Prefabricated School Buildings

At Module-T, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated modular buildings for clients based all around the world. Among their multiple areas of application, our prefab buildings offer a perfect solution for temporary or permanent school and classroom projects. Hence, we manufacture a wide range of prefab buildings designated for school use, and there are many good reasons for choosing prefabricated school buildings from Module-T.

prefab school buildings manufacturer

What are the advantages of a prefabricated school building?

The advantages of our prefabricated school building are numerous. The first of these is the great speed and efficiency with which we can deliver building solutions to you. Our production and assembly processes are fast and therefore ideal for classroom projects with short deadlines. Moreover, we carefully calculate all the required conditions and building measurements for your projects to prevent delays. Our signature service also includes sending along a team of excellent technicians to your worksite to help rapidly assemble your solution, which is much faster and more reliable than local contractors who may not be so familiar with our products.

Our prefabricated classroom buildings are much more economical and affordable than traditional concrete structures, as well as being more aesthetic and environmentally friendly. Our pre-production process in the factory is efficient, well-organized and creates minimal waste. The assembly process on your worksite will not leave any waste, in contrast to traditional structures. Lastly, our prefabricated school buildings are readily customizable in design and can be moved with relative ease if you need to change the layout of your project.


Classroom 5x6m 12p-1


Classroom 6x7.5m 30p-1

Prefabricated modular classrooms: easy and economical to assemble

Prefab schools are much less expensive to build than conventional buildings. You will save between 15% and 30% by choosing this solution. One of the reasons for the low cost is that a modular school requires fewer workers, less equipment, and much less expensive materials.

Not only will you cut down your expenses, but you will also save precious time. The buildings you want to use for teaching will be ready for use very quickly. For example a 60 m² classroom only requires a few hours of work for the building crew to erect. This means an entire school can be built in just a few weeks.

Quality prefabricated structure

Although prefab modular classrooms are economical and can be assembled quickly, it’s not at the expense of quality! On the contrary, this solution creates the ideal learning environment for students and teachers. There is thermal insulation and soundproofing so students can focus on their work without being disturbed by external issues.

Prefabricated schools also take safety into account in their design. Once erected, the buildings comply with earthquake and hurricane standards. They also comply with fire resistance standards (the walls are insulated with class A1 rock wool).

For a room in which people are likely to be studying several hours a day, the aesthetic aspect is just as important. That is why prefabricated buildings can be adapted to special architectural requirements. You can also personalise them with lots of different finishing options, where the cladding, doors and windows can be chosen to create a pleasant atmosphere for students and teachers.

A quick set-up that proves itself in the long run

Prefabricated modular classrooms can be installed on an ad hoc basis for a particular requirement. But they are also suitable for extended use. Did you know that once assembled, they can be used for up to 40 years? During their lifetime, their maintenance is quite similar to that of traditional concrete buildings, which means basically maintenance painting.

Prefabricated schools are composed of modular buildings. This specific characteristic allows for a lot of freedom in how you arrange your school. Change the size of one or more classes, or directly change the structures on site – you can make pretty much any change imaginable to your school!

Why choose Module-T prefabricated classrooms?

As well as the fast production and the sending over of a qualified team to help with assembly, our modular buildings stand out greatly in quality. They are made from high galvanized steel that is strong, sturdy, durable, and rust-proof. The materials can also be modified to suit clients’ individual needs and thereby provide them with the best possible prefabricated school building solution for them. For example, there are higher grades of steel that protect better against corrosion, which is ideal for more humid climates.



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