Prefabricated Warehouses

Module-T prefabricated warehouses and portable storage buildings are advanced modular steel structures typically used to create industrial, manufacturing, hanger or portable warehouse space.


The lightweight design of a prefabricated warehouse building ensures they only require minimal foundations, so they can be easily assembled, dismantled, or extended. Our remote manufacturing process also significantly saves time and labour costs, meaning the prefabricated warehouse cost is far less than constructing a traditional warehouse.


Learn more about our prefabricated storage buildings, their advantages, specifications, and details of a prefabricated warehouse price below.


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Technical Specifications of a Prefabricated Warehouse

Module-T is a large and well-established modular building and prefabricated warehouse manufacturer that supplies custom portable storage buildings from our facility in Turkiye. Our warehouses are tailored to your requirements and can be customised in many ways to ensure the space is fit for purpose. See below the technical specifications for a prefabricated steel warehouse:

  • Size: Module-T manufactures and supplies prefabricated storage buildings in sizes and heights tailored to your requirements.
  • Structure: The frame of a portable warehouse is composed of horizontal and vertical high galvanised bolted steel.
  • Walls: Walls of a modular warehouse are formed from either sheet steel or sandwich panels with rock wool or glass fibre insulation.
  • Windows: PVC or aluminium-framed double-glazed windows can be included in a portable storage design. These can be sliding or guillotine-style. Parasol, rolling shutters, and security measures can be fitted.
  • Doors: Prefabricated warehouses can include steel, aluminium, fire-resistant, or PVC doors. Large manual or electric shutter doors are also available.
  • Options: You can modify the interior and exterior of a prefabricated warehouse building in many ways. The interior can be open or include closed spaces, WC and restroom facilities. Heating, cooling, appliances, shelving, workbenches, CCTV, alarms, and other security features can be added.

Transportation and Assembly of Prefabricated Warehouse

As a leading prefabricated warehouse manufacturer, we supply portable storage buildings to clients on metropolitan and remote sites over six continents. Our logistics team is skilled in organising the swift and cost-effective shipping of our constructions, and we ensure all the elements are carefully flat packed in sea containers for delivery to the site.


portable warehouse is designed to be quick to assemble, and it can be erected on a light cement foundation, which can be laid in advance to save time. Depending on the size of the structure, a forklift or crane can be used to place the sections, and connection kits and lifting hooks are included. Typically, a few labourers can assemble a prefabricated steel warehouse in a few hours or days at most. Alternatively, we can arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend the site.



Areas Where a Prefabricated Warehouse Can Be Used

Due to the versatility of prefabricated warehouses, they can be modified for use in many ways and are suitable for temporary and permanent sites. A few common applications of portable storage include:

·        Storage: One of the most popular applications of a prefab warehouse is for storage, be that for industrial use or to store construction equipment and supplies.

·        Agricultural/Farm Buildings:prefabricated warehouse building can be modified for use by farmers to provide a weather-resistant and secure space to store agricultural equipment, livestock, seeds, machinery or produce.

·        Residential Garage: Portable storage units can be adapted for use on residential sites as storage for vehicles, as a workshop, or to keep household items whilst renovating a property.

Benefits of Prefabricated Warehouse

You can enjoy many advantages by opting for prefabricated storage buildings rather than brick-built construction. The benefits of portable storage include the following:

  • Convenient: The speed at which we can manufacture and deliver prefab storage makes them a wise choice if you are looking for high-quality construction fast and on a budget.
  • Portable: Prefabricated warehouses are designed to be easy to assemble and dismantle. This means they are ideal to use as storage spaces in time-restricted locations, such as construction sites.
  • Versatile: You can modify and enhance a modular warehouse in many ways. The exterior can be clad or branded, and the interior can be configured to suit your purpose and requirements.
  • High-Quality: All Module-T modular constructions are built using high technology to ensure they are of a consistently high quality that adheres to EU and US building standards.

Cost of Prefabricated Warehouse

One of the main advantages of a modular warehouse is the cost, as a prefabricated warehouse price is significantly less than its brick-built counterpart. With the technology we use and the remote build process, considerable savings can be made. The final prefabricated warehouse cost will, however, depend on several factors.

The first aspect to consider is the size of the warehouse, as we produce various sizes and dimensions according to your requirements. These can all be modified in many ways and include additional strength or insulation if you intend to move the portable warehouse frequently or use the structure in a challenging climate or location.

Another important factor to consider is the transportation costs of shipping the building from our factory in Turkiye to your site. Logistics costs differ according to your location.

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Why Module-T Prefabricated Warehouse?

Module-T prefabricated warehouses are just one of many modular constructions Module-T manufacture. We also supply portable accommodation and office buildings, WC and sanitary containers, canteen and catering structures, locker rooms, and prefab dormitories that can all stand alone or be connected to create an entire labour camp, factory, or facility.


During the years we have been established, we have organised the swift and economical design and delivery of our portable storage buildings to more than 120 countries. All our constructions adhere to current international building standards and are earthquake and cyclone-resistant, making them suitable for use in even the most challenging locations.


If you wish to learn more about our modular warehouse range, please contact us.


Yes, our range of portable storage requires minimal foundations and can be quickly assembled, dismantled, and relocated.

Yes, you can include appliances and many other features in your prefabricated warehouse. During the design stage, you can stipulate the appliances, features, and facilities you need.

Yes, depending on the design you choose, your prefab storage building can be stacked or connected to other modular constructions.

Our portable warehouses are lightweight and require little initial groundwork. They can be assembled easily on beams or a light cement foundation, which can be laid before the container arrives.

Modular warehouses are extremely strong and durable. They are built to meet American and European building standards and have even proved to outperform many traditional builds in extreme weather, earthquakes, and cyclones.



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