Portable office cabin

22 June 2023

Portable office cabin | Manufacturer and Supplier – Module-T

Modular Portable Office Cabinet Solutions

Our easy-to-assemble portable office cabins offer a practical and affordable solution if you need a temporary office or want to create an administration space quickly. Our portable office cabinet solutions range in size from 7.2m2 to 56m2. They can accommodate between one and twelve administration personnel depending on the size you order, with our standard 20 ft portable office cabin and a 40 ft portable office cabin, our most popular standard products.

Portable office cabin

The advanced modular design of a portable office cabin means they are versatile and can be connected or placed on top of one another or interlinked with other modular buildings, such as modular accommodation cabins, dormitories, canteens, locker rooms, warehouses, showrooms, or hangers. Each modular portable office can be customised to suit your requirements, with possible additions like air conditioning, heating, solar panels, security bars, intelligent technology systems, CCTV, and upgraded fixtures and fittings. The interior can also be styled and altered depending on the model, and partition walls can be used to create separate offices, small kitchens, receptions, compact sanitary facilities, meeting rooms or left open plan, if wished. This makes portable offices ideal for many purposes – plus, they can also be installed in just a few hours and dismantled and relocated quickly, making them perfect for use on construction sites and in other temporary locations.

Portable Office Cabins for Sale

Module-T has been an expert portable office cabin manufacturer for more than 15 years, and our modular cabins are now in use in over 120 countries. From our base near Istanbul in Turkey, we design, manufacture, and supply some of the best portable office cabins available to even the most remote global locations.

There are many reasons why portable cabins are now so popular. Some advantages to consider include:

  1. Quality: Due to the high technology we use, each section of a modular portable office is precision made to comply with US and EU building codes. The finishes, such as flooring, window and door joinery, are also guaranteed, meaning the quality of the structure is assured.
  2. Strength: All our portable office cabins and modular buildings come fully insulated and are reinforced to meet anti-cyclonic and anti-seismic standards. You can also add additional insulation to suit particularly challenging climates.
  3. Cost: Our modular cabins are built remotely and quickly delivered. This results in significant time and financial savings, making them far more affordable than conventional constructions.
  4. Portability: A modular office is designed and packed for easy transportation and installation. They can be placed on a light foundation or beams, which is better for the environment, and the structure can typically be assembled within a day using a forklift and a few labourers. We can also provide a skilled assembly team to attend.

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Portable Office Cabins Technical Specifications

Module-T produces a range of modular offices or can custom-build a portable office to suit your requirements. See below the standard specifications of a standard 40 ft portable office cabin:  

  • Structure: The frames are made from high galvanised and painted steel with a sandwich panel surface.
  • Ceilings and floor: The floor of the cabins are made with vinyl-coated fibre cement panels. The ceiling is insulated with 50 mm polyurethane.
  • Walls: Sandwich panels with up to 100 mm thick level of insulation are used for the interior and exterior walls
  • Insulation: Stone wool, polyurethane or polystyrene foam is used for insulation.
  • Flooring: The cabins come with vinyl flooring as standard. Parquet or ceramic tiles are optional.
  • Window and door joinery: Standard aluminium or PVC framed windows are standard. Optional extras include oversized windows, bay windows, shutters, blinds, security bars, and railings.
  • Interior: Our office cabins can be highly customised to suit your requirements. Meeting rooms, separate offices, workstations, desks and cabinets, heating and cooling, or compact restrooms can be added during the design stage. 
Portable Office Container

Portable Office Container

The Best Portable Office Cabines Manufacturer Module-T

As a leading portable office cabin supplier, Module-T is committed to offering the best-quality modular constructions and services at a competitive price. We optimise all our modular office cabins for cost and time savings. For example, they are manufactured remotely according to the agreed design plan and then expertly packed in sections to ensure economical transportation to your site. The upper and lower chassis of the cabin come pre-assembled, the walls are pre-cut with sockets for electric and utility connections in place, and we add lifting hooks so the sections can be quickly and easily lifted into place. A connection set is included, and they can be mounted on a light concrete block or beam, which can easily be prepared before the cabin is delivered. As a guide, up to 10-15 m2 empty portable office cabins can be transported in a single 40-foot sea container.


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