What materials are used in modular construction?

8 November 2022

The Materials Used in Modular Construction

Module-T prefabricated modular constructions are designed and built off-site in our factory in Turkey. They are then shipped and delivered to your location in easy-to-assemble, flat-pack form. Our products are built to last, as they may need to be transported, assembled, dismantled, and relocated several times during their lifespan. It makes using high-quality materials essential and results in the buildings being far more durable and hard wearing than most traditional constructions.


The Materials Used To Make Modular Constructions

Modular buildings differ according to size and purpose, so many different materials are used to make the products. These include:


  • Insulated Sandwich Panel Walls: Insulated sandwich panel outer and inner walls are used in our modular buildings. The thickness of the walls varies from 50mm to 200mm, and they are optimised for acoustic and thermal performance. We offer a choice of insulation, including expandable polystyrene, rock wool, and polyurethane. The walls are then painted and decorated in various colours and pre-cut with the electric socket, networking, and utility connections in place.


  • Quality Galvanised Steel Roof: The roof of our prefabricated buildings is made from high-quality galvanised steel with painted galvanised, gutter-finished sheets or metal tiles.


  • A Choice of Exterior Doors: The doors we use are PVC, aluminium, galvanised and painted steel, or metal, depending on the project. They come in various designs and can include additional security bars, locks, or intercom systems.


  • Interior Doors: The interior doors are either aluminium, PVC, or MDF, and fire doors can also be fitted.


  • Double-Glazed Windows: PVC double-glazing or aluminium are the standard choices of windows. Shutters, sunshades, metal security bars, mosquito nets and alarms can all be fitted if necessary.


  • Utility and Electric Connections: All our modular constructions come pre-manufactured with utility connections. Many options are available, including telephone sockets, electric panels, TV and AV connections, switches, networking, and internet connections.


  • Bespoke Additions and Customisation: You can customise your modular construction to include many features. Module-T offers a wide range of bespoke fixtures and fittings to tailor your building to your needs. Please contact us for comprehensive details.
Modular prefabricated buildings Northern Ireland

The Advantages of Modular Construction

Modular buildings boast many advantages, so if you are looking for an affordable way to create space or accommodate your staff, some of the benefits of modular construction include the following:


  1. Cost-Effective

The main advantage of ordering a modular construction is that you can expect a saving of up to 50% compared to a conventional structure. Labour, construction, and material costs are kept to a minimum because the bulk of the manufacturing process is done remotely, leading to significant savings.


  1. Quick to Install

Modular constructions are precision-made prefabricated containers with steel frames and sandwich panel walls. Compared to concrete and brick constructions, this simple yet strong and highly durable structure makes the buildings easy to package and quick to assemble. They can also be erected on a lightweight foundation, reducing civil engineering and labour costs and making them far more environmentally friendly. The systems can then be dismantled and relocated, making them perfect for use on temporary or construction sites.


  1. Highly Versatile

Prefabricated modular constructions are multi-functional, can be joined to make additional space, and can be temporary or permanent. Module-T manufactures a wide range of standard prefab buildings and custom-built containers for use in various commercial and residential locations. Our modular office, accommodation, and sanitary facilities are typically used to create work camps on mining, construction, and industrial sites, often in remote locations. Our prefabricated school buildings, WC and bathroom buildings, dormitories, and locker containers can be found in more than 120 countries. We have also shipped container shops, restaurant buildings, guard houses, and kiosks throughout Turkey to sites on six continents. All our modular buildings can be customised to include the elements you need. They also adhere to the safety standards of their end location, making them a highly versatile and practical solution for clients.


  1. Quality Assured

Module-T products are designed and manufactured remotely and then shipped to your site. The high-technology and precision equipment we use ensures the consistent quality of the product is maintained, meaning you can rest assured that the building you receive is made up to code and built to the highest possible standards.

Quick and Easy to assemble modular flat-pack container!

Our modular flat-pack container units offer a perfect prefabricated portable solution that make them ideal for use as site offices, locker room, housing, storage area and sanitary facilities.

Contact Module-T!

One of Turkey’s biggest and most successful producers of modular buildings is Module-T. We have supplied prefabricated modular buildings for use in commercial applications all over the globe for the past 15 years. If you would like more information on our range of modular buildings and the materials used in modular construction, please get in touch with us.



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