Sanitary Containers

sanitary containers or WC container caters to sanitation facilities in diverse environments. These prefabricated units have a lay-out that combines convenience, durability and mobility, a perfect solution for the temporary or remote places where the standard plumbing infrastructure may not be available.


Based on their modular layout and small overall size, these containers offer a flexible alternative to traditional restroom facilities, contributing to the adequate supply of efficient and clean solutions for different fields of activity.


This detailed article covers the revolutionary nature of WC containers, looking into their design, different uses, eco-friendly features, and the breakthrough approach by Module-T that sets new standards for quality and efficiency. Join us as we uncover the numerous benefits and potentials that these containers have to offer, transforming portable hygiene solutions altogether.


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Technical Specifications of Sanitary Container

WC containers are functionally designed, durable, and comfortable and incorporate a wide range of technical specifications to ensure a high level of efficiency in various settings. These specifications include:

  • Structural Framework: WC containers have high-quality frames made of steel or aluminum, which gives them stability and durability. They can resist any seasonal changes and usage.
  • Sanitation Fixtures: Equipped with basic yet essential utilities like toilet cubicles, shower units, and container bathrooms, these units have all the necessary sanitation features that are tailor-made as per need. Modern equipment guarantees comfort and hygiene for users.
  • Utility Connections: Container toilets are ready-to-install and have their plumbing systems in place, allowing a quick connection to water and sewer lines. It allows swift installation on-site and efficient operation.
  • Ventilation Systems: In the design of container bathrooms, there are ventilation systems put in place to manage air quality and odors. Proper ventilation will result in a pleasant indoor environment for the users.
  • Accessibility Features: ADA-compliant features, like ramps and handrails, are there to provide accessibility for a large spectrum of the user base, including those with disabilities. These features are meant to support inclusivity and standardize regulatory requirements.
  • Structure: Sanitary container with high galvanized and painted steel sandwich panel surface and frame.
  • Walls: Sanitary container with internal and external walls with sandwich panels and insulated with stone wool up to 100 mm thickness, polyurethane or polystyrene foam.
  • Structure: Sanitary container with high galvanized and painted steel sandwich panel surface and frame.

  • Ceiling and Floor: Polyurethane insulated ceiling (50mm). The base surface is of vinyl-coated fiber cement panel.
  • Quick-mount sanitary container: A construction site sanitary container can be installed or dismantled within a few hours. All sandwich panels are cut and painted at the factory. The lower and upper chassis are delivered as pre-assembled at the factory.
  • Portable Container: Module-t can be transported with lifting hooks (optional: specially reinforced sanitary container for frequent transport).
  • Flooring: WC & Shower container with waterproof vinyl pvc or ceramic tile floor.
  • Delivery in package: Module-T toilet container or shower container is delivered as a set to minimize transport costs. 8 sanitary containers of 15 m2 each are delivered in a special package with a 40-foot sea container. Sanitary equipment, plumbing and additional materials are delivered in packages out of sets.
  • Optional interior arrangement and materials: Custom made WC container and shower container for construction site camps. Wide range of materials available for sanitary containers : Classic WC, Turkish style WC, stainless steel (inox) WC, WC for the disabled, ceramic urinal, stainless steel urinal, ceramic basin, stainless steel sink, under-basin cabinet, water heater, PVC and  fiberglass septic tank.
  • Connection Set: We can combine portable WC container with other prefabricated containers to create larger structures for the living spaces of your construction site. (For example, we can combine  sanitary container with an office container) WC & shower portable containers are mounted on a lightweight construction structure: concrete block or beam.

Overall, the technical specifications of a container toilet are designed to meet the demand for reliable and efficient sanitation solutions for various applications ranging from construction sites to outdoor events and emergency situations on the whole.

Sanitary Containers: examples of configuration

SC-A2500 (240x240-cm)

WC container 2,40x2,40m

SC-A3000.1 (300x240-cm)

WC & Shower container 3,00x2,50m

SC-A3000.2 (300x240-cm)

WC container 10”

SC-A3000.3 (300x240-cm)

Shower containers 3,00x2,40m

SC-C6000.1 (600x300-cm)

WC & Shower containers 20”

SC-A6000.1 (600x240-cm)

Men & Women WC containers 20”

SC-A6000.2 (600x240-cm)

WC & Shower containers 20”

SC-A6000.3 (600x240-cm)

WC container 20”

SC-A6000.4 (600x240-cm)

Shower container 20”

SC-A6000.5 (600x240-cm)

Men WC & Shower containers 20”

SC-C6000.1 (600x300-cm)

Men / Women WC & Shower containers 20”

SC-A6000.8 (Disabled toilet 600x240cm)

20" Male, Female and Disabled Toilet Container

SC-A6000.6 (2+600x240-cm)

WC & Shower containers 2x20”

SC-A8000.1 (2+800x240-cm)

WC & Shower Containers 2x26”

SC-A6000.7 (4+600x240-cm)

WC & Shower containers 4x20”

Transportation and Assembly of WC Containers

The transportation and assembly of container restrooms are processes that are designed to be simple and convenient. These units are normally delivered to the site as pre-assembled modules, thus reducing both on-site construction time and labor costs. Using cranes and forklifts, a toilet cabin can be easily moved to any location, including remote and extreme terrains. On-site, assembly is easy, with modules hooking together naturally to form a coherent whole. This modular construction technique not only serves as the fastest project execution approach but also decreases the environmental impact. The mobility of a WC container makes it very convenient to move to any place as needed, providing a great deal of flexibility for changing conditions or temporary sites.


Benefits of Restroom Containers

container bathroom offers a multitude of benefits that make it a preferred choice for addressing sanitation needs in various environments:

  1. Portability: Modular WC containers have the advantage of being easily transportable by truck or other means of transportation, which enables quick relocation to different locations as needed but also offers flexibility for temporary installations or changing requirements.
  2. Customization:toilet cabin can be modified to include chosen fixtures, amenities, and aesthetics to accommodate the needs and preferences of diverse users and can be adjusted for particular project conditions.
  3. Hygiene: Outfitted with the latest sanitation fixtures and ventilation systems, WC containers thus guarantee a clean, hygienic and comfortable experience for its users.
  4. Cost-Efficiency: Unlike conventional restroom units, shower containers represent a budget-friendly opportunity because they need less construction, maintenance, and operation expenses, so they can hit any budget.
  5. Durability: Built with durable materials and fitted for longevity, WC containers are made to withstand rougher weather conditions, heavy use, and frequent movement, thus assuring long-term reliability and performance.
  6. Compliance: The containers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the regulatory standards and compliance requirements to make sure that the facilities are accessible, sanitary, and secure for the public.

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Sanitary Container
Sanitary Containers


Areas Where They Can Be Used

WC containers provide a range of solutions to improve sanitation in different contexts. Some common areas where they can be effectively utilized include:

  • Construction Sites: Providing toilet and shower containers for construction workers in outlying or transient locations without the necessary connection to traditional plumbing systems.
  • Event Venues: Providing portable toilet solutions as alternatives during summer music festivals, outdoor fairs, concerts and other events where there may not be enough or accessible permanent toilets.
  • Emergency Response: Provision and installation of sanitation facilities for the disaster relief teams to support the affected communities during natural calamities, humanitarian crises, and emergency situations where access to sanitation is limited.
  • Military Camps: Catering to the sanitation needs of the troops in the field, during training drills, or while on a deployment operation that is taking place in hard or remote environments.
  • Remote Work Sites: Provision of sanitation for workers in isolated or off-grid settings, for example, mining and oil drilling sites, where permanent infrastructure is absent.
  • Outdoor Recreation Areas: Putting restroom facilities in parks, campgrounds, nature reserves and other similar places where people spend their leisure time to meet the needs of the public.

Why MODULE-T Sanitary Containers?

The need for hygiene is a must in every place from construction sites to activities out in nature. And the solutions for these needs can be created with sanitary containers. MODULE-T offers diverse options to choose from and combines the singular toilet or shower containers with multiple containers for combinations of both options in sanitary containers. MODULE-T comes with sizings from 1.50×2.50 to 6.00×2.50 whereas the outer height remains stable at 2.60. Made from high-quality galvanized and painted steel and isolating material sandwiched in between the panels, the sanitary containers can last long. The isolation thickness can be applied up to 100 mm to add extra protection from the weather.

The construction process for the MODULE-T sanitary containers only takes a few hours. The panels and the connecting pieces are delivered together in effective packaging to provide ease and lower the shipping cost. The ceilings are made with 50 mm polyurethane. The floors can be vinyl PVC or ceramic tiles on vinyl-coated fiber cement panels, mounted on concrete blocks or beams; so, no extra foundation is needed. The containers can be transported with lifting hooks. For larger sets of sanitary containers, you can opt for our connection sets to connect the containers to other prefabricated living compartments. The layout can be arranged for your needs and the materials for the interior design have different options to choose from.


In a world where you have many options, choose wisely: choose MODULE-T sanitary containers. We offer different options to mix and match. Both quality and interior arrangements can be designed to offer the best for your needs and to fit the terrain. The quality material used in the components of both toilet and shower sanitary containers is durable and made to last for many years to come. The luxury of having impeccable hygiene in everyday life is a given with MODULE-T sanitary containers.


  Sanitary containers (wc containers and shower containers) are sandwich panel modules used in all construction sites and especially in the living bases of companies operating in the construction and mining sectors.


Module-t supplies and installs toilet & shower containers all over the world.


Our wc & shower containers are set and their standard dimensions are 1.50×2.50, 2.00×2.50m, 4×2.50m, 6.00 × 2.50m and the outer height is 2.60 m. Sanitary bungalows (WC container and shower container) can be customized and sized optionally.

Cost of Sanitary Containers

The price of a container restroom varies in accordance with factors such as size, customization options and features, as well as specification. However, in comparison to conventional bathrooms, these containers have considerable cost advantages owing to their modular design, fast assembly, and less costly maintenance. Though the upfront costs may vary, the long-term savings in construction, operation, and maintenance fees clearly make WC containers the best option for businesses, organizations and government agencies looking for both an efficient and economical option for sanitation. The durability and sustainability of the container restroom also add to the overall cost-effectiveness and value of their applications for different uses.


Why Module-T Containers?

Module-T stands tall among sanitary container manufacturers as a result of its focus on quality, innovation, and service delivery. Module-T toilet modules are assembled using cutting-edge technology, up-to-date materials and engineering techniques that guarantee durability and strength. Through customized designs, eco-based manufacturing processes, and assembly efficiency, Module-T supplies builders with desired features and specific product requirements for each project. Furthermore, Module-T’s commitment to environmental sustainability, compliance and customer support differentiates it as a reliable partner for organizations who prefer sanitary solutions that are cost-effective yet conserve energy and maintain hygiene.


Of course, WC containers are highly portable, and they can be easily moved from one site to another whenever required. These can consequently be shipped in trucks or pulled by trailers in various locations, thereby contributing towards the ease of their applied functionality.

Yes, the containers are usually installed with the basic necessities like toilets, sinks, and hand sanitizers. In addition, some models may feature lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning for added comfort and convenience.

Of course, many container restrooms are designed to be stackable, which facilitates effective storage and shipment. This helps to achieve the best use of space in, for example, container ports and also speeds up logistics.

The prerequisites of setting up a sanitary unit include proper site preparation, utility connections, including water and sewer lines, and conformance to local regulations.

WC containers are manufactured to stringent quality standards and built in a safe manner such that they offer a clean and safe environment to users. Constructed from strong materials and complete with modern sanitation facilities, these containers undergo quality assurance checks to ensure their compliance with safety regulations and bring peace of mind to users.



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