Office container in Germany

Office container in Germany

7 August 2023

Office Container Manufacturer in Germany  –  Module-T

As the price of new build and commercial properties increase across Germany, more industrial and commercial businesses are turning to prefabricated modular building manufacturers to provide affordable space solutions. 

Office container in Germany

Module-T is a well-known office container manufacturer in Germany. We supply a full range of modern office containers and other prefabricated buildings for use on temporary and permanent sites. Our range of innovative, highly durable constructions offers a time and cost-effective alternative to brick-built constructions and can be used for almost any purpose. If you are considering buying an office container in Germany, find out more about our range below.

Rediscover Your Work Environment with Modern Office Containers

The days when prefabricated constructions were seen as substandard have now passed. Today, modern office containers come in a wide range of configurations and sizes that can all be highly customized to suit your needs.


As one of the best office container in Germany manufacturers, we build versatile steel frame and sandwich-panel-wall structures that adhere to international building regulations. Our portable office containers can be optimized both structurally and aesthetically to provide a safe and comfortable space for your administration, management, or projects team. This is why you now find our office containers used on mining, industrial, and commercial sites throughout Germany and over 120 other countries.

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What Height and Size of Office Containers Do We Produce?

The Module-T office container in Germany range has many benefits. We can design and build a custom office container to your specifications, or you can choose from a range of standard models that vary in size from 7,2 m2 (10”) portable office cabins to accommodate a desk, chair, cabinet and one or two personnel to large 14,4 m2 (20”) modular office containers that can act as a workspace for multiple staff. The external height is 2,60 m; for full standard model specifications, please refer to the office container page on our website.

We Produce Custom Office Containers For Your Needs

Our standard and custom-built modular office containers can be enhanced in many ways to suit your location and purpose.


Different sites in Germany require different configurations, so the interior can be open plan or include closed offices, a meeting or board room, reception with seating area, and a small kitchenette if wished. We can also arrange for a restroom with a toilet and sink in the container, or the structure can be linked to a separate WC and sanitary unit or even a shower or locker room container if necessary.


One of the main advantages of modern modular office buildings is their versatility, and during the initial design stages, you can optimize the structures to include many features, such as:

  •       Insulation: Insulation of up to 100mm of Rockwool, polyurethane, or polystyrene foam can be added to the sandwich panel walls for optimum acoustic and thermal performance.
  •       Heating/Cooling: You can include air conditioning or heating systems
  •       Security: Guard rails, window and door security bars, CCTV, alarm systems, safes, and sensors can be added.
  •       Utility sockets and cables: All the constructions in our office container Germany range are pre-cut with sockets for electricity, utilities, and technology points in place for easy local connection. You can specify the whereabouts, and the amount of the connection points you require.
  •       Aesthetics: You can choose the type of windows, doors, flooring, fixtures and fitting you wish. There are standard options, or they can be upgraded. You can also choose the interior and exterior colors and paintwork and add desks and cabinetry.
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o Prices of office containers in Germany

Prices of Office Containers in Germany

Module-T are specialist office container manufacturers in Germany. We have supplied many portable office buildings from our Turkey facility to cities and remote locations nationwide. However, the prices of office containers in Germany vary and depend on several factors. These include:

  •       Size and design: The size and dimensions of the office cabin you order will affect the price.
  •       Insulation: We offer three insulation choices (polystyrene, Rockwool, and polyurethane). This can come in a thickness of between 50 mm and 100 mm. The cost of the thickness and type you choose varies.
  •       Walls: Depending on the thermal requirements you need, the thickness of the sandwich panel walls can be 50, 60, 80, or 100 mm. The cost of each thickness differs.
  •       Inclusions: Additional charges will apply if you choose to custom design or include upgrades to your portable office container.
  •       Transportation: The cost to ship your office buildings from our factory in Istanbul to Germany must also be considered and included to provide you with a final price. Our logistics team is used to organizing the transportation of our modular construction to sites worldwide, including Germany. They ensure all our modular prefabricated office containers are flat-packed in sections and optimized for economical transportation. Typically, up to 10 standard 15 m2 construction site office containers can be packed into just one 40-foot sea container.  

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quote on prices of office containers in Germany.

Office container manufacturer in Germany

Our Fast Delivery and Installation Services

The modular office buildings we supply to Germany are designed to be high-quality, quick to manufacture and deliver, and easy to assemble at your site. 

Throughout the build process, we optimize the elements for strength and quality, and once they arrive at your site, most can be quickly erected on a lightweight concrete base or beams. The sections can typically be erected using a crane or forklift and a few laborers in a matter of hours or days at most, depending on the scale of your project. Our team is on hand to guide you through the entire process, or a specialist assembly team can attend if necessary.

Germany’s Best Office Container Manufacturer Module-T

Please consider our services if you want the best office container at a competitive price. Our experienced design, manufacturing, and customer support team offer a complete service from your initial enquiry through the entire design and build process to the delivery and assembly of your office buildings.  We are on hand to assist throughout the process, and many of our clients have ordered other modular buildings from us when needed.

If you would like more information on our range of modular offices or would like to know more about our services, please contact us.



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