Security Cabins & Huts

For many high-security, industrial and commercial sites, a security cabin or security huts act as a first line of defence against unwanted access, intruders or theft. Module-T’s security cabins are designed for this purpose and offer a secure space for one or more guards to monitor and protect a boundary fence, site, or facility.

Security Cabin
Security Cabins

Module-T is a security cabin manufacturer that supplies various sizes and designs of security huts, all highly durable and built to meet US and EU standards. Our guard huts for sale can all be modified in many ways to suit a purpose, and our competitive security cabin price makes them a popular choice for many high-security facilities and businesses.


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Although you may assume security huts and a security cabin are the same, the two structures do differ slightly:


Security Cabins

security cabin is a steel-framed structure built to offer a highly secure space for guards to monitor or restrict access. These portable buildings tend to be stronger than security huts, and we often modify them to include additional reinforcement, extra security measures or a greater level of insulation so they can withstand extreme weather conditions, remote locations or tightly controlled environments.


Security Huts

The security huts we supply are also strong, but they tend to be used in less extreme conditions. Similar to a security cabin, you can customise the exterior and interior of huts to include CCTV and monitoring equipment, extra insulation, security bars, and other security measures. A security hut tends to be used by night watchmen and parking attendants or as payment points and ticket booths in less secure locations.

Technical Specifications of Security Cabins & Huts

As a leading security huts manufacturer, we have the technology and the know-how to customise a security cabin interior and exterior. We supply several standard configurations or can custom-build a security container to your specifications. See below the technical specifications of a security cabin for sale:

·        Dimensions: Standard cabins are 2,60m high and available in the following sizes: 1,50 m × 1,50 m / 2,00 m × 1.50 m / 2,00 m × 2,00 m / 3,00 × 2.40 m / 6,00 m × 2,40 m.

·        Structure: Our security huts for sale have a galvanised steel frame and aluminium or highly galvanised and painted steel outer surfaces. The walls are sandwich panels that come insulated with rock wool, polystyrene foam, or polyurethane to a thickness of up to 100 mm.

·        Floor: PVC vinyl flooring is standard in our security buildings. Ceramic, steel or aluminium sheet or parquet flooring is also available.

·        Windows and Doors: Double-glazed windows with PVC or aluminium frames are standard. These can be enlarged, oriel or sash, and they can include PVC or aluminium shutters, steel security bars, or shades for an additional cost.

·        Sanitary Facilities: Providing the size of the security cabin allows a compact restroom with a WC and sink can be added.

·        Other Options: The exterior of security huts can be modified or reinforced, and movable barriers and other elements can be added. The interior can also be customised to include desks, security systems, cables for networking, or other additions as required. The additions you choose to add will affect the security cabin price.

Security Cabins & Huts: Examples of configuration

Security cabin GH-1500.1
Security cabin-Security huts GH-1500.2
Security huts-Security cabin GH-2000.1
Security cabin manufacturer GH-6000.2
Security cabins GH-3000.1

Transportation and Assembly of Security Cabins & Huts

Our range of security cabins for sale is of an innovative portable design. Each element is precision made remotely to your agreed specifications and design, then flat-packed into a container for economical sea and land transportation to the site. We attach lifting hooks to each section so that it can be easily lifted onto beams or a light cement foundation for assembly and use. The panels come pre-painted and pre-cut with electric and utility sockets for local connection, and most of our security huts and kiosks can be erected using simple tools within a few hours.


Areas Where Security Cabins & Huts Can Be Used

Module-T has supplied many security kiosks to built-up and remote sites in more than 120 countries. Due to the advanced design and versatility of security cabins, they can be optimised for use in many ways. Typical applications of a security hut include:

  • For Observation: We often supply a security cabin to hospitals, airports, highway control areas, schools, industrial estates, construction sites, and other sensitive areas to provide guards with secure buildings to manage access to sites and facilities.
  • To Monitor Boundaries: Security huts can be placed around the perimeter of high-security fences, prisons, military or restricted zones, land, or boundaries to act as a deterrent to intruders or escapees or as an observation point to oversee movement between areas.
  • Point-of-Sale Kiosks: The affordable security huts price makes them ideal for use as forecourt POS points, ticket booths, drive-through kiosks, payment points, or concierge cabins.
  • Nightwatchmen Cabins: A security kiosk offers a comfortable and secure space for a nightwatchman or CCTV operator.

Benefits of Security Cabins & Huts

Prefab security cabins enjoy many benefits. The main advantages of a security hut include:

·        Flexible Design: You can modify security kiosks in various ways to make them suit their purpose.

·        Portability: A prefabricated security cabin is designed to be easy to assemble and dismantle, making it ideal for use on temporary and permanent sites.

·        Cost: A security cabins price is far is far less than that of a conventional building. Savings in labour, waste, materials, and time result in significant savings.

·        Sustainability: Prefabricated cabins only require light foundations, meaning they have little impact on the land. In addition, the offsite build process reduces harmful carbon emissions from vehicles and machinery, and our use of precision technology reduces the level of waste that ends up in landfills.


Cost of Security Cabins & Huts

We are a security cabin manufacturer known for our high-quality constructions and competitive security huts prices. It is, however, difficult to state the cost of our security cabins without first establishing your location, the size of the cabin you need, the level of insulation required, and the modifications you wish your hut to include. For this reason, we first need to establish your requirements before giving you a security cabin price. Please get in touch with us for a free quote.

Why Module-T Security Cabins & Huts?

Module-T is a specialist modular building company that can supply a wide range of modular buildings, including security huts. From our base in Turkiye, we organise the swift delivery of security cabins to sites across Europe, Africa, America, and the Middle East.

All our constructions are built using state-of-the-art technology to ensure they are of consistently high quality, and our security cabins now play a vital role in helping clients control access or protect sites worldwide.

If you are looking for a security cabin manufacturer and want more information on the various models or a security hut price, please contact us.


Yes, a security cabin or hut is portable and can be used on temporary sites or relocated to other locations.

Yes, you can include the cabling for CCTV and video monitoring equipment, appliances, networking, and many other features in a security cabin price.

Yes, a security cabin is a modular building, meaning it can be linked or placed on top of other modular structures. Alternatively, it can stand alone.

Due to the portable design of a prefab security building, they can be assembled on beams or a light cement baseplate or foundation.

Our security huts are strong, safe, and secure. They are built to meet European and US building standards and adhere to current seismic and anti-cyclone regulations.



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