Modular Site Facilities Buildings

Constructed to the highest standards, Module-T modular site facilities buildings can be used in various ways and offer a wide range of benefits compared to traditional brick-and-mortar structures.


Savings in time and cost and the flexibility of specifying the layout or adding additional facilities as necessary are just a few reasons many worksites now opt for modular prefabricated solutions. The portability of modular site facilities and their sustainability benefits are also advantageous, especially if you want to create prefabricated site facilities in an area of environmental importance or in a time-restricted location like a construction zone.


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As a prominent prefabricated site facility manufacturer, we supply a full range of prefabricated site facilities for sale. Modular facilities are now commonplace in many countries and locations, as they promise all the strength and durability of a conventional build yet can be produced quickly and at a fraction of the cost.


See below for more information on our modular site facilities buildings for sale, their standard specifications, how we can arrange their economical transportation to your site, and their typical applications.

Modular & Prefabricated Site Facility Buildings: Examples of Configuration


Technical Specifications of Modular & Prefabricated Site Facility Buildings

Prefabricated site accommodation and the other modular labor camp buildings we manufacture are all built using precision technology to adhere to current EU and US building standards. Refer to the modular building categories on our website for the specific sizes and technical specifications of various models. Still, to give you an idea, the specs of most of our standard facilities are as follows:

  • Structure: High-galvanized and painted steel is used for the frame.
  • Walls: Modular site facilities buildings have sandwich panel walls insulated with a choice of polyurethane, rock wool, or polystyrene foam to a thickness of up to 100 mm.
  • Roof and Ceiling: Standard site facilities have an 80mm polyurethane ceiling. Galvanized trapezoidal covering or polyurethane-insulated sandwich panels are also available.
  • Floor: Fibre-cement panel floors with a PVC surface are standard. Other options include ceramic tiles and parquet.
  • Windows and Doors: Aluminum or PVC frames and joinery come as standard on most site facility buildings.
  • Electrical: All the walls and floors come pre-fitted with utility connections and sockets according to the agreed design plans.
  • Sanitary: Many of our modular site facilities include restrooms. The designs vary according to the building you are considering, but ceramic sinks and toilets are typically used as acrylic shower trays. These all come with plumbing sockets for installation at the site.
  • Additional: Our standard modular facility designs can include many extras. Common additions include heating and cooling systems, amendments to the interior configurations, cabinetry, and security features. Do note that customizations may affect the modular site facilities building price.

Transportation and Assembly of Modular & Prefabricated Site Facility Buildings

Module-T is an end-to-end prefabricated site facility manufacturer. Our skilled team is on hand to oversee all orders from your initial inquiry through to the transportation of the modular site facilities buildings and their assembly at your site.


Our prefabricated constructions are built in sections in Türkiye. They are then flat-packed and economically shipped by land and sea to your site. Your location and the cost of shipping the buildings from Istanbul to the site will affect the prefabricated site facility price. However, over the years, we have built good relationships with many trusted freight companies and have developed a worldwide network of reliable partners that ensure the quick and cost-effective transportation of our modular site facilities to even the most remote global locations.


Once the site buildings arrive, the sections can be quickly unpacked using a crane or forklift truck and assembled on a light foundation using simple tools and the connection kits we supply. We can arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend complex modular worksite projects.



Areas Where Modular & Prefabricated Site Facility Buildings Can Be Used

Our range of prefabricated site facilities for sale can be bought for a specific use, e.g. to provide accommodation, as offices, or to provide sanitary facilities, or joined together to create a fully functional work site. As a well-established modular site facilities buildings manufacturer, we produce many standard modular facilities that can be structurally and aesthetically enhanced to create the workspace you need. Typically, our prefabricated site containers are used as follows:

  • To form temporary construction, civil engineering, mining sites, and work camps.
  • To provide emergency relief accommodation, remote clinics, and medical facilities at short notice.
  • To extend schoolroom and classroom facilities or form entire colleges in remote locations and on a budget.
  • To create agricultural sites, storage, and camps or provide wildlife ranger and eco accommodation facilities.


Yes, many modular site facilities buildings for sale are portable. They are quick to erect and dismantle and only require light foundations, so the land they are placed on can recover quickly if they are relocated. This means they can be used on temporary sites and in time-restricted locations.

Yes, you can include a wide range of appliances and other elements in the design of prefabricated site facilities. Air-conditioning, heating, CCTV, alarms, security, white goods, and smart technology systems are just a few examples.

Yes, most modular site facilities can be stacked. Stairs or links can be added to create multi-level offices and facilities if wished.

Unlike conventional constructions, modular site facilities require very little groundwork and can be assembled quickly. Most can be laid on beams or light cement foundations, and the walls and floor panels come pre-painted and cut with sockets for easy utility connection.

Prefabricated site accommodation and facilities are built to be safe, secure, and suitable for challenging locations. High technology ensures the consistent quality of the structures, and stringent measures are taken to ensure labor camp facilities adhere to current international building standards and seismic and anticyclone regulations.



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