Design, delivery and installation of fully-equipped buildings made of prefab container.

Modular prefabricated buildings

We can use the Module-T containers to create modular buildings of several levels, according to the needs of your project. The modular buildings can be connected laterally to one another to create wide spaces or can be installed one on top of the other to create two-story buildings. The modular buildings are usually conceived in one or two levels.

The special packaging of the Module-T containers will allow you to save money in maritime and land transportation costs. As an example, a single 40-foot shipping container will transport an average of 140 m² of standard prefab buildings. Our supervisors and our assembly team can participate in the assembly process of the different modules, which will be done in record time even in difficult worksite conditions. Module-T modular buildings can be designed and equipped according to the needs of the client to create spaces such as offices, dorms, locker rooms, WC, showers, conference rooms, rest areas, dining rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, mechanic workshops and warehouses.

Edificio tipo caseta modular
Modular prefabricated building
Modular prefabricated buildings
Edificio tipo caseta modular
Edificio tipo caseta modular


Modular buildings provide plenty of advantages. Being affordable and quick to install are among their strengths. Below is a summary of the main advantages found with this popular type of construction.

The principle of modular construction is the assembly of structures using prefabricated containers. These containers comprise a factory-prefabricated light steel frame and sandwich panel walls. This makes them quick to install. Assembling a modular construction is twice as fast as its concrete equivalent. What’s more, the structure is installed on a lightweight foundation. This reduces costs, especially on the budget for concrete and labour. Once a project ends, the structure can be easily dismantled and reassembled on a new site.

The other advantage of modular construction is that it is multi-functional. It can be used as a temporary building on a construction site. It can also be used as an administrative building, a refectory, office, school, etc. In terms of insulation, prefabricated modular building offers the same thermal and sound performance as traditional concrete construction. Our sandwich panels are insulated with stone wool or polyurethane up to 200 mm thick. Our system meets the insulation and safety standards of each country. The floors, ceilings and roof also benefit from an excellent level of insulation.

Optimising your budget is obviously a great advantage of modular construction. You can realise impressive savings compared to conventional construction. You can expect to save 40% to 50% with modular building. Delivery-wise, we ship special dismantled packs by sea or land. This reduces transport costs and adds to overall savings.

modular construction solution


Module-T are a world-leading supplier of fast, high-quality modular building solutions for various construction projects. A modular prefabricated building provides a practical alternative to a traditional concrete structure and is more economical, more environmentally friendly, quicker to install and just as durable. Apart from the premium quality of the construction materials, Module-T also excel in other aspects. These include a fast, reliable delivery and installation service as well as the ease with which the modular prefabricated building solutions can be customized to clients’ specific needs, depending on the nature and geographical location of their projects. Moreover, the costs of transporting the modular buildings by land and sea are very reasonable thanks largely to the special compact economical packaging.


Naturally, Module-T are happy to customize prefabricated modular building solutions upon clients’ requests by altering the design and configuration of the modular units as well as the internal and external cladding. As a bonus, a qualified in-house assembly team can be sent out from the factory in Turkey with your tailored modular building solution to install the modular units quickly and aptly upon arrival on site. This exclusive service gives you more reason to choose Module-T for your perfect modular construction project.



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