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31 May 2022

Easy build system – modular building systems are among the most powerful building systems based on a modular building system. It is an easy and fast way to add building features that cater to both non-programmers and professionals alike.


For decades, traditional construction brought all the raw materials directly to the building site for workers to cut, chop and assemble the resource at the project location. With off-site construction in Easy build system – modular building system construction, large portions of the project are fabricated away from the job site. Assembly can occur almost anywhere: from the home state to an entirely different country. Assembled modules are shipped and placed on the job site for a completed building.


While one may hear others describe this as a “new” or “modern” method, it has been used in multiple industries for decades. What makes such projects modular is the “boxes” that leave the factory. These boxes are multi-dimensional structures with walls, floors, and ceilings. Furthermore, they contain the majority of the creative finishes already installed. There are modular companies that accept the common stick-building approach in their warehouses. The other companies use majorly automated assembly lines. While the Other flavours of off-site construction are not modular the modular components are arranged to complement the building architecture while allowing easy transportation. Since individual modular building components are not easy to realign onsite, modular construction architecture requires using particular techniques and designs.

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Critical components of modular building designs include:

  • Advanced building information modeling (BIM) to evaluate energy efficiency and cost-effective methods.
  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing), computer-aided design (CAD), and production control systems for modular component alignment.
  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) procedures to control assembly constraints and misalignment.

For faster project completion, modular construction software reduces manufacturing flaws and combines project information such as material reports, cutting lists, and design documents.

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Benefits of Easy Build System – Modular Building System:


The benefits of modular construction include:

  • Requires Less Time and Reduced Labor Cost

The Easy build system – modular building system permits a segment of the work to be performed in a factory while site work and the process of the foundation are performed simultaneously. This approach can save time and keeps the project on schedule and increase the construction time speed while still being capable and efficient. There is an estimate to save 30 to 60 percent of the overall schedule through a modular approach. A potent and highly controversial advantage involves the financial and economic aspects of labour. There is a high demand but low supply for Skilled labourers in most places and they can be very expensive in cities.

  • Storage of Materials is not important

Another advantage of the Easy build system – the modular building system involves the storage of materials. When a site is tight on space, for instance, staging and moving materials around in a compact urban setting is difficult. This causes problems, slows down work, and raises concerns related to thefts. To make the construction sites clean and safe, the modules are built in a factory and provide more space to work and move around freely.

  • No Weather Delay

Furthermore, by developing and manipulating the modules inside a sensitized environment, the worries and tension about the construction of the modular units being delayed by weather disturbances are virtually eliminated. Moreover, it provides people with safer and more cooperative conditions to produce higher quality products.

  • Convenience

The setup is neat and easy. The noise from a construction site bustling with workers, equipment, and contractors is distracting and not needed for the needs of companies. A company that designs a panel-built modular structure will find the installation procedure simple and orderly. The item is completely coupled and ready to use when it is delivered.

  • Flexibility

Future changes will be easy to handle. When a conventionally built structure requires remodeling, you’ll have to make considerable changes. You can remodel modular home building systems simply by adding sections or floors to the foundation.

  • Lower Volume of Waste

According to research, modular house building systems can save up to 90% on materials. With the environment becoming a significant issue in the building sector, modular solutions to reduce waste on each project are getting more popular. There are efforts to promote recycling within industries that assemble construction components.

The disadvantages of easy build system – Modular building system construction:

Modular construction seems progressive and highly advantageous. However, like other building systems, some issues might affect the success or failure of any project.

  • Large Production

First, an easy building approach on the scale is better the more uniform and repetitive the items and products. So, buildings with well-equipped hotels and goof furnished apartments are preferred options if each unit can be authorized and standardized. In this step of technology, working to create distinct modules reduces the time and both the buyer and supplier parties receive cost advantages.

  • Transportation Costs & Risk in Easy build system – modular building system

Then there’s the transportation risk. Since the prefabrication of these modules is performed miles away from the job site, these Easy build systems – modular building systems are transported to the job site.


The riggers and transporters were extremely careful with each specific module as one wrong execution during transportation will result in replacements of lots of parts.

  • Difficult Financing Process

Another issue to consider is funding. Since modular house building systems involve procuring and manufacturing items on a shorter timeline, invoices in the development phase are higher than lenders and investors are accustomed to seeing and paying.


So, work closely with the contractor and manufacturer to understand the timing and amount of anticipated funds to keep them up-to-date as the project progresses. This will help ensure the availability of funds to keep the project going and avoid mechanic’s liens.

  • High Level of Complex Decisions and Designs

In modular building systems international, vital decisions, designs, and engineering works are done beforehand. It demands that contractors, engineers, and architects understand the complexities of the modular manufacturing and installation processes. For example, the higher the structure, the more emphasis should be given to how they are aligned and how both modules and the outer shell will enable compression.

  • The Approval Process Can Be Complicated

All projects must comply with federal, state, and district laws and regulations. However, the appropriate codes vary depending on the approach. Some local and state jurisdictions are more welcoming to modular manufacturing than others. Ideally, the modules are manufactured under state regulations, examined, and completed at the factory, with only couplings and alignment carried out on-site and subjected to local inspection.

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