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Today, it’s not just military zones that require protection; many commercial, industrial, and residential sites also employ security personnel as a first-line defence against theft and intruders. Our guard booths are designed for this purpose: to provide guards with a strong and versatile space to carry out their duties. Module-T can configure a guardhouse floor plan in many ways to make the building fit its purpose. In addition, the advanced portable design of a security guardhouse ensures it can be quickly assembled, dismantled, and relocated.

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Guard House
Guard houses

Technical Specifications of Guard Houses

At Module-Tguard houses are one of many prefabricated building ranges we manufacture, and we can supply both standard guard booths and custom design a guardhouse plan specifically for you. Standard specifications include:

  • Size: Standard security guardhouse models can accommodate one or multiple personnel. They are available in the following sizes: 1,50 m × 1,50 m / 2,00 m × 1.50 m / 2,00 m × 2,00 m / 3,00 × 2.40 m / 6,00 m × 2,40 m. Height: 2,60 m
  • Fame and Structure: Our guard booths have a galvanised steel frame with aluminium and highly galvanised and painted steel exterior surfaces.
  • Walls: Sandwich panels are used for the walls. These come with rock wool, polystyrene foam, or polyurethane insulation with a thickness of up to 100 mm.
  • Floor: The floor of a guard shack comes with PVC vinyl flooring as standard. Other options include steel or aluminium sheet, ceramic, or parquet flooring.





  • Windows and Doors: PVC or aluminium window frames come as standard. You can choose to enlarge the windows or opt for oriel or sash designs if desired. Other additions include PVC or aluminium shutters, mosquito nets, security bars, and shades.
  • WC and Sanitary: Compact restrooms with a WC, sink or shower can be added, provided the size of the guard booth allows.
  • Customisations: A standard guardhouse floor plan can include additional sockets and cabling for technology and security equipment, cabinetry, desks, etc. The exterior can also be reinforced and optimised to withstand challenging climates or frequent transportation as necessary.

Guardhouse & Kiosk: Examples of configuration

Guard House GH-1500.1

Guard booths

Guard shack-Guard house GH-1500.2

Security guardhouse

Guardhouse for sale

Security guardhouse-Guard House GH-2400.1

Guardhouse floor plan

Guard shack

Modular guard house

Guard house for sale

Guardhouse plan

Transportation and Assembly of Guard Houses

Module-T guard booths are portable and designed in sections so that they can be easily assembled or dismantled in just a few hours. All the structural elements are precision-made at our factory in Türkiye and then specially packed into a container for delivery to the site. The sections come pre-cut with sockets for quick electric and utility connection, and hooks are attached so the frame can be lifted into place. Beams or a light cement baseplate are the only foundations necessary for a guard shack, which can be laid at the site before the container arrives to save time.


Areas Where Guard Houses Can Be Used

The main reason most clients order a security guardhouse is to provide a secure space for their security personnel to oversee the protection or access of their site. That said, a guard shack can be used in other ways:

·        Boundary Defence: Prisons, military bases, laboratories, borders, wildlife ranges, and other areas or facilities where a high-security fence or guard presence is necessary often use a security hut to act as a deterrent and oversee the perimeter.

·        CCTV and Camera Monitoring: Many companies and private estates require a designated forecourt or outdoor space for staff to monitor security cameras and CCTV footage.

·        POS and Attendant Kiosks:guardhouse floor plan can include window hatches to allow interaction with cars or pedestrians or can be fitted with automatic barriers to restrict movement between zones. This makes them perfect for use as payment points, drive-through dispatch points, ticket booths or forecourt information cabins.

·        Nightwatchmen Kiosks: Hotels, airports, and many other sites require security personnel to work at night and oversee the safety of the premises. A security guard hut offers a safe and secure space to conduct their duties.

Benefits of Guard Houses

You can enjoy many advantages by opting for a security guardhouse rather than constructing a traditional security building. Key benefits of guard booths include:

  • Versatility:guardhouse plan can be customised to include additional security measures. The interior can be optimised for monitoring equipment and technology, manual or automatic barriers can be fitted, security bars can be added, and we can reinforce the structure where necessary.
  • Time and Cost-Effective: The remote building process saves considerable cost, labour, and time.
  • Portability: Our security guard houses are built in sections and designed to be quick and easy to assemble and dismantle. This means a guard hut can be used on temporary or permanent sites.


Cost of Guard Houses

At Module-T, we optimise our guard booths and other modular constructions for cost savings without forgoing quality or durability. However, the price of a guard house will vary according to the model and size of the guard shack you choose, the amendments to the guardhouse floor plan you make, the type and level of insulation required, and the transportation costs to take the flat-pack guard kiosk from our facility near Istanbul to your site. For more details and a guard house price, contact us for a free quote.

Why Module-T Guard Houses?

Module-T is a large and well-established modular building and guard booth manufacturer that specialises in supplying easy-to-assemble prefabricated constructions for permanent and temporary use. Over the years, we have provided guard booths to clients throughout Europe, Africa, America, and the Middle East. They now use them to provide their security personnel comfortable and secure spaces to protect a site or facility.

To learn more about our guard booths and guard shack prices, please contact us.


Yes. Security guardhouses can be quickly assembled and dismantled, and they are also fitted with lifting hooks so they can be moved or transported to other locations.

Yes, your guardhouse plan can include appliances if you wish. The interior can be configured in many ways, including the technology, sockets and cables for appliances, and many other features during the initial design stage.

Yes, a guardhouse is modular, which means it can be stacked or linked to other modular guardhouses or prefabricated buildings.

A guard shack is portable; therefore, it can be placed on light foundations, beams, or a concrete baseplate. No deep foundations are necessary.

Module-T guard booths are built using advanced technology to ensure they are of consistently high quality. All our modular buildings, including guard shacks, adhere to American and European building standards and conform to current anti-earthquake and anti-cyclone regulations. This makes our modern guardhouse range far safer and more durable than many traditional structures or older buildings.



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