Djibouti : Livraison de bâtiments préfabriqués R+1

Djibouti-Delivery Of Prefabricated Buildings R+1

15 January 2019

A prefabricated R+1 building with a total surface of 1200 m² has been delivered for a worksite camp in Djibouti. The prefabricated construction includes spaces for office, dorms, a kitchen, a dining room, sanitary facilities as well as storage spaces. The delivery also included office furniture, shelves, beds, AC, kitchen and catering equipments.

Prefabricated Buildings R+1

Module-T Prefabricated Building

Module-T is a prefabricated container manufacturer and supplier, based in Istanbul, Turkey. With 15 years’ experience in the trade, Module-T delivers tailored, fully-equipped prefabricated building solutions to a wide range of clients in more than 90 countries across 6 continents.


Advantages of Module-T prefabricated containers

Each prefabricated building has numerous advantages that make Module-T a choice building solution. Firstly, the buildings are of exceptionally high quality, being made of highly galvanized painted steel flatpack sandwich panels that have been manufactured with excellent workmanship. The premium quality of the building material makes the containers highly durable (lasting up to 80 years) and weather-resistant. At Module-T, we also have a fast production line of high-quality building components that satisfy both local and international standards of quality management and production.



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A prefabricated building is transported and assembled quickly and easily, much faster than traditional building solutions. Assembly is especially fast thanks to a relatively small number of individual building components that have been pre-manufactured and do not need to be welded or cut beforehand. Moreover, our own in-house, highly experienced technicians can be sent over to your site to help assemble your prefabricated buildings. While most companies hire their own local technicians to assemble their units, our technicians are more familiar with the prefabricated buildings that you order and so will be more efficient at assembly. In turn, a prefabricated building can then just as easily be disassembled on site for transport to new sites. The ease of transport is also an advantage for delivery, since the containers can be compactly stored in special packaging that saves on logistical and transportation costs on your part.

Module-T prefabricated buildings are readily customizable to suit clients’ individual needs. For example, since our clients are distributed worldwide, our units will need to be adapted to local climatic conditions. For example, we can adjust the thickness of our insulation depending on how warm or cold the local climate is, or provide extra fittings such as sunshades or mosquito nets for personal safety and comfort of staff. Moreover, our units are highly versatile and can be used for a whole host of different purposes, These include offices, classrooms, sanitary facilities, dormitories, kitchen and restaurant spaces and much more. We will ensure that our technicians add the appropriate fittings for your required room designations. Optional supplies of chairs, tables, desks, beds, kitchen equipment, AC generators etc. can be provided on request.




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