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Modular prefabricated buildings Northern Ireland

1 November 2022

Module-T is a leading prefabricated building manufacturer that supplies modular prefabricated buildings in Northern Island and across the globe. We produce a wide range of modular solutions, from stand-alone prefabricated buildings, office containers, and kiosks to state-of-the-art modular commercial structures and living containers that can be stacked and used for many purposes, including industrial, mining, and construction sites.

Module-T Prefabricated Buildings Features and Product Range (Northern Ireland)


Module-T can produce quick-to-install prefabricated structures for use in Northern Ireland. We aim to provide prompt, cost-effective, and flexible modular solutions for many purposes. Here’s a brief overview of our products and the features of the prefabricated structures we produce:


1.   Modular Prefabricated Office Buildings

If you’re looking for an office building for a temporary industrial site that is easy to erect and take down, our prefabricated office buildings may be the answer. These portable buildings can be used for on-site sales, commercial, and management teams and can stand alone or be joined to create the space you need. All our prefab office buildings are solid, durable, and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for use in Northern Ireland. The buildings require minimal foundations to ensure they can be used on any terrain, and most can be delivered, assembled and up and running in a matter of hours.


Module-T prefabricated office buildings can be custom-made or come in various standard sizes. All are pre-painted and include the electric sockets, PC and network connections, and other security and utilities you may need. Bespoke additions, cabinetry and features can also be added.

2.   Prefabricated Modular Accommodation Buildings

Modular accommodation buildings are one of our most popular products. They are perfect for use on temporary industrial or construction sites or where you need to accommodate staff or a workforce. These sturdy prefabricated buildings are watertight, safe, and secure. They are available in various basic sizes or can be highly customised to meet your needs. All can be assembled quickly, joined, or linked to a locker or sanitary building if necessary, and they are easy to dismantle or relocate.

3.   Prefabricated Restaurant Buildings

Our range of modular restaurant buildings and catering containers is well-equipped and versatile. Typically, they are used to provide on-site kitchen and dining facilities or as canteens on construction and heavy engineering sites. However, they are also ideal for temporary film or production sets. Our standard units can cater for up to 126 personnel, and all can be amended to include the kitchen and catering equipment you need.

4.   Modular Prefabricated Locker Rooms

Prefab modular locker rooms can be joined to sanitary containers or accommodation buildings for on-site use or are equally suited for use at sports stadiums, schools, or sports fields. They come in various sizes and typically contain a choice of toilets, showers, benches, metal lockers, and/or dressing cubicles.

5.   Prefabricated School Buildings

Prefab school buildings are another popular product that quickly addresses the need for extra classroom space in many locations. These safe, weather-proof, and energy-efficient buildings are cost-effective and quick to install, meaning on-site disruption is kept to a minimum. They are built to meet local building codes and regulations and are available in various sizes. All can be amended to suit your needs.

Quick and Easy to assemble modular flat-pack container!

Our modular flat-pack container units offer a perfect prefabricated portable solution that make them ideal for use as site offices, locker room, housing, storage area and sanitary facilities.

The Advantages of Modular Prefabricated Buildings

You may question the benefits of prefabricated modular buildings over conventional brick-built structures. Well, take a look, as there are many!

●     Value-For-Money

Constructing a brick-built building is time-consuming and costly. Labour and material costs are high (and rising). Bad weather days, delivery hold-ups, contractor sick days, and slow deliveries all cost money and can lead to the build running over time and budget. In contrast, prefabricated buildings are built remotely in a controlled environment, then flat-packed and delivered to your site. Assembly typically takes just a few hours, saving you considerable time, money, and disruption.

●     Quality Assured

Your prefabricated building in Northern Island will be designed and manufactured remotely in Module-T’s controlled factory in Turkey. Our highly skilled team ensures that quality and standards are maintained. Our high-tech precision technology means that all our products adhere to current EU and UK building regulations and codes.

●     Easily Assembled

All Module-T prefabricated modular buildings are quick and easy to assemble once delivered to your location. Most can be erected in just a few hours using standard tools, and a trained assembly team can attend for more significant constructions or when requested. Our knowledgeable support staff are on hand to assist you throughout the process.

●     Safe and Secure

Conventional building sites can pose many dangers. Constant deliveries, heavy equipment, additional labourers, contracting staff, materials, and lousy weather disrupts your average production and causes noise and often chaos. Prefabricated buildings are made remotely and delivered to your site in a compact, quick, easy-to-assemble form, which reduces the risk of accidents and injury and keeps on-site risk and disruption to a minimum.

●     Environmentally Friendly

The prefabricated building process uses on-point engineering and state-of-the-art technology to maximise energy efficiency and dramatically reduce waste materials. They can be placed on simple cement blocks or foundations, meaning the impact on the land, local flora, and fauna is far less than most conventional builds.

Modular prefabricated buildings Northern Ireland

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Module-T is a leading global prefabricated building supplier. From our factory in Istanbul, Turkey, we can design, manufacture, and ship flat-pack and prefabricated modular containers to Northern Ireland and almost any other location. We have worked with clients in over 120 countries, including Northern Ireland.


Leading prefabricated building manufacturer, Module-T, is ready to supply the best service to your order! Placing an order with us is easy. Give us a call or email us with an idea of your requirements, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Our overseas sales and support team speak English and are on hand to assist you with all your needs. Alternatively, please browse our website for more information on our modular prefabricated building models and prices. Get a quote from Module-T now!



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