Modular Building UK

Modular Building UK

15 March 2023

Modular buildings are popular in the United Kingdom as they offer a fast and affordable alternative to conventional construction. The off-site building process and use of new technology during their manufacture result in significant time and cost savings, making them a savvy choice if you’re looking to create space quickly and on a tight budget. See below for a brief overview of our modular building UK range and how you can customise the structures to suit your needs.


What is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is a remote building process carried out in a controlled environment. All the elements (modules) of the building are designed and manufactured in sections, using the latest technology, to ensure consistent quality that adheres to UK building codes and regulations. Once all the cells are assembled, they form a fully functional structure that can be used in the same manner as a conventional building.

Easy-To-Assemble Modular Construction UK

Module-T supplies a wide variety of modular constructions in the UK. Our modular building UK range can stand alone or be joined via stairs or walkways to create an entire facility, school, or work camp. Your building arrives at the site in a container, in flat pack form, ready for assembly.

Most of our modular constructions can be placed on light foundations that can be laid before delivery, and the electric and utility sockets are already in place for easy connection. The assembly process is quick, with most structures taking a few hours to construct using a few contractors and standard tools. We can also arrange for an expert assembly team to attend.

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Our Range of Modular Building UK

Some of the most popular modular buildings we produce include:

Our versatile prefabricated offices can be linked or placed on top of one another and can be used on both temporary and permanent sites. They come in various designs and sizes from 10 m2 to 42 m2. Modular offices typically provide a workspace for commercial, management, or administrative teams.

Our modular accommodation buildings are suitable for use as school dormitories, infirmaries, disaster-relief housing, or to accommodate employees on a labour site. These water-tight, safe, and highly durable constructions can include simply beds and lockers. They can also be divided into rooms with either ensuite or shared bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or other facilities. Sizes range from 21m2, suitable for 1-4 staff, to 70m2, accommodating up to 20 people.

Available in various sizes and designs, our modular locker rooms offer space to change, store belongings, and freshen up. They have many applications and can be used on construction and industrial sites, sports stadiums, football pitches, schools, or outdoor events and can include metal lockers, hooks, benches, showers, changing rooms, sinks, and toilets.

Our standard modular restaurant buildings can cater to up to 126 employees and create the perfect space to gather, socialise, cook, and entertain. These structures are warm, comfortable, and optimised for hygiene, with easy-to-clean floors and walls. They can include catering kitchens, serving stations, storage, sanitary facilities, tables, and seating.  

Our standard modular WC and sanitary buildings vary in size from 3,00 m x 2,40 m with room for a WC, sink or shower to 6,00 m x 2,40 m with space for multiple toilet cubicles, sinks, showers or changing rooms. These safe, hygienic spaces can be joined to any other modular building UK and used at most sites and locations.  

Modular Building UK

You Can Customise Your Modular Building UK 

One of the main advantages of ordering a modular building UK is that you can style and amend the layout and look of the building during the initial design stages. If the floor plan doesn’t suit your purpose, we can work with you to create a construction with all the features you need. You may wish to amend one of our standard designs, or we can create a bespoke modular building UK from scratch. Ways you can alter the building include:


  • Structural Optimisations: The highly galvanised painted steel frames of our standard structures are strong, but additional support can be added if you intend to stack the building or if you intend to assemble, dismantle, and transport the structure multiple times.
  • Changes to the Floorplan: Our basic floor plans can be amended. Interior walls can be added or moved to create the desired room space for offices, and additions like toilets, sinks, showers, kitchens, cabinetry, and storage can be added.
  • Additional Insulation: If your site is in a particularly wet or dry climate, or to benefit from long-term energy savings, adding additional insulation to the sandwich panel walls is possible. Insulation options include polystyrene, polyurethane, or rock wool to a thickness of 100 mm.
  • Window and Door Design: Standard aluminum or PVC windows are used for most builds, although custom sizes and designs or bay windows are also available. Roller shutters, security bars, mosquito nets, blinds, protection grids, or curtains can be added.
  • Choice of Flooring: PVC, parquet, vinyl, or ceramic flooring is standard. More options are available on request.
  • Extra Security Features: Alarms, CCTV, window and door security bars, safe rooms and other security measures can be added.
  • Interior Design and Décor: The walls come pre-painted in various colours. The walls are pre-cut with electric sockets and utility connection points. Additional connection points for technology, networking, smart-home systems, or security cables can be added.
  • Fixtures, Fittings and Furnishings: Cabinets, benches, desks, shelves, and other furnishings can be incorporated into the design.
  • Exterior Design: Cladding, lighting, and other features can be added to enhance the appearance of the building.

Fast Delivery to All Over Mozambique and Neighboring States

Module-T can organise fast shipping and delivery of all of our school buildings to Mozambique and other African countries. If you would like to know more about Module-T’s product range and school buildings, please get in touch with us. To view our complete product range, please see our website.



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