Flatpack Container

Why choose a flatpack prefabricated container?


Do you have an urgent need for an adaptable and modular building to be set up on your site? Have you ever considered a flatpack container? As a long-term or temporary solution, the flatpack container meets all the needs of building professionals and construction companies. Office, dormitory or locker room: the applications are many. The site hut is an economical and practical solution for making life easier on your site. Simplify working conditions for your workers with safe and comfortable installations! All of our modular solutions are in strict compliance with market standards. Our modular flatpack containers are manufactured and delivered in a timely manner to quickly meet your expectations. Connect and combine the modules to create spaces with dimensions that are perfectly suited to your needs! The only limits are the ones you set for yourself.

Flat pack container
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Flat pack containers

What are the main advantages of a flatpack container?


Why choose us over another supplier? It’s easy: choosing the services of Module-T means choosing expertise and responsiveness. We offer flatpack prefabricated containers and prefabricated modular buildings at unbeatable prices. In addition to our competitive prices, we guarantee ease of installation and use, thanks to a quick bolted assembly with no welding required. Because of this, your demounted flatpack container can be assembled – and disassembled – in record time. The entire operation takes barely two hours! This also makes it easier to move from one site to another via easy hoisting. All this also allows us to ship our installations disassembled in kit form, thus optimizing transportation costs. Strong and sturdy, our flatpack containers are made of a highly galvanized and painted steel structure with a thickness of 2 mm. Fully insulated, your site container includes Rockwool or polyurethane insulation of 50 to 100mm. Perfect for more resistance to extreme weather conditions!

Ready to order your Module-T flatpack container? Contact us now and get a quick quote within 24 hours! We ship our containers to over 120 countries worldwide with responsiveness, organization and professionalism.

Flatpack Container Prices

Flatpack containers are adaptable modular buildings that can be rapidly assembled on your worksite to fulfil your urgent project needs. On average, a container costs 200 usd per m2, although additional options and technical specifications for upgrading the container will increase the cost up to a maximum price of 500 usd per m2. Because our modular buildings are highly customizable, the demounted flatpack container prices will correspondingly greatly vary, and there are various conditions affecting the final price.

Flat packed container prices are especially influenced by a building’s thermal insulation fittings. For example, the buildings can be lined with polyurethane, rockwool, and expanded polystyrene, available in thicknesses ranging from 50 to 100 mm. The choice will depend on the local climatic conditions and correspondingly the thermal insulation requirements of a client’s worksite. Moreover, the sandwich panels of the modular containers come in various wall thicknesses of 50, 60, 80, or 100 mm. The choice of wall thickness will also depend on the required strength of a building in addition to thermal requirements. For example, thicker walls on reinforced buildings are ideal in areas prone to seismic activity and cyclones. At Module-T, we can cater for even the most extreme conditions.

flat pack container

Other factors affecting flatpack container prices include the option of installing sanitary facilities (WC, washbasins, showers), extra doors and windows (frames lined with PVC or aluminium) and extra interior partitions for rooms. This is a choice that will naturally depend on the modular building’s intended use, and so the prefabricated flat packed container prices will also depend on the nature, purpose, and extent of a client’s project as well the local climatic, geographic, and seismic conditions of the worksite.

Do contact our team using the query form on our website to get a quote on the cost of your intended project. Compared to other modular building providers, we offer very reasonable prices for our flatpack containers that should be able to satisfy your budget.



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