Modular Prefabricated Building Caribbean

Modular Prefabricated Building Caribbean

5 June 2023

Modular Prefabricated Building Company in the Caribbean Islands – Module-T

If you’re searching for quality and affordable prefabricated building solutions in the Caribbean, consider Module T! Our extensive modular prefabricated building Caribbean range of products and services is optimised for use in the islands and offers a time and cost-effective approach to creating space. For the last 15 years, we have supplied various prefabricated building structures to the Caribbean and other global locations. Our products offer a practical alternative to conventional brick-built constructions, plus they can be delivered quickly and assembled easily on-site, making them a wise choice for many clients. Here’s a brief look at our company, our modular construction products, and the prefabricated building price in the Caribbean


Meet Module-T, The Manufacturer and Supplier of Modular Prefabricated Structures

Module-T is a well-known prefab building company in the Caribbean islands. From our factory in Turkey, we manufacture and supply an impressive selection of prefab buildings for on-site lodgings, sanitary facilities, offices, classrooms and school buildings, dormitories, guard houses, locker rooms, infirmaries, and storage spaces. There are many reasons why prefabricated building solutions are suitable for use in the Caribbean, with the speed of delivery and cost just two of the main advantages. 


Other benefits include their ease of assembly, strength and durability, and scope for customisation, as each of the prefabricated building structures can be altered and optimised structurally and aesthetically to suit your needs, style, and the purpose of the building. We manufacture the constructions using the latest technology to ensure a consistently high quality that meets US building regulations. They also adhere to current earthquake and hurricane standards and have proved to perform better than many conventional buildings in these circumstances.

Some of Our Products

Our Modular Prefabricated Building Services

You can choose from several standard constructions in our modular prefabricated building Caribbean range. We can also work with you to design a bespoke solution to fit specific requirements, such as a laboratory, high-security facility, hospital ward or theatre, or labour camp. All our structures can be stacked, linked, or stand-alone. They can also be extended in the future, and other modular buildings added as you require the extra space. A few of the modular constructions we can supply to the Caribbean include the following:


  • Modular Accommodation Buildings

Our standard 20 or 40-foot prefab accommodation containers can provide safe, comfortable lodgings over one or more floors. They are highly versatile and can be of an open-plan, multiple-bed dormitory design, or the interior can be divided into rooms for one or two single beds or bunk beds. They are frequently used on construction or industrial sites to accommodate staff, to provide emergency housing, as wards for hospitals or to form school or camp lodgings.


  • Modular Office Buildings

We can deliver our quick-to-install prefabricated offices to locations throughout the Caribbean islands. These flexible, well-built sandwich panel structures can include additional insulation of polyurethane or Rockwool of up to 200mm to allow for ultimate acoustic and thermal performance. They come in a standard size of 6 x 2.50 m and can be connected to provide the necessary space. See our website for standard interior layout options, or we can customise a building to your specifications.


  • Modular Locker Buildings

Our range of prefabricated locker buildings can be adapted to include benches, metal lockers, changing cubicles, showers, toilets, and sinks. These versatile containers are ideal for sports or school locker rooms, for use on field bases, or as a secure place for your team to change and store personal belongings on a work site. We supply standard 30m2 or 60m2 models that can be connected to form all the required space.


  • Modular WC and Sanitary Buildings

Hygiene on any site is essential, and our range of prefabricated sanitary buildings is purpose-made to offer quick and easy-to-install WC, restroom, and shower facilities. These strong and durable structures can be mounted on concrete blocks or beams, and they come with sockets for plumbing, drainage, and electricity in place. The floors have PVC or ceramic tile uppers over a vinyl-coated cement panel base, and the walls and ceilings can include extra insulation or strength if necessary. The interiors come in various standard configurations or can be tailored to suit your requirements.  

Modular Prefabricated Building Caribbean

Prefabricated Buildings at Affordable Prices in the Caribbean

The cost of modular prefabricated building services in the Caribbean varies according to several factors. The price will depend on the size and type of the prefab building you require, the customisations you choose to make, any additional features or upgrades you wish to add, and the transportation of the modular construction to your site. You will also need to consider the cost of concrete mounts or laying a basic concrete foundation at your site and the price of connecting the structure to the local utility providers. As a guide, you can expect savings of around 30% compared to a conventional cement and brick-built structure.


Our team has over 15 years of experience organising our modular products’ cost-effective land and sea delivery to many international locations, including the Caribbean. Your building is designed and made in easy-to-assemble sections that are expertly packed in a container for economical shipment. Your construction arrives on site where a couple of labourers or a specialist assembly team can unpack and erect the sections onto light cement foundations using the attached lifting hooks and simple tools. Each main section comes pre-fitted with electric and utility sockets for easy connection. Once the building is installed, it forms a fully functional space that can be used on a temporary or permanent basis. For an initial quote or to receive a specific prefabricated building price in the Caribbean, please contact us.

Modular Prefabricated Building Caribbean Islands: Good Workmanship, Quick Solution

If you need a quick way to accommodate a team or expand your facility, we are confident you will find a solution in our modular prefabricated building Caribbean range. Module-T is committed to providing high-quality prefabricated building solutions at competitive prices – contact us today to learn more.



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