Modular building company in Niger

26 September 2023

Modular Container Company in Niger Module-T

Module-T is a popular modular building company in Niger and a leading supplier of modular constructions throughout West Africa. Our versatile range of prefabricated buildings and containers can be used for many applications and provide a quick-to-supply and more affordable alternative to conventional buildings; plus, our constructions can be optimised to suit almost any location and Niger’s often challenging sub-tropical climate.

Modular building company in Niger

Our Modular Container Niger range includes various standard purpose-built constructions that can all be used on a temporary and permanent basis and linked or joined to other modular containers if necessary. This means they provide a cost-effective and practical solution should you wish to expand your current workspace or create an entirely new labour camp, school, or infirmary from scratch.


Here’s a brief overview of the prefabricated modular containers we produce, their features, and why we are now a major modular building manufacturer in Niger and throughout Africa.


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Which Modular Containers do we Produce?

Office Container
Sanitary conainer
Locker Container
Accommodation Containers

Module-T is a modular building company in Niger that specialises in rapidly designing, building, and supplying standard and custom-built prefabricated containers to locations in more than 120 countries, including Niger. All our constructions are precision made in sections at our facility near Istanbul, then expertly flat-packed and sent to your site for assembly. Some of the popular prefabricated structures in our Modular Container Niger range include the following:


  • Modular Office Buildings: Typically used to create a secure and comfortable space for your administrative, projects or management team, our portable office containers are strong and lightweight. They vary in size and are suitable for small and large groups, ranging from 15m2 to 292.5m2. They can be closed or open concept in design and either adjoined to sanitary, kitchen, or other modular containers or include compact restrooms or kitchenettes.


  • Modular School Buildings: Our prefab school buildings are used throughout West Africa, as they can be assembled quickly at the site, cost far less than traditional constructions, and provide a safe and practical space for students to learn. They can be customised to form art rooms, science labs, or regular classrooms.


  • Modular Accommodation and Dormitory Buildings:  If you are looking for a modular building company in Niger to provide accommodation containers for your site, we can provide various sizes with standard dimensions of 20 or 40 feet. Our accommodation containers are typically used to provide a comfortable and secure space for staff or students to reside. They can include separate rooms or be of open design with bunk beds and lockers. They can also be joined to WC, shower and sanitary containers, canteens, or locker rooms, or our larger containers can contain compact kitchens, bathrooms, and social spaces.

Features of the Modular Containers We Produce

The modular constructions we manufacture are built using high technology to ensure they are strong and adhere to international building codes and regulations. As a large and well-established modular building company in Niger, we have spent years researching and developing our designs, and we work with you every step of the way to ensure the prefabricated building you order fits its purpose and location. Two key features of our constructions include:


·        Durable and Secure Workspace: Our prefabricated containers are built with a high galvanised steel frame and have sandwich panel walls that come pre-cut with electric and utility connection sockets. The walls come insulated with a choice of Rockwool, polyurethane, or polystyrene foam to a thickness of up to 100mm.


·        Highly Customisable: All our modular buildings can be customised in various ways, both structurally and aesthetically. Aside from choices in interior and exterior décor, you can add or remove interior walls, add furnishings, cabinetry, additional technology and utility sockets, security features, air conditioning, and heating, or even include compact kitchens and bathrooms, providing the space of the container allows.

Sale of Modular Containers in Niger

Module-T is a modular building manufacturer in Niger that supplies high-quality modular constructions to West Africa at affordable prices. The cost of a container varies according to the size and type of structure you order, the customisations and amendments you choose to make, and the price of transporting the prefabricated building from our factory in Turkey to your location. You also need to factor in the cost of laying the light cement foundations or beams required at the site so that the modular building can be safely and firmly erected.


Your modular construction arrives in a container in pre-assembled sections that can be quickly erected at your site in a few hours or days in most cases. Lifting hooks are attached, so the sections can be lifted easily into place using a crane or forklift and a few personnel. Alternatively, we can arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend.


As a modular building company in Niger, we have strong relationships with land and sea logistics companies to ensure you receive the most competitive transport rates. Our team can organise the swift and efficient delivery of our modular containers from Turkey to almost any location in Niger.

Modular building manufacturer in Niger
Modular container companies

Module-T, Best Modular Building Company in Niger

If you want a modular building company in Niger to create a workspace or construct a labour camp or facilities for your industrial or commercial site, please consider Module-T’s range of prefabricated modular buildings.


We are a modular building company in Niger and a specialist global modular building company that produces over 9,600 containers annually, and we have supplied our modular containers to many locations throughout Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East. From small constructions like guardhouses, point-of-sale kiosks, and portable WC and sanitary units to large-scale multi-storey worksites that include canteens, accommodation, locker rooms, offices, storage, and hangers, we can adapt our buildings to suit your needs.


There are many reasons why so many companies choose us as their modular building company in Niger. Still, perhaps the main reason is that we offer affordable steel and sandwich panel structures certified to global standards. We also guarantee most finishes, including the window and door joinery, the paint, the flooring, and many other elements.


If you are looking for a modular building company in Niger, please get in touch with us, and we will talk you through the benefits of our Modular Container Niger range.



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