Cladded Containers

Cladded Containers

Cladded containers provide a practical way to aesthetically enhance, protect, or add strength to a modular container and are an excellent way to customise a prefabricated building. Learn more about our cladded custom containers below.

cladded containers

Wood clad container

cladded container

Fiber Cement Cladded Containers

What is a Cladded Container?

Cladded containers are standard or bespoke modular buildings covered in either wood, fibre cement, or aluminium composite to protect them from harsh conditions and boost their aesthetic appeal and durability. These custom containers can be adapted in various ways to suit their use and offer a timely and cost-effective way to brand or make a container better suit its environment.


Module-T is a leading modular container manufacturer in Turkey, and we supply a wide range of prefabricated and cladded modular buildings. The exterior of all our modular containers can be enhanced with cladding, thereby giving you all the functionality and curb appeal of a regular building at a fraction of the cost. As Turkish manufacturers, we can swiftly design and build custom portable containers, and our preassembled cladded containers can be delivered by truck everywhere in Europe.


A timber-clad container, wood-clad container or modular building with fibre cement exterior can be used to provide many practical spaces, including offices, storage, residential accommodation, point of sale points, school buildings, dormitories, cafes, and canteens – although by working with us to customise the interior, the scope of use for cladded containers is almost endless.  

External Cladding Options for Your Container

The cladding of a modular container can completely transform its look, enhance its durability, and protect the structure from challenging weather conditions.


You can enjoy many benefits by cladding the exterior of a container. Using timber, fibre cement, or aluminium on the surface ensures an extra layer of insulation that helps reduce excessive heating and cooling, making it more comfortable and energy-efficient. Cladding also provides an additional layer that protects it from UV rays and corrosion, which helps to extend the structural lifespan of the structure.


When choosing which cladding to use on a prefab container, it’s important to consider where you wish to place the building and its environment. Some cladding materials withstand high humidity and extreme temperatures better than others. Certain materials also require more upkeep and maintenance, but as well-established Turkish manufacturers, we can advise you on the best options for your budget and location.


The prices of cladded modular containers vary according to the type and size of the building you wish cladded, the type of exterior cladding used, and the transportation of the preassembled container from our plant near Istanbul to your location. Learn more about our custom cladding options and prices below:


Wood Cladded Containers

With 20 feet wood cladded container prices from 4950 Euros, a  timber-clad container is a timeless option that softens the industrial feel of a modular container and adds natural warmth and insulation to the exterior. Natural wood makes the appearance of the building more inviting, and depending on the type of wood and the colour you choose, you can create a contemporary feel or use it to blend the building into a natural environment. Due to the excellent insulation properties of timber, a wood-clad container offers an energy-efficient option. Also, you can create various attractive and functional work or living spaces by customising a wood-clad container and adding extra-large windows or glass doors. The thickness of the wood cladding used varies from 10-25 mm, depending on your needs.


Fiber Cement Cladded Containers

Fibre cement is a popular and economical choice used to enhance the exterior of many residential and commercial modular containers. The fibre cement cladding thickness varies between 8-12 mm and provides a versatile, water and fire-resistant façade. The material is a composite made from cement that has been reinforced with cellulose fibres, and it comes in an impressive array of colours. It is possible to use fibre cement cladding in many creative ways to brand or enhance the exterior of the container. In addition, its excellent insulation properties ensure optimal energy efficiency. Prices for a 20 feet fibre cement cladded container from 5200 Euros.


Aluminium Composite Cladded Containers

Aluminium composite is a robust and lightweight material in various sizes that comes in several colours according to RAL codes. The panels are fire and weather-resistant and made by sandwiching a mineral or polyurethane core between two aluminium panels. With prices of a 20 feet aluminium composite cladded container from 5900 Euros, the durability and scope of aluminium composite cladding offers make it ideal for use in most environments, which is why it is a popular choice for the exterior of many modular buildings.

wood clad container

Timber clad container


Module-T is a manufacturer in Turkey that supplies a range of standard and custom containers. The specifications of containers differ according to your requirements, but most include the following:


  • External Height: An exterior height of no more than 3 m with an interior not exceeding 2.35 m.
  • Size: 2.40 m x 6 m, 3 m x 7 m, with the possibility to combine the modular containers if necessary.
  • Wall, Roof, and Floor: Polyurethane insulation with a thickness of up to 100 mm can be applied.
  • Frame: Aluminium PVC in a choice of colours can be added.
  • Flooring: Laminate or parquet flooring can be applied.
  • Electric: All our cladded containers include cable duct skirting boards with a residual current device. Spotlights, square, and globe lights can be added. And all electrical installations adhere to CE, TÜV, and TSE.llanılmaktadır.
  • Sanitary and Wet Areas: Additional plastic cladding can be applied to wet areas, and you can choose to include kitchen cabinets, showers, sink countertops, sanitary facilities, and many other options on request.

If you are searching for a modular container manufacturer in Turkey to produce a timber-clad container or considering Turkish manufacturers for the supply of any preassembled cladded containers in Europe, you may consider our services. A few of our most popular customised containers include:



A fibre cement, aluminium, or timber-clad container creates an attractive, durable, and cost-effective administrative space for personnel. We work with you to design the aesthetic you require, can add many customisations, and swiftly manufacture and deliver the container to your site.



We supply a broad range of cladded WC containers that all offer a bright, practical, and hygienic sanitary space.



Our range of cladded modular containers can be used for a wide variety of residential purposes. The interiors can be self-contained with a bedroom, living room, compact kitchen, and bathroom or be of a dormitory design and attached to other purpose-specific cladded containers.


If you would like more information on the cladded containers we provide, please contact Module-T.



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