Showroom Containers

Showroom Containers

5 December 2022

Module-T is a leading showroom container manufacturer known for producing some of the most innovative, durable, and affordable container showrooms on the market.

Prefabricated showrooms are a great way to create additional sales or commercial space. They are highly versatile and can be used for many purposes. They are also budget-friendly, built to last, and can be relocated, giving them a distinct advantage over traditional builds,  making them a wise investment for many reasons.

Here’s a look at our showroom containers and why they may be an excellent choice for you.

Showroom Containers

Module-T Showroom Containers

Module-T is a well-established showroom container supplier based in Istanbul, Turkey. We supply a vast range of modular buildings, and our flatpack showroom containers are some of our most popular products.

Prefabricated showroom containers can be used as sales kiosks, offices, showrooms, information points, customer service booths, and even home gymnasiums. These attractive, glass-fronted structures come in various standard sizes or can also be custom-made on request.

Standard Container Showrooms

Module-T showrooms and picture window containers come in various standard sizes: 11.70m x 2.50m, 6m x 2.50m, and 3m x 2.50m. All are incredibly durable and made to withstand transportation and frequent assembly and relocation.

Our modular showrooms can be stacked or joined to other prefabricated buildings, so they are a great option if you plan to expand or if your projects vary in size. Each is made from high galvanised light steel and pre-painted in various colours.

The specifications of our standard showrooms can differ. The insulated sandwich panel walls can vary in thickness from 50 mm to 100 mm, and each comes pre-painted and ready-cut with electric sockets and utility connections. You can choose from PVC or parquet flooring, and large fixed or sliding windows and doors can be fitted with a choice of PVC or aluminium joinery.

Module-T showroom containers have evolved through the years, and the materials we use are carefully chosen due to their quality, durability, resistance to shock, and wear and tear, which makes our prefabricated showrooms far more hard-wearing than traditional builds in most cases.


Bespoke Container Showrooms

Sometimes, standard container showrooms don’t tick the right boxes. If that’s the case, Module-T can make a custom or bespoke showroom container for you.

Our bespoke service allows you to work directly with our design and production team to tailor your container showroom to your needs. Custom sizes, interiors, and designs are possible, plus you can include the connections, features, aesthetics, and fittings you require. Our custom-made showrooms are built remotely and shipped to your site for easy assembly, where you can have them up and running quickly and then easily dismantle the units should the need arise. Bespoke showrooms can be reinforced if frequent relocation is necessary. They can include many features, such as air conditioning, intelligent technology systems, alarms, or cabinetry. They can be extended, joined, or linked to other modular containers to provide more space, or include special glazing or corporate features should you wish. Please get in touch with us for more details.


Quality Assured

Module-T’s container showrooms are built in a strictly controlled factory environment. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure each section is cut precisely and of a uniform, high standard. All our products adhere to UK, US, and EU building regulations, plus they also comply with current seismic and cyclonic standards, making them suitable for use in almost any location.


Time, Labour and Cost Effective

Ordering a container showroom can result in significant time and cost savings. The modules are made off-site, meaning you avoid time-consuming weather and labour delays. The technology we use ensures less waste, resulting in considerable savings on material costs. Our tried and tested standard designs can also be packed and shipped quickly, so you can use the space quickly and keep downtime to a minimum.

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How to Order A Showroom Container?

Module-T offers a professional, end-to-end service from your initial enquiry to the delivery and assembly of your container showroom. Our trained, multi-lingual sales and customer support team are on hand to guide you through the entire process. See below the simple order process:

  1.     Initial Consultation: Browse the products and services on our website and contact us to let us know your location and the type of modular construction or showroom container you’re interested in. Once we have a good understanding of your requirements, we can then draw up an initial quote and plan for your approval.
  2.     Design and Modifications: Once the basics have been approved, our design team and architect draw up detailed plans of your container to include any specific modifications and customisations requested. This design and the final price are then approved before the manufacturing begins. 
  3.     Production: The approved detailed plans are sent to our manufacturing team for the building process. At this point, we usually advise you of any onsite preparations or foundations necessary so they can get underway in time for the delivery of your container. Note: Standard showroom containers typically require minimal/light foundations or simply a strong, stable surface unless they are to form part of a large modular construction or labour camp.
  4.     Shipping and Delivery: Once your container is ready, it is divided into sections and carefully flat-packed to avoid damage and breakages. Our logistic team then organises the land and sea transport from our factory in Turkey to your location.

5.      Assembly: When your showroom container arrives, it can be unpacked and assembled easily at your site in a few hours using simple tools. The containers come ready-fitted with lifting hooks, and our assembly team guides you through the process. Alternatively, a specialist assembly team can attend for more significant constructions or on request.

Order Your Container Showroom Now from Module-T!

Prefabricated showroom containers are a wise investment for many reasons, and whatever your requirements, from standard units to bespoke, the Module-T team are here to assist.

Contact Module-T now for a quote or more information on showroom containers and how our modular constructions can best work for you.



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