Modular Prefab Office Manufacturer

Modular Prefab Office Manufacturer in Nigeria

9 November 2022

If you’re looking for a modular prefab office manufacturer in Nigeria, consider ordering from Module-T, one of Turkey’s leading prefabricated building companies.

Module-T specialises in designing, manufacturing, and installing modular prefabricated office buildings and other pre-manufactured solutions.

Modular Prefab Office Manufacturer

For the last 15 years, our professional team has supplied modular prefab office buildings, accommodation buildings, WC and sanitary containers, and work camp dormitories for various industrial and commercial uses in Africa. Our pre-manufactured constructions are strong, comfortable, and secure. Compared to traditional structures, they take far less time to build and supply, meaning you can enjoy considerable savings on time and money.


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Module-T Prefabricated Modular Buildings in Nigeria

Modular construction is a cost-effective, energy-saving, and time-efficient alternative to traditional construction. It is a process whereby the buildings are manufactured in sections in a controlled factory environment, then flat-packed and shipped for assembly and use at their end location.


Module-T supplies two types of modular prefabricated buildings in Nigeria, temporary or fixed (permanent). Our temporary constructions are made to stay on-site short-term, requiring only minimum foundations and are ideal for construction sites. Our permanent modular buildings are designed to stay at a location indefinitely, so they need a firm cement footing and are a good option for mining, oil, gas, and other long-term commercial and industrial worksites. Both types adhere to building regulations and can be highly customised or purpose-built to suit your needs.

Module-T Standard Modular Office Buildings (Nigeria)

The prefabricated modular offices Module-T manufacture addresses the need to create urgent temporary or permanent workspaces, or you can use them to extend your existing administration facilities. Our Nigeria office containers can be made to your specifications or based on one of our standard models, and all are built to be long-lasting and durable. They are optimised for acoustic and thermal performance and shipped in an easy-to-assemble kit form that typically takes just a few hours to erect at your site.


Module-T produces a range of standard modular office container sets. They are “modular”, meaning they can be stacked or joined to create extra space or when the need for additional room arises and can be customised with as many fixtures, fittings and fixtures as required. They come with doors and windows and are equipped with electric and utility connections.

Modular Prefab Office Buildings Features and Specifications:

  • The structure of our office buildings is made from a high galvanised and painted steel frame engineered to be easy to install and dismantle. All elements of the building are prefabricated and delivered in sections. Lifting hooks are provided, and the constructions can be specially reinforced on request if they need to be frequently relocated.


  • The exterior and interior walls are formed from sandwich panels and include up to 100 mm insulation (polyurethane or polystyrene foam).


  • The floors are made with a vinyl-coated fibre cement panel base and come with a choice of parquet or ceramic uppers.


  • The windows and doors are PVC or aluminium, and style options include standard or bay windows in various sizes and security shutters, bars, railings, alarms, and blinds can be fitted.


  • Optional fittings and customisations are available. You can add air conditioning, computer networking cables and connections, cabinetry, meeting spaces, a kitchen, hygiene and sanitary facilities, locker rooms or additional furnishings if necessary.


  • The roof can be a standard or polyurethane insulated sandwich panel or galvanised trapezoidal roof to suit the location.


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Some of Our Products

Benefits of Prefabricated Office Buildings to Companies

The advantages of Module-T modular prefab office buildings include the following:


  • They are made to withstand extreme weather conditions

All Module-T constructions are built to withstand harsh climatic conditions, including heat and humidity, making our modular buildings ideal for use in Nigeria and Africa.


  • Prefab offices are quick to supply

All Module-T prefabricated office buildings are manufactured off-site in our factory near Istanbul, Turkey. Once your order is placed, it generally takes a few days or weeks to manufacture if the product is based on one of our standard models (more significant constructions and modules may take longer). Once the structure is made, it is divided into sections and shipped for easy assembly on-site, meaning the entire process is far quicker and easier than building a traditional building from scratch.


  • Modular office buildings are easy to assemble.

You can assemble all prefab modular office containers quickly and easily at your location. The buildings come pre-cut with electric sockets and utility connections and pre-fitted with doors, windows, and customisations, so you can be up and running quickly. Most structures require a few hours to erect, and foundations can be laid before the container arrives. A specialist assembly team can attend if the order is large or more complex modular construction.


  • Prefab office buildings are cost-effective and energy efficient

The state-of-the-art technology employed during the building process means prefabricated structures are optimised for performance. The walls and ceilings of modular office buildings are fully insulated and highly energy efficient, ensuring you save money on heating and cooling long-term.


  • You can create a comfortable, safe, and secure workspace

Industrial prefabricated office buildings provide your team with a comfortable, safe environment. They come custom-fitted with telephone, computer, and network connections and can include sanitary and hygiene facilities. The containers have various security additions, such as guard rails, alarms, and window bars. In addition, there’s a choice of wall colours and flooring, so you can customise the building as you wish.

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Order Your Modular Prefabricated Offices Manufactured in Nigeria with Module-T Qualit!

Module-T offers a complete, end-to-end service that includes designing, manufacturing, shipping, and delivering modular prefab office buildings in Nigeria. Our team is on hand to support you throughout the process and keep you updated on progress. We also offer an after-sales service where you can call us anytime for advice or order additional modular buildings that can be linked or joined to your existing buildings to create the space you need.

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