Container Homes In Puerto Rico

Container Homes In Puerto Rico

8 June 2023

Container Homes in Puerto Rico – Manufacturer and Supplier

The popularity of container homes in Puerto Rico has risen over recent years, and container houses are now found throughout Puerto Rico, North America, and the Caribbean. Module-T is a container house manufacturer specialising in the international supply of a wide range of high-quality container homes for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Container houses offer an affordable alternative to conventional constructions. They are ideal if you want to accommodate staff or students or create a safe and comfortable place to reside on a budget. If you are looking for a fast and cost-effective accommodation solution, please take a look at our broad range of container homes for sale in Puerto Rico below.

Container Homes In Puerto Rico

Our Container House Projects in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s tropical climate and diverse ecosystem and landscape often make building a conventional structure difficult, especially in some of the more remote or densely forested or mountainous locations. Bad weather can cause damage to building supplies kept onsite, and deliveries may encounter lengthy delays. Sourcing skilled and reliable labour can also prove challenging, often resulting in builds running over time and budget or the structures and their integrity suffering.

Over 90% of container house construction is done remotely in our factory in Istanbul and economically shipped to the location. Only the laying of a light cement foundation or studs and the structures assembly is carried out at the site. This makes container house solutions a smart and practical option for most applications in Puerto Rico. This is a major reason why our container house types are proving so popular in the Americas and elsewhere. Our products now appear as residential homes, emergency housing, and industrial and commercial accommodation throughout the territory.

Some of Our Products

Container Homes Advantages

You can enjoy many excellent benefits by opting for container house construction. Some of the key advantages of container homes in Puerto Rico include the following:


  1.   Fast onsite installation of container homes: Our container house solutions are designed to be quick and easy to assemble. They can typically be erected on a light cement foundation or studs within a couple of days using basic lifting equipment and a couple of workers. All the elements of our container houses are shipped in sections and arrive in a specially packed container at your site. The walls, floors, and ceilings come pre-assembled, and the utilities can then be connected to the pre-cut sockets. This results in significant time and financial savings.


  1. Container houses can be moved or relocated: Container homes are portable and can be moved or relocated. No welding is involved in the assembly, and the elements are bolted together, meaning they can be dismantled when necessary. This makes container accommodation ideal for temporary or construction sites or for use in emergency or disaster relief zones.


  1. Cost-effective: Container house construction is carried out in a controlled environment offsite so bad weather delays are eliminated. The precision technology used to manufacture each section also means far less waste is produced, ultimately meaning you can save up to 50% on the price of a container home compared to a traditional building construction.


  1. Strong and fully insulated: All the container homes we supply are insulated and highly durable. All adhere to US building codes and anti-seismic and anti-cyclonic standards.


  1. Sustainable: Container houses are remotely manufactured using the latest technology to ensure minimal waste. This offsite building process also ensures that far fewer carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere from heavy onsite machinery. In addition, the lightweight foundations mean minimal damage to the land, allowing the site to recover quickly if the house is ever moved or relocated.

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Types and Square Metres of Container Houses We Produce

As a leading container house manufacturer, Module-T is skilled at organising the swift design and supply of various container house types in Puerto Rico. We produce three standard designs that can accommodate between two and six people.

All our structures can be customised aesthetically with a choice of décor, interior fixtures, and fittings. The interior walls can be added or removed according to your preference. The galvanised steel frame can be strengthened, and additional insulation can also be added to withstand frequent transport or relocations or if your site is particularly challenging or temperate.

Container Homes
Container Homes

Module-T Standard Container House Solutions:


  •       30m2 (2 x 20”) Container Houses

Designed to accommodate up to three people, our 30m2 container home features a high galvanised steel frame and sandwich panel walls. The interior is usually of an open-concept studio design with room for two or three beds, a sitting or dining area, a small kitchenette, and a separate shower room with a sink and WC. If wished, an interior wall can be added to separate the bedroom from the living area.


  •       45m2 (3 x 20”) Container Houses

Built to house up to four people, our standard 45m2 design incorporates two or three single bedrooms that can be en-suite or share a bathroom, sink, and shower. A small kitchen, seating area or dining space can be added. Removing or adjusting interior walls to create a larger communal sleeping room or dormitory may also be possible to accommodate additional people.


  •       80m2 (2 x 40”) Container Houses

Our largest standard container house has an interior of 80m2 and typically sleeps six people in up to four twin or single bedrooms. You can choose to enhance or amend these designs in many ways to form a dormitory or choose fewer rooms and a larger communal area for family or executive use. WC, sink, and shower facilities can be shared or en-suite, and a kitchen, lounge and dining area can be created.

Container Homes: Custom-Built Container Homes for Sale

If you are looking for a top-quality container homes supplier in Puerto Rico, please browse our website for details on our container house products and services. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us for more information on our container house prices and to discuss your requirements in more detail.



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