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Modular Office Container

17 February 2021
Modular Office Container

Do you need new office space? A modular container fitted out as office space is a quick and easy solution. What does it look like? The modular office container takes the form of a pre-painted galvanised steel structure. The sandwich panel walls offer insulation that is comparable with traditional buildings. This insulation is made of Rockwool or polyurethane with a thickness that can vary between 50 mm and 100 mm. Your modular office container, shipped as a disassembled kit, specially packaged, can be installed wherever you wish. Lighting and other electrical equipment is already included with your portable office container, providing you with a complete, ready-to-use solution.

The modules can be joined, assembled or stacked. As a result, they can provide suitably equipped workplaces that are larger and more comfortable for your teams to use. The description of your portable office container would not be complete without listing the many options available. These features are what make it an extremely popular tailor-made and customisable solution. Options include aluminium or PVC doors and windows, as well as PVC or wooden flooring. There is also the option to add sanitary facilities, air-conditioning units and steel bars to the windows, all features which offer more freedom and flexibility.

Quick Assembly Strong Office Container

The modular office container offers its users a significant number of advantages. First of all, it is quick to assemble. A 6 m modular container requires no more than two or three hours for assembly. The structure is extremely robust and can withstand the passage of time and corrosion. It is manufactured in highly galvanised steel. The insulation, both thermal and acoustic, meets all the appropriate standards. The wall and floor insulation can be up to 100 mm thick. The polyurethane ceiling insulation can vary between 80 mm and 100 mm in thickness. Let’s not forget that these are modular containers. This means that you are limited only by your needs and your budget when it comes to joining and stacking the elements. You can create modular buildings as large as you wish! Since they are mobile, the containers can even be moved from one site to another by lifting them fully assembled. Packaging is optimised to ensure we can supply you more quickly. We can load up to ten 6 m office containers into one 40-foot sea container. And all this at unbeatable prices!

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Office container at competitive prices

So, why choose the Module-T modular office container? There’s the low price, of course. But more than that, it is the excellent quality/price ratio that appeals to our customers. The speed of our production process ensures we always have stock to hand, ready to be shipped on-site. Here at Module-T, we satisfy the demands of our customers on all six continents. What makes our modular containers unique is that they can be adapted for use anywhere. Whatever the climate and weather conditions! Finally, we place particular emphasis on our after-sales service, one of our core values that sets us apart from the competition. Which is why our Module-T teams will be happy to assist you if necessary. They can offer you guidance on the assembly or relocation of your fitted container, for example. Available and responsive, customer satisfaction is our priority at all times! Choose Module-T’s expertise today for your new portable office container as a mobile or fixed, temporary or permanent modular solution.


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