Container Homes

The container homes; a solution that is cost-effective, reliable, and quick to install

If you are in urgent need of a living or workspace, then a container home is the ideal solution! Perhaps you have already heard people talking about this highly innovative construction method? Here is all the information you should know on the subject.

Container Homes
Container Homes
Container Homes
Container Homes

This modern and innovative prefabricated construction method offers numerous benefits, many of which are outlined in the following non-exhaustive list.

Efficient insulation: the container home offers perfect insulation – both noise insulation and thermal. This is ideal for noisy locations such as construction sites, or with a view to adapting to either very cold temperatures, or indeed very high temperatures.


Low price container house: the home container is much cheaper than a traditional concrete construction! On average, this type of construction will cost just half of what you will pay for an equivalent surface area…


Fast assembly container house: the timesaving is huge compared to a traditional construction. The floor frame and ceiling are supplied pre-assembled, and the sandwich panels are shipped pre-cut. This is a bolted system, which requires no welding or cutting during installation.


Mounting on a lightweight concrete base: the container home circumvents administrative complications. This type of dwelling is mounted onto simple concrete studs and does not require a building permit.


An aesthetic solution: made to measure, it can be adapted to your preferences from an architectural perspective.

The container home, with its insulation and custom-made joinery, adapts to all local weather conditions. For cyclone areas, it is even possible to include reinforcements compliant with the Eurocode or American standards.

2X20’’ Container House


3X20’’ Container Homes

2X40’’ Container Homes


Possible uses for your container home

We adapt to meet all of our clients’ needs: temporary construction site dwelling, holiday bungalow, or sustainable housing project – irrespective of the end purpose, you will quickly benefit from an insulated, aesthetic, and durable space that meets all of your requirements.

The standard dimensions offer surface areas of 15 or 30 m², however, the juxtaposition of various containers means they can be adapted to suit every situation, expanding your living space over one or multiple levels.

container home manufacturer
container house manufacturer

As the leading home container manufacturer in Turkey, we export our structures, which are custom-made using cost-efficient, fast, and innovative methods, to more than 120 countries. We guarantee the fast delivery of your container home, and the quality of our products. Do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange a quotation! We are the best manufacturer of prefabricated home containers on the market; applying our vast experience within the field, we satisfy all of our clients’ requests thanks to custom manufacturing that can adapt to every situation.



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