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21 October 2022
Prefab Buildings Manufacturer

Prefab Buildings: A Cost-Effective Building Solution

Prefab buildings have a wide range of use, from the construction industry to disaster areas. Are you wondering why these structures, which are very useful for construction sites and offices, are cost-effective? Read to learn why and discover Module-T’s cost-effective range of prefab buildings that come pre-made for many uses and can be delivered straight to your location.

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Prefabricated Buildings

Why Use Module-T for Prefab Buildings?

Module-T is one of the world’s leading prefab building suppliers. From our factory near Istanbul, we have supplied prefab solutions to sites across the globe and have designed, manufactured, and sent products to more than 120 countries over six continents.


Whatever your industry and no matter how large or small the project, if you’re looking to create more space for equipment or staff, our prefab buildings can provide a solution. Module-T facilities comply with UK, European, and US quality standards. They are all built to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, making them perfect for use in stable, challenging, or remote locations.


Then, let’s get more information about the advantages of prefab buildings. Here’s a look at the benefits of prefab buildings and why our products may be right for you:

5 Major Advantages of Prefab Buildings

A prefab building is a structure that is designed and manufactured remotely and then taken to your location for assembly. This remote way of buildings boasts many advantages, including:

Conventional building methods can be slow and expensive. Prefab buildings, however, are manufactured remotely and specifically designed to be affordable and quick to manufacture and assemble. It significantly reduces the on-site labour costs, disruption, rainy-weather delays, and overall construction time compared to building a conventional building.

Module-T prefab solutions are designed and built in a controlled environment under constant supervision in our factory in Turkey, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained. In addition, our systems and state-of-the-art technologies provide that all our prefab buildings are precision made and adhere to current building codes.

Compared to brick-built structures, prefab constructions take far less time to produce. In many cases, a prefab building can be ordered, made, and delivered to your site in weeks. As a leading prefab building manufacturer, our support teams are well-versed in logistics and capable of quickly seeing a project from initial order through to delivery, saving you considerable time and expense. Once at the site, most of our products can be assembled quickly, in just a few hours, using simple tools.

Traditional building sites pose many risks for labourers, staff, and those working on site, especially during bad weather. Prefab buildings, however, are made in our factory, where strict safety procedures are followed and shipped to your site, where assembly takes a few hours in most cases, dramatically reducing the chance of injury and accidents.

Prefab buildings are far more environmentally friendly than traditional constructions. Clever design, on-point engineering, and use of insulation ensure they are energy-efficient, building waste is kept to a minimum, and very little heavy foundation work is required on-site. Hence, their impact on the land is minimal.

Module-T Prefab Buildings Range

Module-T designs and manufactures several prefab buildings. A few of our most popular products include:


●     Prefab Accommodation Buildings

Module-T’s prefab accommodation buildings are popular options for those looking for safe and comfortable living containers for site workers on construction or mining sites, school dormitories, or accommodation for a workforce. Our range is available in various sizes, and all are quick to assemble and come with a choice of interior fixtures, fittings, and customisations.


●     Prefab Restaurant Buildings

Our premanufactured restaurant buildings are highly versatile and can be amended to suit your purpose. Typical uses are canteens or on-site catering facilities on remote worksites or large industrial or construction sites. Our standard prefab canteens can cater for 40 to 126 personnel, and each comes with a choice of kitchen, catering, and service facilities.


●     Prefab School Buildings

Module-T has supplied prefab school buildings and classrooms to many locations in Turkey and worldwide. These durable, energy-efficient structures can be temporary or permanent and cost far less to build than a traditional schoolroom. They come in diverse standard sizes or can be custom-made and fitted to suit your location and requirements.


●     Prefab Office Buildings

Prefab offices are easy to assemble and dismantle, making them great for use as temporary site offices in almost any location. Each office can either stand alone or be joined or stacked to create the room you need, and all are made to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Prefab office buildings are one of our most popular products and come in several standard sizes ranging from 15 m2 to 292 m2. Alternatively, they can be of a bespoke design to suit your need and purpose.

Prefab Buildings: Customisations

Stamp your style on your prefab construction with bespoke fixtures and fittings. Here is the easy ways of customisations:

Walls: Our prefab buildings are made with sandwich panel inner and outer walls with a galvanised steel surface. Various types of insulation can be used, including polyurethane, expandable polystyrene, or rock wool. The walls are then painted in a colour of choice.

Roof: The roof structure of our prefabs is made from galvanised steel covered in high galvanised and painted sheets, gutter-finished sheets, or metal tiles.

Exterior Doors: Aluminium, PVC, galvanised and painted steel, PVC, and metal doors with security railings can all be supplied.

Interior Doors: PVC, aluminium, MDF, and fire doors can be included.

Windows: We supply a choice of PVC double-glazing and/or aluminium windows. These can be fitted with sunshades, mosquito nets, shutters, alarms, or metal security railings if necessary.

Electric and Utility Connections: Our prefab buildings have all the necessary utility connections. Module-T also supplies the electric panels, plugs, switches, TV, telephone, network, and internet connections. A detailed plan is drawn up after your order is confirmed.

Additional Fixtures and Fittings: All prefab projects are different, and many bespoke additions can be included. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team for complete details.


Order Your Prefab Buildings from Module-T! If you are interested in knowing more about prefab buildings, please see our website or contact us today!



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