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15 February 2023
Modular Offices Morocco

Modular structures provide a time and cost-effective solution for businesses and industrial organisations in North Africa. These high-quality, highly durable constructions can be used on temporary or permanent sites. They offer a practical and affordable way to create the space you need to expand your existing facility or create a new labour camp or premises. Module-T designs and manufactures a wide range of prefabricated buildings and modular offices Morocco, Africa, The Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. Learn more about our products and their benefits below.

What Are Modular Buildings?

Prefabricated modular constructions are made remotely in a controlled facility and then divided into sections (modules) which are then shipped to your site for assembly. Module-T is one of the world’s leading modular building companies. The high technology we use at our factory in Turkey ensures that all the elements we manufacture are of uniformly high quality and adhere to local and international building codes. This makes our structures extremely strong and long-lasting, therefore ideal for use in Morocco and other dry, humid, or challenging locations.

The Advantages of Modular Office Building Solutions

Modular office containers differ from conventional buildings, and you can enjoy many benefits by opting for a prefabricated structure over a stick-built counterpart. Key advantages include:


  1.     Cost-Effective: One of the main benefits of modular buildings is affordability, as you can save more than 30 per cent by ordering a prefab structure compared to constructing a traditional office in most cases. Labour costs are reduced, bad weather delays are eliminated, and less wastage all result in significant financial savings passed on to our clients.
  2.     Fast Production and Delivery: We have all heard the saying “time is money”, which certainly applies to prefabricated constructions. All the sections of a pre-manufactured building are precision made remotely, meaning the build schedule runs on time, with very few delays.
  3.     Energy Efficient: Modular buildings can be optimised to save you on energy and utility expenses long-term. The standard walls, floors and ceilings are insulated, the windows are double-glazed, and the materials used are extremely energy efficient. Additional elements like solar panels and other energy-saving features can also be added.
  4.     Flexible Design: One of the main advantages of modular office buildings is that they can be highly customised during the design stage. The building can be built as standard or altered to include different flooring, windows, fixtures, and fittings. The sockets for electric, networking and utility connections can be placed where you need them, and extra security, insulation, heating, and cooling can all be included to suit your location and purpose.
  5.     They Can Be Moved: All the modular office containers and other constructions we build are easy to assemble and just as quick to dismantle and relocate. This renders them ideal for use on temporary sites or if you only plan to be at the location for a limited time.
  6.     Quality Assured: Modular buildings are durable and built to withstand transport and multiple assemblies. They adhere to building codes in Morocco, the UK, the EU, and the USA and meet current seismic and cyclonic standards.

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Modular Container Shelter for Workers and Other Modular Constructions

Module-T is a specialist manufacturer of modular office containers, accommodation buildings, and other structures that can stand alone or be joined to create comfortable and functional workspaces for your employees. See below a few examples of the modular constructions that can be linked or stacked to provide a fully equipped labour camp at your site in Morocco:


  •       Prefabricated Modular Accommodation Buildings / Dormitories

Providing safe, comfortable, and clean accommodation is essential if you need to create a labour site or house employees. Module-T’s accommodation containers are the ideal solution. These highly durable constructions come in several designs. They can be dormitory style with beds and lockers, can be linked to shower and sanitary containers, or include toilets, sinks, and showers. These versatile buildings can also provide emergency accommodation in disaster zones, customised to form wards and infirmaries or be used at schools and orphanages.

  •       Modular Office Buildings / Prefab Offices

Module-T supplies container offices in various standard sizes that are ideal for use on industrial, mining, construction, and heavy engineering sites. These durable constructions can be highly customised and arrive in easy-to-install, flat-pack form, with utility and electric sockets in place for easy connection. These flexible structures provide all the room you need for your administrative, management, or commercial team. 

  •       Modular Locker Rooms / Changing Rooms

Our prefabricated locker rooms provide a watertight, easy-to-clean, and practical place for onsite staff to change and store their belongings. These functional buildings are commonplace at work camps, sports stadiums, schools, and football pitches. They come in various designs and sizes and can be customised to include metal lockers, changing cubicles, benches, and toilets, sinks or showers can also be added.

  •       Prefabricated Modular Canteens / Restaurant Containers 

Catering to the needs of your employees is crucial to ensure their well-being. Module-T’s canteen, restaurant and catering containers provide a functional space for people to socialise, gather, cook, and enjoy meals. Various sizes are available with a capacity of up to 126, and they can all be amended to include kitchens, tables, chairs, serving stations, storage, pantries, and sanitary facilities.

Advantages of Modular Buildings

Module-T: Turkey’s Leading Modular Office Building Company

Module-T designs, manufactures, and ships modular office solutions to over 120 countries, including Morocco. We are Turkey’s leading manufacturer of prefabricated modular buildings. If you would like more information on any of our products and services, please get in touch with us.


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