Modular Worksite Buildings

What is a modular worksite building?

The modular worksite building is a modular prefabricated construction that offers an ideal temporary solution to satisfy the needs of your workforce. The modular construction of each building makes it quick and easy to install and dismantle, and the high galvanized steel sandwich panels make the building strong, robust, rust-proof, and durable. The modular construction is also fitted with high-quality rockwool or polyurethane insulation that gives it the same sound-proofing and thermal performance as for traditional concrete structures.

Modular Worksite Buildings

Usage areas of modular buildings

The modular building is highly versatile and can be used on a wide variety of worksite settings.

These include offices, canteens, accommodation blocks, sanitary facilities, locker rooms, rest areas and laundry rooms.

Why choose Module-T worksite modular buildings?

There are numerous advantages to the Module-T modular worksite construction. The first of these is the premium quality and craftmanship that has gone into each building. When you purchase a solution from Module-T, you are guaranteed a reliable modular construction that is safe, comfortable, and durable.

Another plus is the building’s customizability. For example, the level of insulation can be varied depending on the local climatic conditions of your project. Other optional fittings such as sunshades, mosquito nets and extra-high galvanized steel panels are also available for areas with high humidity and sunshine. Moreover, the buildings can be arranged in various combinations through stacking and lateral connections, depending on the project’s surrounding geography and space requirements of individual clients.

Modular prefabricated construction

After you order your modular prefabricated construction, it will be dispatched to you in special packaging both by maritime and land transportation, wherever you are in the world. The economic packaging means that transportation costs are especially good-value, since you can save 40% – 50% in shipping compared to other modular worksite building providers. Moreover, Module-T can send over a specialist in-house assembly team from Turkey to carry out the installation for you. This will ensure even faster assembly of your solution, especially since this team will be far more familiar with the design of the modular prefabricated construction than local technicians.



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