODULE-T has delivered and installed two modular constructions with a total surface of 1200 m². The modular buildings are made up by 6,00×2,50m prefabricated containers, with an exterior height of 2,60m. The ensemble of the sandwich panel modular containers are isolated with rock wool and 50-100 mm polyurethane. Our modules can be easily connected laterally [...]

Ghana-Delivery Of Modular Containers

, A total of 1680 m² of modular containers have been delivered to several worksite camp projects in Ghana. Different configurations such as kitchen, WC, showers, and warehouses have been delivered to the port of Tema. The roof of these modules is made of sandwich panel with polyurethane insulation. Prefabricated Modular Container Why choose modular [...]

Caribbean-Portable Containers Delivery

A series of modular containers have been delivered to Martinique, Saint Lucie and Guadalupe Island. The modules have been configured as spaces for offices, locker rooms, WC, showers and warehouses. The steel structures and the sheets of sandwich panel are galvanized and painted. The prefab buildings are easily movable using a lifting hook or a lift fork. sanitary-container locker-container [...]

Djibouti-Delivery Of Prefabricated Buildings R+1

A prefabricated R+1 building with a total surface of 1200 m² has been delivered for a worksite camp in Djibouti. The prefabricated construction includes spaces for office, dorms, a kitchen, a dining room, sanitary facilities as well as storage spaces. The delivery also included office furniture, shelves, beds, AC, kitchen and catering equipments. Prefabricated building [...]

France – Delivery Of Worksite Portable Container

More Details More Details More Details More Details More Details More Details More Details What is a portable container? A Module-T portable container is a special type of modular construction that is highly versatile and has various applications. For example, these buildings can be used as offices, conference rooms, kitchen areas, sanitary facilities, dormitories, and [...]

Congo-Prefabricated Buildings Work Camp

More Details More Details More Details PREFABRICATED BUILDING FOR WORK CAMP PROJECTS The Module-T prefabricated building is a modular structure that can be quickly assembled and conveniently used for a wide variety of work projects thanks to its versatility. One of the numerous areas of application of these prefabricated units is for work camp projects. [...]

Turnkey Camp Solutions-Venezuela-Speed-Reliability-Technical Assistance

MODULE-T delivers and installs worksite camps –casetas – sanitary facilities – offices in your worksites. Our assembly technicians will be available to supervise and participate in the assembly of different modular buildings. CONTACT US MODULE-T PREFABRIK DIS TIC VE SAN LTD STI KURIS KULE D-100 GUNEY YANYOL NO: 2 / 77-78 , KARTAL/ISTANBUL - TURKEY [...]