Prefabricated Construction Jamaica

16 January 2023

Jamaica is no stranger to modular buildings and has been using prefabricated construction solutions for decades. There are many reasons prefabricated construction in Jamaica is so popular. The time and cost savings compared with a traditional build have led many companies to opt for prefabricated construction in the country.


If you want to accommodate staff quickly, create commercial or residential space on a temporary site or expand your existing facility on a budget, modular constructions are a great solution. You can optimise each structure to suit its location, climate, and purpose and customise them to include all necessary to meet your staff’s needs. Here’s a look at the main benefits of using prefabricated buildings in Jamaica and an overview of Module-T’s popular modular products.


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Prefabricated Construction: Innovative, Ecological, and Reasonable Prices

You can enjoy many advantages by ordering a prefabricated construction in Jamaica. These include:


1. You Can Enjoy Significant Financial Savings

Conventional concrete structures, not including the price of the land, can work out expensive and take considerable time to build. In contrast, modular buildings are built remotely, meaning there are no costly bad weather delays, the process runs on time, and there’s less onsite disruption or wastage, which all amount to savings that get passed down to you as the client.


2. Prefabricated Constructions are Time Efficient

Time is an important consideration when it comes to construction. A prefabricated building in Jamaica can typically be made, delivered, and assembled in less than half the time it would take to build a traditional concrete construction. This is often a deciding factor for clients and one of the main reasons many purchase prefab buildings.


3. Modular Constructions Adhere to Local Building Regulations

All the modular constructions Module-T produce conform to EU, US, and UK building codes and regulations, and the structures often outperform traditional builds in terms of strength and durability.


4. Prefabricated Buildings are Weather Resistant

The weather in Jamaica is changeable and can be highly unpredictable at times. You can optimise Module-T’s prefabricated structures to withstand extreme winds, storms, earthquakes, and climatic extremities. Each building is highly durable, soundproof, and fire-resistant, plus they adhere to current seismic and cyclonic building codes and regulations.


5. Modular Buildings Are Sustainable, Energy Efficient, and Produce Less Waste

Modular buildings are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than most of their traditionally built counterparts. Due to the highly controlled manufacturing process involved in creating each modular building section, little or no waste is produced, significantly reducing the building’s carbon footprint. The insulation, double glazing, and top-quality materials used in the builds are also high-performance, resulting in substantial annual savings on energy and utility costs.


6. Prefabricated Structures are Built Off-Site

Prefabricated buildings are manufactured off-site in our covered and controlled facility in Turkey. The modules are then divided into sections and transported to your location for assembly. This dramatically reduces onsite danger and disruption and eliminates costly bad-weather delays.


7. Prefab Buildings are Flexible and Can Be Customised

Module-T produces a vast range of standard structures, or you can speak to our team, and we can create a bespoke modular building if you prefer. You can make enhancements and customisations to ensure the building works well for you and suits its environment. Popular additions include additional insulation, air-conditioning, heating, interior and exterior décor or aesthetic changes, security additions, additional windows and doors, cabling for technology and networking, or extra sanitary facilities. In addition, if you are creating a work or labour camp using multiple buildings, stairs, corridors, lifts, or ramps can be added to link the buildings to allow for easy access.  


8. Modular Constructions Can Be Relocated

Prefabricated buildings are perfect for use on temporary construction sites or in other locations where the building may be deemed unnecessary in the future or need to be removed and relocated. All our prefabricated office buildings, sanitary structures, and accommodation blocks are purpose-built to withstand multiple assemblies and are strong enough to be dismantled and erected many times.


Which Prefabricated Structures Do We Produce?

Module-T designs and manufactures a wide range of modular buildings that can be used in Jamaica. Some of our most popular products include:


  • Modular Office Buildings

Available in several standard sizes and designs, our prefabricated office buildings are built to withstand dry and humid weather conditions, making them ideal for use in the Caribbean. They can be highly customised and are easy to assemble, so they are a good choice for most purposes, especially for temporary industrial, mining, and construction sites.


  • Accommodation Buildings, Dormitories, and Infirmaries.

The accommodation buildings we produce can be used in many ways. These comfortable, clean, safe, and water-tight buildings are a fast and effective way to accommodate a workforce. They could be used in disaster zones or even be used to create hospital wards or school dormitories. You can choose to purchase or amend one of our standard accommodation buildings, or a custom structure can be designed on request. These buildings can also be joined or linked to other modular constructions if necessary.


  • Prefabricated Restaurant and Catering Buildings

If you want to create a canteen, catering or social facility for your team, modular restaurant buildings offer a budget-friendly and practical solution. Our standard range can cater to up to 126 people and include kitchen and catering equipment, dining tables and chairs, serving stations or hatches, pantry and storage rooms, and WC and hygiene facilities. These versatile structures could also be used at schools, camps, film sets, or in remote locations.


  • Locker Room Buildings and Containers

You can join prefabricated locker rooms to other modular constructions like accommodation buildings to provide a clean space for staff to keep their belongings or change. They are commonly used at sports stadiums, industrial and construction sites, football pitches, schools, and stadiums.


  • Prefabricated School Rooms and Classrooms

Our range of prefabricated school buildings offers a cost-effective way to classroom space for students. These waterproof, energy-efficient structures are purpose-built to be safe and sanitary and adhere to local building codes and safety regulations.

Module-T: Prefabricated Buildings with Turkish Quality and Quick Solutions

Module-T is a leading international manufacturer of modular constructions based in Istanbul, Turkey. We have shipped a wide range of prefabricated construction solutions for use in the Caribbean, and Jamaica is one of over 120 countries we currently supply on a global basis. If you want to learn more about our services or the modular solutions we produce, please contact us.



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