Office Container For Sale Guatemala

Office Container For Sale Guatemala

24 July 2023

Office Container For Sale Guatemala | Module-T

If you are looking for office containers in Guatemala, consider contacting Module-T. Our innovative office container solutions offer a cost and time effective way to create additional space for your management and administration staff or enhance and expand your existing workplace. 

Office Container For Sale Guatemala

An office container provides a practical alternative to building a conventional office, and our various standard office building designs are ideally suited for use on large and small-scale projects or in built-up or remote locations in Central America.


Module-T’s prefabricated modular offices are made remotely at our facility in Turkey, then flat-packed and economically transported to your location in Guatemala for assembly and use. Our remote precision manufacturing process ensures you receive a quality product and can save you considerable time and expense compared with commissioning an office building at your site. See below for more information on our company, our office containers for sale Guatemala range, the advantages of a portable office building, and our office container prices.

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Benefits of Using Office Containers for Your Business

You can enjoy many benefits using an office container rather than traditional construction, especially in warm, tropical climates. A few of the main advantages of our office containers for sale Guatemala range include:


  •       Office Container Prices: The remote building process of our modular offices leads to significant savings in labour costs, time, and materials. In most cases, office container solutions cost far less than building a conventional office, and you can usually expect to save up to 30% in comparison.


  •       No Bad Weather Delays: Much of Guatemala has a warm and tropical climate, making receiving supplies and building a traditional structure difficult in many places. In contrast, our flat-pack offices are made at our factory in Turkey and then transported to your site for assembly, meaning delays due to the weather are eliminated.


  •       Fast Production: Building a conventional office can take many months. However, it can be made and delivered quickly in a matter of weeks.


  •       Energy Efficient: Our modular office buildings come with fully insulated sandwich panel walls optimised for acoustic and thermal performance. You can customise your modular office in many ways and include solar panels, LED lighting and other energy-saving elements that can help reduce long-term running costs.


  •       Flexible Design: All our standard office containers can be highly customised and can include your choice of flooring, windows, fixtures, and fittings. In addition, during the design stage, you can choose the location of the various electric and utility sockets you need. Hence, the panels come pre-cut and ready for easy connection when they arrive.


  •       High Quality: All the sections of our office container solutions are precision-made using state-of-the-art technology to ensure a consistently high standard that adheres to international regulations. Furthermore, they also meet current seismic and cyclonic standards, which is an essential consideration in Guatemala.


  •       They Can Be Relocated: One of the main benefits of our modular office buildings is that they only require light foundations and are easy to assemble and dismantle. Most can be placed on a simple cement base or beams, which is far better for the environment and means that the land can recover quickly if you move the structure.
Office container solutions
Office Container Prices

Office Container Prices in Guatemala

Module-T’s office container for sale Guatemala range is designed for cost savings; however, the prices do depend on several factors. These include:


  1. The Size: All client needs are different, which is why we produce a range of standard designs in different sizes and with varying interior layouts. We can also custom-build a bespoke office building to suit your needs — generally, the larger the office container, the higher the price. Please refer to our office container page on our website for standard specifications.
  2.   Customisations: You can customise all our standard office buildings to suit your purpose. The structure can be reinforced, or additional insulation added to the sandwich panel walls to better cope with Guatemala’s climate or challenging locations. The standard fixtures and fittings can be upgraded, and various aesthetic features, interior cabinetry and furnishings can be added, which will affect the cost.
  3.   Foundations: A main benefit of a modular office building is that it only requires minimal foundations, but these do need to be laid before the container is assembled. The cost of laying the foundations will vary according to where you are based and the labour costs locally.
  4.   Transportation: All Module-T office containers are made remotely in Turkey, then flat-packed and economically transported by land and sea to your site. Our logistics team is skilled at organising the swift delivery of our products worldwide, including Guatemala, but the cost will differ according to your location.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Office Container for Sale

Before ordering, it is important to assess exactly what you expect from your building and what factors you need to include.


During the initial design stage, the structure can be amended and optimised in many ways, so consider your site and the needs of your staff. If you plan to use the office on a temporary site and relocate the structure frequently, you may benefit from adding additional structural reinforcement. 


Now think over how many personnel the office needs to hold, which will dictate the size of the office container you require. Do you want an open-plan layout or closed office spaces? Do you need to include a reception, meeting space, restroom, or basic kitchen facilities, or do you want to link the office container to other modular constructions for this purpose? Discuss your requirements with us, and our architects will design the ideal container to meet your needs.

The Right Supplier for Office Containers for Sale Module-T

Module-T is a leading global office container manufacturer committed to producing high-quality portable office buildings at a competitive price. If you are looking for office containers in Guatemala, please consider our office containers for sale in Guatemala range. For more information or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch with us now. 



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