Accommodation Containers

Accommodation containers: the ultimate safety, convenience, and healthy living spaces

A modular accommodation container has excellent security thanks to its high-quality materials and strong modular construction. As well as protecting against weather events and intruders, this prefabricated accommodation container is also designed to provide the ultimate safety, convenience, and healthy living spaces for workforces across many industries such as construction and mining. The thickness of the walls, which ranges from 50 to 60, 80 and 100 mm, ensures maximum heat and noise insulation inside the living container as your works proceed. Moreover, the design of the prefab accommodation container makes the building fire-resistant and affords protection against earthquakes and floods. The accommodation prefabricated container is also highly durable and premium workmanship, which makes the building last for decades. Finally, it is fitted with multiple eco-friendly features, which makes it an ideal choice of infrastructural solution with a view to protecting the environment.

Accommodation containers

Accommodation containers: the ultimate safety, convenience and healthy living spaces.


Accommodation containers can be superb workplaces, homes, site housing or modular transportable houses. There are many advantages of using these accommodation containers; including excellent security, durability and eco-friendly features. The modernized building models also offer dozens of superior features, meeting the specific needs of the sites.

Prefabricated portable accommodation containers are designed to provide the ultimate safety, convenience and healthy living spaces. These containers can provide you with long-term service in construction and mining sites and in areas with extreme desert climates. Accommodation containers are also resistant to fires and they can protect you in case of earthquakes and floods.


Technical Specifications


  • Structure: high galvanized and painted steel sandwich panel surface and frame.
  • Wall: polyurethane or rockwool insulated sandwich panels exterior and interior walls. Insulation thickness: 50mm,60mm,80mm or 100mm.
  • Ceiling and Floor: 80mm polyurethane insulated ceiling
  • Flooring:  18mm fibercement panel surface + 03mm PVC flooring. Optional: parquet or ceramic tile. Optional: 50mm or 100mm floor chassis insulation.
  • Door and Window Joinery: Aluminum or PVC windows.
  • Lighting and Electrical Equipment are included.
  • Sanitary equipment: Ceramic hand wash 37x45cm, Acrylic shower tray 102x92cm, ceramic wc. Option: inox wc and hand wash, cubicle compact laminate wc and shower cabins
  • Internal Arrangement (optional): air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, furniture, data sockets.
  • Connection Set (optional): a connection set is provided to be joined together or to facilitate overlapping.
  • Additional Roofing (optional): galvanized trapezoidal roof or polyurethane insulated sandwich panel additional roof covering.

Delivery in a Special Package: up to 08 pcs of accommodation container are delivered in a special package with a 40 High Cube shipping container.

Examples of configurations:

Accommodation Container

20 feet accommodation container

20 feet accommodation container with kitchen

Accommodation Container

20 feet shared accommodation container

Accommodation containers

40 feet shared accommodation container

Best Choice of an Accommodation Container for Construction and Mining Companies


Accommodation containers are a practical and economical alternative for construction and mining companies because they can be quickly installed and dismantled. However, the best choice for a construction or mining site container will depend on your specific needs, budget and time of operation.

Accommodation modular containers come in various sizes including 6 x 2.50 meters which can be suitable for average size site offices and 11.70 x 2.50 meters which can be suitable for larger living spaces on sites. They have an average interior height of 2.40 meters allowing ample headroom and air circulation in hot areas.

The available 50, 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm thickness will ensure maximum heat and noise insulation inside the accommodation prefabricated container as you proceed with your work. There’s also a wall insulation made of Rockwool or Polyurethane (PUR) known to be highly effective, lightweight and capable of bonding with all materials.

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