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Delivery of prefabricated modular constructions  

23 October 2020
Prefabricated modular constructions  

In September 2020, Module-T delivered prefabricated modular buildings in several African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon.

For Ghana and Nigeria, we shipped on one or two floor standard 20-foot   modular structures with walkway and passageway for the creation a building site office and housings.  We also shipped prefabricated shower and toilet modules for the Port of Longoni and Pointe à Pitre.

For Cameroon, Module-T has delivered temporary or permanent prefabricated buildings on a single level which will be used as an administrative building, office for a construction site living base or a temporary hospital.

Our new modular constructions are made of 20 or 40 feet standard size modular sandwich panel blocks. Modular containers are interconnected to make larger space structures on one or more floors. These prefabricated modular buildings are used for the following purposes:

  • Construction site, worker camp
  • Prefabricated site office
  • Administrative building
  • Meeting room
  • Laboratory
  • Prefabricated accommodation
  • Dining hall and kitchen
  • Prefabricated locker room
  • Shower block
  • toilets
  • Prefabricated Hospital
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Prefabricated modular constructions: up to 50 % savings compared to traditional  constructions

A prefabricated modular building has   many advantages. A temporary or permanent modular construction saves time and money. Module-T, the leading Turkish supplier of construction site prefabricated buildings and containers, takes cares of the whole process, from designing and manufacturing, to delivering and supporting you with the assembly of your modular building project in double-quick time.The risks of additional expenses due to the delay of a subcontractor are excluded. We take care of quickly meeting your workspace or housing needs anywhere in the world. This type of modular structure is laid on light concrete foundations and does not   require producing additional concrete elements or blocks for building. A prefabricated modular construction is a very advantageous construction method especially in regions where the price of concrete is very high and when the time to get a building permit for a traditional construction can be very long. Thus, you can save up to 50 % of your time and money compared to traditional concrete based constructions.

Fast shipping of fully equipped prefabricated modular structures 

We design and manufacture your prefabricated modular structures in double-quick time.  The structure is fully shipped in bolted systems that do not require welding nor   cutting sandwich panels or steel profiles.

We ship the following components, equipment and supplies:

  • Prefabricated modules kits including a light steel structure according to your project. Pre-cut sandwich panel walls with polyurethane or rock wool insulation up to 200mm thick. These prefabricated modular building are delivered as a kit to be installed directly on The modules will be connected and stacked together to make the prefabricated modular building.
  • Following the customer’s project, we also supply a roofing system with highly galvanized steel purlins and trusses. Two roof cover options are available for the prefabricated modular structure: a   sandwich panel cover with polyurethane insulation or a galvanized and painted steel roofing.
  • For multiple floor prefabricated modular constructions, we provide stairs and bolted-type access passageways.
  • Module-T also provides all the additional equipment for turnkey delivery. The following additional equipment is available:
  • Electrical equipment complying with local standards,
  • Toilet blocks and plumbing
  • VAC systems for modular construction
  • Flooring (pvc, wood or ceramic)
  • Different options: internet network system, furniture …

The structure and its components are shipped disassembled as a kit in standard 40 and 20 feet transport containers. We offer packing and packaging export services to make the unloading of goods on   arrival easier.

A temporary or long-lasting prefabricated modular construction

The modular prefabricated Module-T meets all types of implementations and is easily disassembled and then installed on a new site. Disassembling structures is very common for temporary living base facilities for construction projects. Our team or assembly supervisor will be available to dismantle and reinstall your   modular structures. In the event your new project needs to be configured differently, we will be able to produce and ship additional and replacement equipment for the construction of your new prefabricated modular construction project.

Feel free to contact us for your projects of prefabricated modular buildings in Nigeria, Cameroon or Ghana, and all over the world. With our modular solutions the expected delivery time and installation costs for your project are guaranteed.