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Container Home Jamaica

18 July 2022
Container Homes

What is a container home?

A container home is a modular construction formed by one or more sandwich panel prefabricated containers. This housing solution, which is as economical as it is practical, has been popular since the 1990s. First used as a student residence in the Netherlands, the container home is now proving popular all over the world. From small private housing to collective or social housing, it is an essential model of modern architecture nowadays. Your container home in Jamaica is first reinforced in the workshop, and then insulation on both interior and exterior surfaces ensures your comfort. You can even opt for this contemporary solution to add an extension or to extend your home vertically.

2X20’’ Container Homes


2X40’’ Container Homes


What are the advantages of our container house in Jamaica?


Our living container features standard sizes of 20 and 40 feet, complete with sanitary facilities.


Many options are available for greater customisation. These include the kitchenette, air conditioning, furniture and a choice of exterior cladding for a wood or cement finish. Your container home will be entirely insulated with 50, 60 or 100 mm thick rock wool. The average life span is 35 years.


The structure is already pre-constructed and does not require any particular foundation. Eight pieces are loaded in a 20-foot kit in a maritime container. Your prefabricated container home is delivered in kit form for super-quick assembly in only four hours! Place your container on a concrete block base. Your container home is easily moved by simply lifting it. In addition, its seismic protection and cyclone reinforcement ensure optimum safety. And all this at unbeatable prices! Discover sturdy, modern container homes for your project in Jamaica at 5,000 USD.


You can build your own tailor-made house with this contemporary modular solution. You are free to assemble, stack or cover the containers to create a home that really suits and reflects you. And you can expand your home by adding containers to a pre-existing structure. The containers homes are specially designed to withstand all weather conditions and to support several times their own weight. Finally, the low environmental impact of this construction is another major advantage. Recycling living containers is an environmentally friendly operation that requires very little energy and respects the environment by imposing less pressure on the land.


Choosing a container home today for your Jamaica construction project has nothing but advantages!



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