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Modular Construction in Poland

9 March 2022

We’ve shipped single-level and multi-level modular buildings to Poland. These sandwich panel buildings with rock wool insulation are adapted to local climatic conditions. Prefabricated modular construction is an economical and quickly-installed solution for the creation of office space or lodging accommodations.


Opt for modular construction in Poland 

Economical modular construction is a quick-assembly solution made with modern, high-quality technology using lightweight steel and insulated sandwich panels.
As a building contractor, local authority manager or company director, you’re always in search of quick and economical solutions. Eco friendly and cheap modular construction is perfect for last-minute needs in terms of offices, construction site work spaces and housing,  Made from light steel structures, modular and prefabricated solutions feature all the advantages of solid, stable buildings. Insulated sandwich panels with thicknesses varying from 50 mm to 200 mm complete the assembly.

We are a modular construction manufacturer who places the availability of our products at the forefront of our goals through economical prefabricated modular construction and quick installation. As such, you’ll have the ability to design an office space with all the necessary facilities, emergency accommodations in order to respond to extreme situations, a construction site camp or any other temporary, durable building. And you can always combine modular containers (15 or 30 m2 each) to create larger and more comfortable spaces over one or more floors. Numerous layout options are available with this type of construction. It’ll revolutionize the way you think about your business.

Numerous advantages with modular construction in Poland

Conditions for obtaining building permits differ from country to country and city to city. You don’t have time to fill out applications or your construction is temporary, and these steps are unnecessary. Choose simplicity with modular construction in Poland and throughout Europe! No need to prepare heavy foundations for installing your prefabricated and modular buildings. It’s enough to place simple concrete blocks of 40 cm thickness, which allows you to save money on the pouring of concrete. This alternative solution offers total efficiency in terms of execution and assembly, since all components (walls, framing, ceilings and floors) are shipped pre-cut and pre-painted from our plants in Turkey. The on-site assembly time is significantly shortened.  For example, a single-level, 100 m2 modular building is assembled in an average of five working days!


Your structure has everything it needs to become an administrative building, commercial space, office or temporary lodging accommodations to perfectly meet all your requirements.


Lastly, the cost of your modular construction project in Poland will be very competitive. For the same surface area, your modular building is two to three times less expensive than traditional construction. This is one of the most convincing arguments for choosing the Module-T modular solution, which uses high-quality materials that are perfectly suited to Poland’s climatic conditions. We offer various layouts and options (electrical, doors and windows, heating systems, etc.) for your custom modular building. Delivery is available everywhere throughout Europe (including Poland) directly from our factories in Turkey. Please don’t hesitate to request a quote. We’ll respond to all your requests as quickly as possible. We are housing solution facilitators, and we adapt to meet your needs.



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