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19 June 2023

Foldable Container Solutions for Industrial Use – Module-T

Foldable container

We Manufacture the Best Modular Mobile Cabinets

Module-T specialises in rapidly designing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality, large-scale foldable container solutions for industrial use. These strong, reusable galvanised steel frame and sandwich panel structures are optimised to cope with challenging environments and are designed to withstand multiple assemblies and relocations. Our foldable container models are built off-site at our modern facility in Turkey, where we use high technology to ensure each section adheres to current international building codes and standards. These portable containers are then flat-packed in sections and transported to your site for assembly. This remote manufacturing process significantly saves time and labour costs compared to traditional construction methods; therefore, a foldable container price tends to be far less.


If you are looking to create additional administration, management, or industrial worksite space or require locker rooms, accommodation, social area, canteen, or sanitary facilities to cater to the needs of your team, a foldable container presents a practical, hardwearing, and budget-friendly solution. Discover more about the advantages of foldable containers and the models we manufacture below.

Some of Our Products

We Produce Mobile Cabins in Accordance With World Standards

Module-T is recognised worldwide as a high-quality foldable container manufacturer. We now supply foldable container solutions to industrial and commercial projects in more than 120 countries. Our industrial flat-pack containers can be used long-term or temporarily, and their clever modular design means they can be interconnected or stand apart. Each container is precision made and adheres to international building standards, making the quality often more reliable than many conventional new build constructions. Other benefits of our foldable containers include the following:


  • Quick to produce: Module-T produces several standard foldable container models that have been specifically designed to suit a purpose, e.g., as offices, canteens, accommodation, or sanitary facilities. These basic designs can be highly customised to serve your purpose and are rapidly produced, which saves considerable time compared to a conventional building. Alternatively, a custom container can be made.


  • Easy to assemble: Our foldable container solutions can be installed quickly. They arrive at the site in a specially packed container in pre-cut sections. The cabins can be mounted on a light cement base or beams, which can be laid in advance to save time. Assembly is usually done with a forklift or crane and a few labourers and typically takes no more than a day. We can also provide a specialist assembly team to attend if required.


  • Easy to customise: Our standard portable containers can be altered in many ways to suit your requirements. Additional insulation can be added, as can air-conditioning, solar panels, security systems, extra networking and technology connections etc. The interior layout can also be changed according to the model, and the decor, fixtures and fittings upgraded if wished.


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Modular Mobile Cabins for Sale

We manufacture a wide selection of standard industrial foldable container solutions from the Module-T base near Istanbul. Our product portfolio includes:


  • Foldable office containers: Our portable industrial offices are ideal for construction, mining, and other temporary or permanent sites. We offer several standard sizes and layouts that range from 10 m2 to 42 m2, all of which can be used as a management or administrative workspace.


  • Portable WC and sanitary containers: Sanitary hygiene is imperative on industrial sites, and our range of sanitary containers can include toilets, sinks, showers, and other facilities. They vary in size from portable 3,00 x 2,40 m cabins to 6,00 m x 2,40 m cabins.


  • Foldable locker containers: Our industrial locker cabins have many applications and can be highly customised to include benches, metal lockers, changing cubicles, showers, sinks, and WCs.


  • Industrial canteens and kitchens: Specifically designed to provide an on-site catering facility for up to 126 employees, our portable canteens can include kitchens, dining areas, and serving hatches or stations.


  • Foldable modular accommodation containers: We supply industrial accommodation containers ranging in size from 21 m2 to 70 m2. You can choose from many standard interior layouts, including separate bedrooms and living spaces or open-plan and dormitory styles. Toilets and showers can be installed, or the accommodation container can be connected to a separate modular sanitary building.
Foldable container price

Turkey’s Mobile Cabin Manufacturer Module-T

If you are looking for a fast and affordable way to provide workspace or facilities on your industrial site or need to create an entire labour camp from scratch, foldable container solutions offer a practical and affordable solution. Our skilled team in Turkey can organise your containers’ swift design and transportation to almost any worldwide location, no matter how remote.


Our foldable modular containers offer the ideal mix of staff comfort, quality, and durability; they can also be quickly installed and dismantled as necessary. For more information on mobile industrial containers or an initial quote, please visit our website or contact us.



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