Prefab Construction Company in Canada

Prefab Construction Company in Canada

17 January 2023
Prefab Construction Company in Canada

If you are looking for a prefab construction company in Canada, please consider Module-T, as our range of prefabricated construction solutions offers a sustainable, cost-effective, and timely alternative to conventional buildings.

In the years Module-T has been established, our business has gone from strength to strength, and we are now one of the leading global suppliers of modular constructions. Here’s a look at our services and some of the most popular products we can ship to Canada.

Module-T: Turkey’s Leading Prefab Building Company

Module-T designs, manufactures, and ships permanent and temporary modular constructions to many countries, including Canada. We are a leading supplier of prefabricated construction solutions in Turkey. As the production brand of Group TMEC, we are known for delivering top-quality and cost-effective prefabricated constructions to the public infrastructure, construction, mining, and heavy industry sectors. However, we can also supply a wide range of smaller modular structures for commercial, general, and residential use. 

Which Prefabricated Structures Do We Produce?

The use of prefabricated buildings in Canada has increased over recent years, mainly due to the increasing cost of traditional construction, the time it takes to build a conventional structure, and rising rental demands. Modular buildings in Canada offer a fast and efficient way to create the space you need for a lot of purposes; plus, they are sustainable and often outperform brick and concrete structures in terms of strength and durability. See below a selection of the prefab buildings we can ship to Canada:


  • Prefab WC and Sanitary Buildings

Prefabricated WC and sanitary buildings offer a fully equipped, hygienic restroom space that can include toilets, showers, washbasins, and other facilities. These durable structures can be linked or joined to other modular buildings to create work camps, field hospitals, or rapid deployment camps; they can stand alone at schools, football pitches, and stadiums. Our sanitary containers come in standard dimensions of 1.50 × 2.50m, 2.00 × 2.50m, 4.00 ×2.50m, 6.00 × 2.50m, all with an outer height of 2.60 m. Alternatively, they can be custom-built to your specifications.


  • Modular Office Buildings

Our range of container office buildings can be transported to almost any location in Canada and are optimised to withstand extreme climatic change. They come in many sizes and can be altered during the design stage to include additional insulation, heating and cooling systems, security bars or alarms, furniture, and telephone and networking connections.


  • Prefabricated Container Shops

Building a traditional commercial space is costly, and with land and rental prices increasing in a lot of locations, securing premises quickly and at a reasonable price can prove challenging. Our prefabricated container shops are the ideal alternative as they provide an attractive, designated space to sell your products and goods. These versatile structures are easy to assemble or relocate, quick to deliver, and come in three standard sizes (10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft) that can be highly customised to suit your needs.


  • Prefab Locker Buildings

Module-T’s prefab locker buildings offer a safe, secure, and water-tight space for staff to change, store belongings, and freshen up. These units are highly durable and can be erected and dismantled multiple times, making them ideal for use on temporary sites, at events, stadiums, or even film sets. They can include lockers, benches, changing cubicles, and sanitary facilities, and showers.


  • Modular Accommodation and Dormitory Buildings

Accommodation containers and dormitories can house teams in labour camps, accommodate staff on construction sites, be used at military bases, accommodate students at schools, or even act as wards in infirmaries or disaster relief zones. These strong structures can be optimised for use in extremely remote locations and insulated to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions. Our standard accommodation blocks are 6,00 × 2,50m, 12,00 x 2,50m in size and 2.60 m high, allowing lots of scope for customisation. Each can also be linked to other modular buildings or amended to include bathrooms, lockers, showers or kitchens and catering facilities if necessary.


  • Modern Prefabricated Guard Houses / Kiosks

A lot of companies require a small, secure room with a window or a hatch that can be used as a forecourt point-of-sale kiosk, ticket booth, car part payment point, or security guardhouse. These durable, water-tight structures are fully insulated for warmth and comfort, and they come in standard sizes of 1,50×1,50m, 2.00×1.50m, 2.00×2.00m, 3.00×2.40m, and 6×2.40m.


  • Prefabricated Showroom Containers

Our flatpack showroom containers have a picture window and can be used as a temporary or permanent sales area, showroom, office, studio, shop, gymnasium, or any other professional space. They are made from fully galvanised light steel and can be customised aesthetically to appeal to your taste and style. They can be easily assembled and dismantled and come in various sizes to suit most purposes and environments.  

Modular Building Advantages

Module-T: A Prefabricated Building Company That Cares About Quality and Ecological Balance

Module-T aims to be at the forefront of the modular construction industry, and our team constantly assesses our designs and building processes to ensure you receive a high-quality product on time, every time.

The quality of the materials we use matters, as does the sustainability of our products and our building process. Module-T’s skilled team at our manufacturing facilities use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure minimal waste is produced, which keeps costs down and ensures far less waste ends up in landfills compared to traditional constructions. 

We also fully insulate the building modules we make to optimise energy efficiency, which is far better for the environment and results in considerable long-term savings on utility bills and energy costs. In addition, the off-site, factory-controlled nature of prefabricated construction reduces the building’s carbon footprint, and the light foundations required to place our builds at your site minimise the impact on the landscape, allowing the site to recover quickly if the construction is ever dismantled and relocated. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our manufacturing methods or are considering purchasing a prefabricated building in Canada.

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