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Delivery of Prefabricated Containers and Buildings

21 September 2020

Delivery of Prefabricated Containers and Buildings

As the leader manufacturer of prefabricated solutions in Turkey, we have carried out various modular and prefabricated building projects for Latin America and the Caribbean countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Suriname and Guyana. These modular structures have been assembled and made available for use in different projects. (Single-storey school, hospital, building site offices for private and state-owned construction companies, buildings for the municipality) prefabricated containers, which are very useful and functional compared to traditional reinforced concrete structures, have many advantages for rapid solutions in different areas. If we list these advantages;

Prefabricated sandwich panel container structures are structures that are completed with the assembly of factory-produced parts and can be disassembled if needed. It is called as prefabricated building and prefabricated container in the building sector. Light steel prefabricated structures consist of sandwich panel walls varying between 40mm and 200mm thickness and are used in various areas.

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Below are some examples of the usage areas of modular structures:

  • Building site worker camp
  • Prefabricated hospital building
  • Prefabricated school building
  • Office container (office portacabin)
  • Dormitory container (dormitory portacabin)
  • Wc container (sanitary portacabin)
  • Storage container
  • Prefabricated cloakroom

Advantages of MODULE-T Prefabricated containers

  • Fast and easy assembly prefabricated structures: The most important factor for people to prefer modular structures is that the buildings are prepared in the factory and delivered to the usage area in a disassembled form and they can be easily installed, saving time. The upper and lower chassis of the prefabricated container are delivered with the floor coverings fully installed. The structures do not require special machines for assembly. With two or three people, one 20-foot container is assembled in about 2 hours. Surface-mounted electrical installation is easily installed in accordance with the customer’s project.

Thanks to its fast installation feature, structures such as worker camps, prefabricated hospitals, prefabricated schools or offices that need to be established in line with urgent need can be completed without having to wait for a long time. It also saves a great deal of space with its feature to adapt to the structure and size of the land on which it will be built.

  • Safe and durable prefabricated solution: The advantage of modular structures is that they are safe and durable thanks to the advanced and heavy systems used. This advantage provides long-term use and minimizes the renovation works that may occur in other buildings due to certain conditions over time. The insulation materials of the portacabins have sound insulation and are suitable for all weather conditions. (Seashore, regions with high humidity and winds or earthquake regions)

All steel parts are shipped with high galvanized and painted. In all our projects, prefabricated buildings are put into production by making a static calculation in accordance with the wind load of the place where they will be installed.


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  • Aesthetic appearance: Another advantage of portacabin containers is that the interior and exterior appearance can be shaped by making additions according to the buyer’s wishes. Our prefabricated building solutions can be produced in accordance with private house projects, school or different permanent building projects. Our company offers aesthetic, durable solutions that increase insulation performance for exterior coating. These solutions include fiber cement boards or aluminum outer covering. We offer a wide range of door and window options (PVC window and door, aluminum window and door, sliding special size windows and doors, high security steel doors, window and door railings for security) in accordance with the customer’s project. These aesthetic looking prefabricated container structures are mostly used in home or holiday village projects. It is produced in accordance with all climatic conditions.


  • Ecological solution: prefabricated container (portacabin) structures are structures that do not require heavy concrete foundations. 10 cm flat concrete is placed on a concrete cube or concrete beam. The structures consist of steel material and are 100% recyclable. For this reason, they attract attention with also their environmentally friendly structures. Since the installation parts of portacabin come to area ready for assembly, environmental pollution and material waste are prevented. In addition, since the amount of materials to be used during construction is determined in advance, the risk of encountering problems during installation is very low. The structure consisting of rock wool or polyurethane insulated sandwich panels provides a high performance insulation solution and saves energy.


  • It is a mobile portacabin: It has the advantage of being easily moved to another area when needed, allowing for relocation when desired, which is different from other building types. The prefabricated container is disassembled within two hours, can be easily transported on a standard truck and assembled in the new project area in about 3 hours with the help of two or three personnel for new assembly.
  • It is an economical solution portacabin: Although the cost varies according to the square meter and the materials to be used, it is much more suitable than standard concrete structures. In addition, prefabricated solutions that are shipped disassembled in special packages are shipped in standard freight containers. With this special packaging system, you save on shipping costs. Due to the use of beams or concrete cubes for the concrete foundation laid in prefabricated buildings, the use of concrete is less than in traditional buildings. Therefore, it is economical in cost.
  • Permanent or temporary solution: Finally, modular structures offer temporary and permanent building options. Temporary buildings offer buyers the option to easily relocate or return them for reuse. In addition, it is possible to add a second floor to reuse existing modular structures and expand them for future requirements.

MODULE-T exports prefabricated containers and buildings to approximately 80 countries. You can reach us by phone or mail for your temporary or permanent prefabricated construction projects. Our sales representatives will be happy to prepare detailed proposals for your project in the most appropriate way.

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