Modular Buildings for Sale in Germany

Modular Buildings for Sale in Germany

21 March 2023
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Modular Buildings for Sale in Germany

Module-T manufactures a wide range of modular buildings for sale in Germany. We specialise in designing and delivering affordable standard and custom-built modular solutions for various industrial and commercial environments. From our factory near Istanbul, we create innovative modular structures using the latest materials and techniques to ensure all our products adhere to current EU building codes and regulations.  Discover below the advantages and features of permanent modular offices, plus why so many organisations now call on us for all their modular solutions.

Some of Our Products

We Manufacture and Sell Fully Equipped Modular Structures in Germany

Module-T is a leading global supplier of temporary and permanent modular constructions. Our product range has developed a lot over the 15+ years we have been established, and we now manufacture a full range of small and large-scale fully equipped modular buildings for a wide variety of purposes. All our structures can be customised in many ways to suit your requirements. A few examples of our modular buildings for sale in Germany are listed below:

Smaller Modular Constructions

Our guardhouses and kiosks are commonly used as security booths, for access control on construction and industrial sites and estates, or as ticket distribution or payment points in car parks, drive-through diners, or other point-of-sale areas. Our standard models range from one-person 1.45 m x 1.45 m square to larger 6.0 m x 2.4 m. When necessary, the buildings can be customised to include safes, alarms, and other security features.

Our durable prefabricated showrooms feature a picture window and can be customised as customer sales offices, point-of-sale kiosks, or even a forecourt office or home gymnasium. They come pre-painted in various colours and are made from fully galvanised light steel, making them strong enough to withstand multiple assemblies and relocations. They are quick and easy to install and come in the following standard sizes: 11.70 m by 2.50 m, 6 m by 2.50 m, or 3 m by 2.50 m.

Modular container shops offer a fast and affordable way to create an attractive commercial space, merchandise area, coffee shop, or gallery almost anywhere! These sustainable buildings are built to last and can be easily assembled, dismantled, and relocated when necessary. The exterior and interior can be branded and highly customised to suit your style and purpose, and they come in three standard sizes: 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft.

Larger Modular Constructions

Module-T manufactures standard prefab offices ranging from 15 m2 to 292.5 m2. These buildings are highly durable, comfortable, and secure and can be optimised with extra insulation, security features, solar panels, and heating and cooling to suit your location. One of the main features of permanent modular office buildings is that they can be stacked, linked, or joined to other modular constructions to form a fully functional labour camp or facility.

Modular accommodation buildings are typically used on industrial and construction sites to offer water-tight, safe, and comfortable rooms for staff or used as school dormitories, infirmaries, or emergency accommodations in disaster relief zones. Standard sizes start at 105 m2, suitable for ten people, to 263 m2 to accommodate up to fifty. Each comes fully equipped for use, can be highly modified, and can have private rooms or be dormitory in style. These large-scale constructions can be linked to modular shower and sanitary buildings, canteens, or other modular structures to create a fully functional work site.  

Our modular restaurant buildings are designed to offer a practical, comfortable, and hygienic space to cook and cater to staff, students, or employees. These durable buildings typically include a kitchen, serving station, and room for seating and dining. Our standard models cater to between 40 and 126 diners and can consist of WC and washroom facilities or be linked to a modular sanitary container.

Perfect for use on construction sites, labour camps, or sports stadiums and schools, our modular locker rooms offer a secure and comfortable place to store personal items and change. Standard structures vary from 20-foot open-plan unisex designs with metal lockers and benches to large 40-foot containers with changing cubicles, showers, sinks, and toilets.

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Advantages of Our Modular Structures for Sale


There are many benefits to ordering a prefabricated construction. A few key advantages of permanent modular offices include the following:


  • Quality Assured

Module-T utilises the latest technology to ensure all our modular constructions are of uniformly high quality and adhere to European building codes and regulations.

  • Time and Cost Effective

Prefab modular constructions are quick to build and fast to deliver, leading to considerable time and cost savings.   

  • Versatile

Modular buildings are durable and designed to withstand transportation and multiple assemblies and relocations. Each building can be highly customised, strengthened, and optimised for use in any location. They can also be reused and repurposed many times.

  • Sustainable

Prefabrication is far cleaner and more environmentally friendly than traditional construction methods. The precision equipment used in manufacturing modular buildings leads to far less waste, the off-site manufacturing process means fewer carbon emissions, and the fact that the buildings can be relocated and reused allows the location to recover quickly.


How Do We Provide Procurement and Installation Service?

The main advantages of ordering a modular construction are the time and cost savings and the speed at which the buildings can be delivered and assembled. Light foundations are all that’s necessary in most cases, which can be arranged before the delivery of your container. The building is expertly packed in kit form and transported by land and sea to your location. The sockets for utility connections are pre-cut, and lifting hooks are supplied for easy connection and assembly. As a rough guide, a standard 15 m2 structure can usually be erected in just 2 hours using simple tools. We can arrange a professional assembly team for larger modular projects to attend.

Why Choose Module-T When Purchasing A Modular Build?

Module-T is committed to supplying quality modular buildings at affordable prices. We can customise standard models during the initial design stage or create a bespoke modular construction to suit your purpose. We are now a leading global supplier of modular solutions, as we offer a quick design, manufacturing, and delivery service to all clients, no matter where you are based. Please contact us for more information on our modular buildings for sale in Germany.



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