Prefabricated Modular Buildings Manufacturer

Prefabricated Modular Buildings Manufacturer

5 July 2021

Need a prefabricated modular building solution for your building site?

Module-T, the main manufacturer of prefabricated modular buildings, offers you structures that can be quickly installed to accommodate your construction site workforce. Our entirely factory-made modular units are used for creating temporary or permanent spaces for offices, dwellings, locker rooms or workshops.  All building components (partition walls, woodwork, roofs, electrical fittings, plumbing and finishing materials) are transported and assembled directly on your worksite. We ship all modular buildings from our factories in Turkey. Your prefabricated building is designed, shipped and installed on your worksite in a very short time.

Prefabricated Modular Buildings Manufacturer
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Module-T is the main prefabricated modular building manufacturer specially devoted to exporting its goods. Our modular containers are adapted to various climatic conditions, including climatic extremes. Following the Eurocode static calculation, we carry out the necessary reinforcements to make our buildings withstand weather conditions in areas that receive strong winds and high cyclonic activity. The thickness of the interior and exterior walls varies between 50 and 200 mm, and is insulated with rockwool or polyurethane. Our modular structures are fitted with the necessary electricals, plumbing and air conditioning.


What are the advantages of our prefabricated modular buildings?

  • A modular building is on average two times less expensive than a traditional concrete construction.
  • Installation is very quick. On an average working day, an assembly team can install the walls and roofing of a prefabricated modular container to cover an area of 90 m2.
  • The building is completely insulated in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Each building has a lifespan of 60 years thanks to the choice of high-quality materials and a high level of anti-rust protection afforded by the high galvanised steel.
  • The construction works are straightforward and identical to those carried out for traditional concrete houses and other buildings.
  • The modular building can be dismantled and reused for another project elsewhere. Dismantling and reusing the building for another purpose will however reduce its lifespan.
  • The prefabricated modular building is aesthetic because it can be readily adjusted to meet architectural standards. We offer a large range of finishing materials (flooring, sanitary facilities, exterior cladding…)
  • The prefabricated modular building system is environmentally friendly. In fact, 100% of the materials used are recyclable and no harmful chemicals are applied during assemblage.
Prefabricated Modular Container

A turnkey service for your prefabricated modular building installation project

It is very important to choose a prefabricated modular building manufacturer that also helps you install your building. That’s why Module-T offers you a turnkey service. We can send over a supervisor or assembly team to install your prefabricated modular buildings anywhere in the world. In one average working day, an assembly team can install the equivalent of one building covering a surface area of 90m2. If you urgently need a temporary or permanent prefabricated accommodation or workspace solution, you can contact us via our online form.



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