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Modular Locker Room

Modular locker rooms are highly versatile. They are most commonly used on industrial and construction sites, sports stadiums, and labour camps to provide a secure and comfortable space for personnel to change and store belongings.

Modular Locker Room

The range of standard portable locker buildings we supply is available in various sizes that can all be configured to suit the needs of your team. They can be designed, manufactured, and delivered quickly, so they are ideal for use on work camps and sites where time and budget are a concern.


Our high-quality constructions are perfectly suited to the needs of your organisation, as they provide your personnel with space to safely store their personal goods and refresh. These products can easily be linked or joined to other modular structures like canteens, prefabricated office buildings, school rooms, kitchens, or accommodation containers if necessary. This flexibility is why we have successfully supplied prefab lockers to places in over 120 countries, in a variety of city, town, and remote locations.

Customized modular locker rooms

Our prefabricated sandwich panel containers are transformed into locker rooms with spaces for showers, toilets and metal lockers. Quick to install, our modular locker room buildings are adapted to your needs for a worksite locker room or sports locker room.


Whether a worksite locker room or sports locker room, our team carefully examines your needs.

We give you the option of choosing the equipment for your modular locker room: benches, metal lockers, compact restroom and dressing room partitions made from ceramic or stainless steel.

We’re careful to respect the specific standards of your worksite, municipality or sports facility.

Below you’ll find examples of 30m2 and 60m2 modular locker rooms. These modular buildings are made from several 20 or 40 feet connected sections.

30 M² Modular Locker Room

Locker Containers

60 M² Modular Locker Room

modular locker room container

40 feet Modular Locker Room Container

modular locker room cabins

Modular Locker Room Advantages

You can enjoy many benefits by ordering a modular locker room. These advantages include:

  • Easy Assembly: Your locker room is delivered to your site in easy-to-assemble sections. All precut with utility sockets for effortless local connection. The container can be assembled rapidly using simple tools and a crane or forklift and placed on a light cement foundation that can be laid quickly before the container arrives.
  • Portable: Our flatpack locker rooms are designed so they can be easily assembled and dismantled. This makes them ideal for use on both temporary and permanent sites.
  • High Quality: They adhere to current international building regulations and seismic and cyclonic standards due to the advanced technology we use during manufacturing.
  • Cost Effective: A prefabricated product is quick to produce, and the remote build process means no labour hours are lost due to bad weather delays. In addition, the technology employed ensures minimal waste materials, which results in significant financial savings compared to conventional construction.
  • Sustainable: Modular locker buildings are made using high technology to ensure less waste ends up in landfill. They are also lightweight, so the land they are placed upon can recover when the building is moved. This is far more sustainable and a reason why prefabricated buildings are now commonly used on temporary sites and areas of environmental importance.

Economical and quick-to-assemble modular locker rooms!

Modular locker rooms for worksites or sports facilities provide numerous advantages. Assembly is completed in just a few hours, since the floors and ceilings are shipped pre-assembled and the walls are shipped pre-cut from our plants in Turkey. You can then easily move the modular building to use it for other projects. Lastly, the installation cost of modular construction is lower than traditional construction.

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Modular Locker Room Prices

Several factors must be considered before we can supply modular locker room prices. These include:

  • The Size: The price will differ according to the size of the container you choose. Our standard portable lockers are 260 cm high and either 6m x 2,5 m or 6 m x 5 m in size. We can also custom design if wished.
  • Customisations: What you include in the interior will affect the price. All can be highly adapted, including benches, metal lockers, hooks, upgraded fixtures and fittings, and sanitary facilities (WC and showers).
  • Insulation: The sandwich panel walls of our standard portable locker rooms come with 50 mm thick Rockwool insulation. You can choose polyurethane or polystyrene foam insulation at an additional cost.
  • Structural Reinforcement: Our products have a strong high galvanised steel frame. However, this can be reinforced for an additional cost if you expect to relocate the building frequently or place it in a particularly challenging or remote location.
  • Transportation: Our modular locker rooms are expertly flat-packed and transported in a sea container to minimise transport costs.



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