20 Feet Office Container

Our M01 20 feet office container is our most standard model and the one most requested by our customers. We optimize shipping by loading up to ten M01 flat pack containers into a container or transport truck. The standard wall thickness is 50mm with Rockwool or polyurethane insulation.

20 feet flatpack office container

Installation of our office container takes just a few hours. We provide all the plans and recommendations to guide you during the installation process.


Our 20 feet office containers can connect to each other to form larger workspaces, such as meeting rooms and open office spaces. We provide junction and sealing kits to easily connect the modules.

Do you have an urgent need for a workspace on your work site?  Or do you simply have a need to construct a temporary or permanent modular office building at a low price?  Complete our online form or contact us to request a quote. One of our salespeople will contact you promptly.