Delivery of Prefabricated Building to Ghana

Delivery of Prefabricated Building to Ghana

8 May 2020
Modular Building Supplier

Last month, 600 square meters of prefabricated buildings were exported to Ghana by Module-T. The project, which was designed in accordance with the physical and geographical conditions of Ghana, has been successfully completed.

In our prefabricated buildings, the inner walls are built as 60mm thickness sandwich panel (Metal Sheet + Rockwool + Metal Sheet), the outer walls are 100mm thickness sandwich panel  (Metal Sheet + Rockwool + Metal Sheet).

We preferred high quality aluminum sliding doors for all the outer doors in our Ghana exports. The floor covering was designed with 60X60X8M non-slip full body ceramic tiles, which created an aesthetic appearance.

The roofs of the prefabricated construction in our Ghana project are covered with polyurethane foam sandwich panels in accordance with the project.

As a supplier of prefabricated buildings, Module-T prefers materials consisting of high galvanized and painted steel structures that are resistant to very wet environments.

Sandwich panel building is preferred because of their price, easy and quick installation and the ability to be disassembled and re-assembled when necessary.

Providing the best quality

Offering reliable and quality living spaces, Module-T offers prefabricated buildings, which are used in various areas of use; They provide fast production, ease of transportation, superior insulation values and ease of assembly and use. Especially in the construction sector, our prefabricated containers, which are used as labor camps, administrative buildings, and common areas, provide long-term use guarantee and offer our customers appropriate use for projects in different locations.

As a supplier of prefabricated construction, Module-T provides comfort and mobility combined and offers practical structures that can be built quickly when necessary. Module-t stands out among Turkish suppliers with its specialization in the quality of heat and sound insulation with the materials used in the containers it produces, and such problems will not be encountered in our prefab containers.

Unlike other suppliers of prefabricated buildings, Module-T also provides the supply the required air conditioner, Office furniture, dormitory furniture, professional kitchen equipment etc. İn accordance with the customer’s demand with its expert purchasing team.

Turnkey Prefabricated Solutions

With proper planning and technique, Module-T also covers the architectural and project demands of the customer. We also provide a professional team or a supervisor for the installation process, in accordance with the customer’s needs. Our customers can either choose to have a team of expert plumbers, electricians and builders to assemble their prefabricated containers, or they can choose to have a supervisor to help their workers complete the task. Please remember that Module-T has several partners to cover any region for this service.

We can also send our expert team from Turkey. Module-t prefabricated solutions is a trustworthy company, which includes the task of providing technical staff in line with the demands of the customers, and performing the assembly and dismantling of the prefabricated constructions on site.

With the suitable furniture and technical equipment for the project, we supply the required materials and equipment according to the needs of the customer. Module-t, whose main purpose is customer satisfaction, is a Turkish supplier that targets continuity. It has gained the image of a reliable manufacturer with the quality certificates and certificates of the products used.

Our prefabricated solutions, which can also be prepared for your special projects, can respond to any demands of our customers.

Module-T continues to serve its customers after product delivery with its sales and after-sales service. It provides convenience to its customers by sending the necessary installation, infrastructure and electrical plans for the assembly prepared by its expert technical department.

With high quality, convenient packaging – loading, fast assembly and after delivery service, Module-T prefabricated solutions offers reliability and is with you throughout the whole project.

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Modular Offices Morocco

Modular Solutions for marine zones and wetlands

At Module-T, you will also be able to order and have delivered modular prefabricated solutions responding to certain construction constraints in marine zones and wetlands. For this type of project, our equipment is made of highly galvanized steel. As for your walls, they will be coated with anti-corrosive paint. This allows our modular prefabricated construction for marine and wetland sites in Gabon to have a longer lifespan.


Take advantage of customized support for the implementation of your project in Gabon
For an optimal result while working on your modular prefabricated construction in Gabon, we can send an assembly team or one of our technicians on-site. Our expertise will be at your service for comprehensive support during your project. We are equipped to take care of the entirety of the installation of your various buildings: large, prefabricated housing or simple converted modular containers.



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