20 Feet Double Office Container

Our M02 20-feet office container is made from two separate office spaces. This double office container has two PVC or aluminum windows as well as two exterior steel or aluminum doors. The insulated walls have thicknesses between 50 and 100mm based on your needs.

All electrical elements and fixtures are provided.  The floor, shipped fully prefabricated from our factories, consists of a highly galvanized steel structure with a 16 mm or 18 mm fiber cement board surface and a standard 3 mm thick PVC covering.

Double Office Container

We offer a personalized layout for your office container in addition to many options: anti-intrusion bars for doors and windows, PVC or aluminum roller shutters, secured entry doors  with triple locks, reinforcements for high wind areas, air conditioning and office furniture.

Our 20-feet office container is placed on solid ground or on eight 40x40x40 cm cement blocks. The office container is easily moved via lifting. We provide juxtaposition kits, so you can connect the modules if necessary to form larger and more comfortable work spaces.


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