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13 December 2022

If you are looking for modular building systems USA, consider contacting Module-T, as we can design and supply a wide range of modular constructions for industrial and commercial use in the United States.

Module-T is a leading supplier of modular constructions. Over the past 15 years, from your factory in Turkey, we have delivered various innovative modular solutions to clients in more than 120 countries. We offer a wide range of modular constructions that can be highly customised to suit almost any purpose. See our Modular Building USA range below and discover why our modular solutions may work for you.

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Temporary and Permanent Modular Constructions USA

Module-T produces two types of commercial modular constructions, temporary and permanent. Each is manufactured in our climate-controlled factory in Istanbul, where we use innovative technology to streamline our production process and ensure the quality of our product. All our modular buildings adhere to US building codes and regulations, and in addition, they can withstand extreme climatic change and meet current cyclonic and seismic regulations.


  • Temporary Modular Buildings: The wide range of temporary and portable modular buildings we produce suits those only expecting to be on site for a short time. Each building is exceptionally hardwearing and built to withstand frequent transportation and assembly. Practical examples of use include modular buildings to form labour camps on construction or mining sites, temporary healthcare or medical facilities, on-site dormitories, forecourt offices and sales kiosks, and security booths. Temporary constructions tend to be quick to make and deploy, and most require minimal foundations so the site can recover quickly on relocation.


  • Permanent Modular Buildings: Our permanent modular buildings are designed to stay at a location long-term. These structures usually require more substantial concrete foundations.

Our Modular Building Systems USA Product Range

Module-T can provide a wide range of large-scale and smaller modular buildings for use in the USA. See below a few of our most popular products. Please consult our website to view our full product range.

Large Modular Constructions USA

  • Modular Office Buildings

Modular offices provide a cost-effective solution for those who need commercial office space quickly. These comfortable, secure, and highly durable buildings come in standard sizes or can be made to measure. Each can stand alone or be stacked or linked to provide the necessary space.

  • Modular Accommodation Buildings

Our modular accommodation buildings are popular with clients who need to house staff on temporary construction, mining, and industrial sites. They are often combined with other module constructions like WC, sanitary buildings, prefabricated office buildings, or modular canteens and restaurant structures to create fully functional labour camps for a temporary workforce. Each building comes ready to run and offers a watertight, safe, and comfortable space for your staff to rest and recharge.

  • Modular Canteens and Restaurant Buildings

Our modular restaurant buildings are ideal if you require a communal space for your workforce to gather. Our standard catering and canteen structures can cater to up to 126 diners or can be tailored or linked to suit. They typically include space for seating and dining, a catering or industrial kitchen space, a canteen serving area, a pantry or storage, and washroom facilities. These structures can form part of a work camp or be used on temporary film or production sets.

  • Modular Locker Buildings

Prefabricated locker rooms can have many uses and are perfect for use at sports stadiums, soccer pitches, schools, industrial sites, and sports fields. They typically contain metal lockers, toilets, wash basins, showers, benches, and dressing cubicles or changing rooms.

  • Modular School Buildings

Our highly durable prefabricated school rooms and buildings are weatherproof, safe, and energy-efficient, making them a wise choice for authorities that require additional classroom space. These prefab buildings are quick to supply, easy to erect, and cost-effective so that you can keep on-site disruption to a minimum. Each adheres to local building codes and regulations, and various standard sizes are available.

Smaller Modular Buildings USA

Module-T doesn’t just manufacture large-scale constructions. We can also produce various smaller modular buildings that can be shipped to the USA. These include:

  • Modular Showroom Containers

Our range of attractive showroom containers is an excellent option if you wish to create additional sales or commercial space. These versatile structures are quick to deliver and install. They are built to withstand frequent relocation and are one of our most popular products. Showroom containers are typically used as customer service offices, forecourt sales points, car park sales booths, or at exhibitions or shows.

  • Modular Guardhouses and Kiosks

Module-T modern range of modular kiosks and guardhouses come in various standard sizes. They are generally used to provide a safe and secure space to observe and control the security and run a site or as a point-of-sale kiosk or ticket booth. These structures can be highly customised and include additional security features and alarms if necessary.

  • Modular Container Shops

The popularity of prefabricated shops is growing. These attractive, practical structures are cost-effective and quick to supply and assemble. They can also be easily relocated. We provide a wide range of standard-sized shops that can be used as merchandise points, coffee shops, fast food outlets, cafes, or clothing boutiques.

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Modular Building USA Delivery and Assembly

The Module-T transport and logistics team work hard to ensure your modular building arrives in the US on time and in top condition. We manage the entire transportation process and can ship the building via land and sea to even the most remote or challenging locations.

In most cases, your modular building arrives in a flat pack that can easily be unpacked and assembled on-site using simple tools and a few pairs of hands. Lifting hooks are in place to ensure easy lifting, and our support team is available to guide you through the entire process. Alternatively, we can arrange a specialist assembly team to attend and erect the building for more significant constructions and those that don’t have a crew on site.

The Module-T Service

Module-T offers a top-quality service from initial enquiry to delivery. Our professional team is on hand throughout the design, build, transportation, and delivery process to ensure your product arrives on time and to budget and exceeds your expectations. If you are looking for modular construction USA, please get in touch with us.



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