10 Feet Office Container

As a leading modular construction company, we manufacture a variety of high-quality prefabricated buildings, and our 10 feet office container is one of our most popular constructions.

10 feet office container
10 feet office container

The 10ft office container for sale is one of the smallest buildings in our office range, and they are designed to provide a strong, secure, and practical workspace for one or two personnel. They are made to adhere to US and EU building standards and can be structurally and aesthetically optimised for use in any worldwide location. In addition, a 10ft office container can be rapidly assembled, dismantled, or relocated to other sites, meaning they can be used on a temporary and permanent basis.


If you are looking for a 10ft office container manufacturer or considering purchasing a 10ft office container for sale, please find their specifications and pricing details below.

10 Feet Office Container

10 feet flatpack office container

Standard 10-feet office container

10-feet office container with a standard interior height of 250 cm. This mobile office is ideal for your small onsite workspace needs.


We offer a number of choices for doors and windows: aluminum or steel doors and aluminum or PVC windows, anti-intrusion bars, glazed bay windows and roller shutters.


The walls are made of sandwich panels with thicknesses of 50mm, 60mm, 80mm or 100mm with Rockwool or polyurethane insulation. The ceilings and floors are also insulated and feature varied thicknesses based on the customer’s need for thermal performance.


The 10 feet flat pack office container is easily movable with a lifting hook.


The 10-feet office container is shipped unassembled in order to optimize both sea and land shipping charges.


Floors and ceilings are shipped pre-assembled for easy onsite installation. All electrical elements and fixtures are provided. Assembly of modular offices takes place in just two hours!


We load up to fifteen 3-meter-long office container into a single shipping container.

Areas Where 10 Feet Office Containers Can Be Used

Those who purchase a 10ft office container for sale do so for many reasons, not just to create a practical or affordable workspace. Other possible applications include:

  • Construction Site Offices: Office containers are frequently ordered for use on temporary sites, as their portability means they can be quickly dismantled and reused once a project ends.
  • Offices in Areas of Environmental Importance: A 10ft office container doesn’t require deep or heavy foundations, so they cause minimal damage to the land. This makes them suitable for use in national parks, reserves, archaeological digs, or areas of environmental importance.
  • Forecourt Offices: Our portable offices are often modified and used in factory forecourts, car parks, and commercial and industrial estates to act as small sales, accounts, or management offices.

Transportation and Assembly of 10 Feet Office Containers

We optimise all our modular buildings for swift and economical transportation from Turkiye to the site, and a 10ft office container is no exception. First, each section of the building is flat-packed and loaded into a container for shipping via land and sea. To keep costs down, fifteen 3-meter-long offices can be loaded into a single container.

Care is also taken to ensure that assembly is as easy and efficient as possible, and most 10-foot container offices can be assembled in just two hours.

The base and ceilings of the office come pre-assembled, so a crane or forklift can use the provided hooks to lift them quickly into place. Furthermore, prefabricated offices only require beams or a light concrete foundation, which can be laid before the container arrives.    



Benefits of a 10 Feet Office Container

Many assume an office container is not as strong or durable as a brick-built construction. However, modern manufacturing processes and innovative materials ensure they adhere to American and European building regulations and often outlast traditional buildings in cyclones and earthquakes. Strength and quality are just some advantages of a 10ft office container. Other benefits include:

  • Time: Traditional construction often takes months or even years to complete, and labour and bad weather delays get in the way. In contrast, a prefabricated office is made remotely, eliminating costly hold-ups, meaning you receive your tailor-made office and can be up and running quickly.
  • Flexible: All our modular office containers can be customised. The interior can include additional sockets for electricity and networking, heating and cooling systems can be added, and security measures can be included. You can also reinforce the structure for frequent transportation, and extra insulation can be included if the office is to be used in a challenging climate or location.
  • Portable: A 10ft office container is lightweight. You can quickly assemble, dismantle, or move the container as necessary.
  • Sustainable: A prefabricated office container is far more sustainable than its brick-built counterparts. They don’t require deep foundations, so minimal damage is done to the land. The remote manufacturing process also results in less waste material and reduces onsite disruption.



Cost of 10 Feet Office Containers

Before quoting a 10ft office container price, we must first establish the customisations to the structure you wish to make. The thickness and type of insulation, frame reinforcements, and interior amendments will all influence the cost. In addition, your location and the transport costs to the site also need to be figured into the final equation. Please contact us for a free quote and full 10ft office container price details.

10 Feet Office Container

Why Module-T 10 Feet Office Containers?

Module-T is a 10ft office container manufacturer committed to providing high-quality modular buildings at affordable prices. From our factory near Istanbul, we can arrange the rapid design, build, and delivery of prefabricated offices to sites worldwide.

A 10ft office container is one of many prefabricated buildings we produce. We can supply all the modular containers necessary to form a fully functional labour camp or extend your facilities. Other prefab constructions we manufacture include accommodation containers, prefabricated WC and sanitary facilities, modular kitchens and canteens, locker rooms, and storage containers, to mention but a few.

If you are considering the purchase of a 10ft office container and would like more information on our construction, please contact us.


Yes, a 10ft office container is portable and can be dismantled and moved quickly to other locations.

Yes, during the initial design stage, you can choose to include appliances, air conditioning, additional electricity sockets, and many other fixtures into a 10ft office container.

Yes, you can stack our office buildings. As a modular construction and 10ft office container manufacturer, we ensure you can stack or link our modular containers.

Our 10ft office containers for sale are designed to be assembled quickly on a light foundation, beams or blocks. This means they require minimal advance planning, and what is necessary can be arranged before the container arrives at the site.

At Module T, we ensure the safety and quality of all our modular constructions, and a 10ft office container is built to meet EU and US standards and adhere to current seismic and anti-cyclone regulations.



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