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Leading supplier of prefabricated containers

2 September 2020

Module-T is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated building and container for offices, dorms, changing rooms and site sanitary spaces.

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As the leading supplier of prefabricated containers in Trinidad and Tobago, we offer simple to assemble prefabricated portable containers for construction site essentials. The standard sandwich panel construction container size is 20 feet. However, there is possibility to create customized containers with lengths between 3 and 12 meters. The standard width of a prefabricated container is 2.50m. As an option, prefabricated modulars can be connected to each other to form larger work and living spaces and modular structures on one or more levels.


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Prefabricated containers in Trinidad and Tobago

As the leading supplier of construction site containers in Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica and Porto Rico we offer a large number of portable container for offices, changing rooms (with or without sanitary facilities), refectories, kitchens, construction site toilets, construction site showers, housing containers, workshop and store containers, janitor’s huts or storage containers for hazardous and polluting materials.

Prefabricated containers

Delivery of Flatpack Container for the Port of Spain and Puerto Limon

Despite the period of pandemic and global economic downturn, Module-T has delivered several batches of flatpack containers for clients in Martinique working in the field of supply and rental of construction equipment and in the construction and public works sector. Our prefabricated containers in kits were shipped to the port of Fort-De-France in 40-foot sea containers.  Modular containers have been configured to form offices, changing rooms, dorms, site toilets or storage areas for polluting materials. A standard modular has a metal structure in highly galvanized and painted steel, interior and exterior walls in sandwich panels with rock wool or polyurethane insulation with a standard thickness of 60 mm.


Our prefabricated  portable containers (portacabin) shipped to Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica and Porto Rico have a standard size of 10 feet (3.00×2.00m with a ceiling height of 250 cm) and 20 feet (6.00×2.50m with a ceiling height of 250 cm). In order for the floor and ceiling frame to be delivered fully pre-assembled at the factory and for modular containers to be loaded into standard sea containers, the width of a module should not exceed 250cm.  Flatpack modular containers are juxtaposable and stackable to form larger modular structures on one or more floors. In case of superposition flatpack containers, we can supply a two-sided roofing system with sandwich panel or galvanized and painted sheet metal covering. It is also possible to reinforce the flatpack container with additional fibre cement board cladding of variable thickness. This fiber cement cladding will be installed on galvanized steel profiles above existing sandwich panel walls. As the supplier of prefabricated containers in Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica and Porto Rico, we offer additional fiber cement board cladding that can enhance portable container protection against strong winds and corrosion, especially for projects located by the seaside.


Flatpack container can be placed on a concrete slab or blocks. We recommend to install a modular of a 20 feet on 8 concrete blocks of 40x40x40cm. For strong wind areas, the modular is better to be sealed on concrete studs. Our 6-meter construction site containers also have four guying points to be used in case of a cyclone.

prefabricated containers

Fully equipped prefabricated container

As the leading supplier of prefabricated containers in Trinidad & Tobago, Porto-Rico and Costa-Rica Module-T offers you portable container delivered in kits and fully equipped for offices, accommodation, sanitary facilities, dormitories, refectories, construction site changing rooms or storage facilities. We deliver supplies such as air conditioning and furniture (office and site bed or metal changing rooms). Our quality prefabricated containers have the following advantages:

  • Our containers are modular,e. they can be connected to form work and living spaces on one or more floors.
  • Fully insulated flatpack container: the walls are insulated in rock wool or polyurethane with a thickness varying between 50 and 100mm. The ceiling is insulated in rock wool or polyurethane with a thickness varying between 40mm and 100mm. Planks are insulated with 100mm rock wool.
  • Our prefabricated containers (portacabin) are delivered disassembled in special packaging. Up to 10 modular 20-foot units are delivered in a single 40-foot high cube shipping container. This saves on transportation costs.
  • Quick assembly: our prefabricated containers are assembled in a few hours. The assembly can easily be carried out just with two people.
  • Quality and corrosion resistance. The frame of our portable container units is made of highly galvanized profiles. The highly galvanized steel surface of our sandwich panels has a minimum thickness of 0.50mm. Our modular structures are used in different environments with difficult climatological conditions such as seaside areas, humid and cyclonic zones.


Feel free to contact us by phone, email or via our online form, one of our sales representatives will contact you quickly to help you with your projects to purchase containers for construction sites in Trinidad and Tobago and in Costa Rica.



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