20 Feet Office Container

A 20 feet office container provides a high-quality and practical workspace for between two and four personnel. Built remotely and delivered for assembly and utility connection at your site, the innovative lightweight design ensures they only require minimal foundations, making them suitable for use on permanent or time-restricted sites. You can customise the 15m2 interior of a 20ft office container for sale to incorporate all the features you need, meaning you can create a bespoke office space suited to the needs of your staff and location. Furthermore, you can enjoy considerable savings in time and cost compared to constructing a traditional building, making a modular office a budget-friendly and popular choice for many reasons.   

20 Feet Office Container
20 Feet Office Container

If you need to expand your facility or provide additional administrative space for your team, consider Module-T, your 20ft office container manufacturer. Discover more about us, our modular offices, and our 20ft office container price details below. 

20 feet flatpack office container

Our OC-A6000.1 20 feet office container is our most standard model and the one most requested by our customers. We optimize shipping by loading up to ten OC-A6000.1 flat pack containers into a container or transport truck. The standard wall thickness is 50mm with Rockwool or polyurethane insulation.



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Areas Where 20 Feet Office Containers Can Be Used

Modular building has advanced a lot over recent years, and it now presents a highly versatile, time-effective, and cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. Over the years, we have supplied our 20ft office container for sale to many locations, where they have been used in various ways. Some popular applications of prefabricated offices include:

  • Construction Site Offices: Due to the portability of a 20ft office container, they are ideal for use on temporary sites to provide projects, accounts, and management staff with hardwearing and watertight administrative space.
  • Offices in Areas of Environmental Importance: A prefabricated office requires very little groundwork or foundations, meaning they cause minimal damage to the land they are placed on. This makes a prefab office a good choice for use in areas of beauty and environmental importance.
  • Sales and Commercial Offices: Our 20ft modular office containers can be modified aesthetically and structurally, and many features can be added to make them suitable for use on commercial estates, forecourts, or in-factory workshops.  
  • Garden Offices: You can clad and aesthetically enhance the exterior and interior of the office container, add larger windows, and choose colours to form an attractive garden office or studio.

Transportation and Assembly of 20 Feet Office Containers

Module-T is a leading 20ft office container manufacturer, and we regularly organise the affordable delivery of modular offices and other constructions worldwide. Our prefabricated buildings are portable and built for easy transportation and assembly at the site.

Your modular office arrives flat-packed in sections that can be easily lifted into place using the attached hooks. You can install a 20ft office container on a light foundation or place it on beams that can be laid before arrival to save time. Typically, up to ten standard 20-foot offices can be packed into a single shipping container. We provide a connection set for each office, and a few labourers and simple tools are usually all required to erect the building in just a few hours. A specialist assembly team can be arranged for assistance or more extensive, modular, or stacked projects.

Benefits of 20 Feet Office Containers

Compared to conventional constructions, you can enjoy many advantages by investing in a prefabricated building. Some of the main advantages of a 20ft office container include:

  • Quality Assured: A 20ft office container is made to adhere to American and European standards and comply with current anti-cyclone and anti-earthquake regulations.
  • Time-Efficient: The remote manufacturing of a 20ft office container for sale eliminates delays caused by bad weather and unreliable labour, leading to significant savings in time.
  • Cost-Effective: Our prefabricated containers are optimised for cost savings. Our technology minimises waste and labour expenses; the offsite manufacturing process ensures you encounter little delay and that delivery deadlines are met, and the quality materials used lead to less maintenance required in the future.
  • Versatile: You can customise a 20ft office container in many ways, so you receive a custom-built office tailored to your needs. You can reinforce the structure for frequent transportation or relocation. Extra insulation can be added for optimal thermal and acoustic performance, and heating or cooling systems and appliance cabling can also be added to ensure the space works best for your team.



20-foot portable building adaptable to your preferences

The 20-feet office container has the advantage of being prefabricated. Installation is simple with its steel and sandwich panels suited to a wide variety of applications. The layout of your portable building saves space and its installation method saves time. Once fitted out, the office container offers a self-contained, functional portable container with all the comfort worthy of a living space. The office container is designed with a sturdy, waterproof structure, guaranteeing superb sound and heat insulation.

When determining the setup of your portable building, you can opt for a reinforced floor frame of 400 kg/m2. Aluminium roller shutters fit perfectly with the structure. A special PVC floor covering is another option available to you. For added security, you can choose a triple-locked steel entry door together with anti-intrusion windows, all customised to your needs.



Cost of 20 Feet Office Containers

Cost is an important consideration when investing, so we offer a highly competitive 20ft office container price.

As a large modular construction company and 20ft office container manufacturer, we produce many prefabricated containers, helping to keep costs down. However, the cost of a 20ft modular office will depend on the customisations you wish to make to the office, the additional features you add, the grade and type of insulation you choose, and the price of shipping the flat-pack office from our facility in Türkiye to your location.

Why Module-T 20 Feet Office Container?

Module-T is a leading international office container manufacturer recognised globally for our high-quality prefabricated buildings. Over the past 15 years, we have supplied various large- and small-scale constructions to sites across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and America.

At Module T, we are committed to providing a high-quality build and service, and we work with all our clients to ensure we create the ideal modular solutions to suit their needs. From guard houses and portable kiosks to all the buildings necessary to develop an entire labour camp, we can assist.

Please contact us if you want to know more about a 20ft office container for sale or any other construction in our modular container range.


Yes, one of the great advantages of our 20ft prefabricated offices is that they are designed to be portable. You can assemble, dismantle, or relocate the structure as required.

Yes, during the design of your prefabricated office, you can stipulate the customisations you need and include the sockets for electricity and technology, appliances, heating or cooling systems, and many other features.

Yes, our 20ft office container for sale has a modular design, meaning you can place the container on its own, link it to other modular constructions, or stack it to create more space and facilities.

Compared with a brick-built structure, a 20ft office container requires less groundwork and preparation.  They can be erected on beams or a light cement foundation, and the sections come pre-cut with utility sockets for easy connection at your site.

All Module-T office containers meet current cyclone and earthquake safety standards, and a 20ft office container is no exception. Modular offices also adhere to international building standards, often outperforming conventional builds in terms of durability.

The price of a 20-feet office container varies depending on a number of factors, including the thickness of the walls, the type of flooring, and the type of doors and windows you choose. For a 20-foot portable building with 50 mm thick sandwich walls, two windows and a PVC entrance door, you should expect to pay an average of EUR 3250. Reinforced modules with 100 mm walls are very popular in harsh winter areas. Fitted with aluminium doors and windows, the building can cost up to EURO 4500.

Optimise your company growth with portable container. Besides the part they play in the financial management of your company, they provide a practical and brand-friendly workspace.


Installation of our office container takes just a few hours. We provide all the plans and recommendations to guide you during the installation process.

Our 20 feet office containers can connect to each other to form larger workspaces, such as meeting rooms and open office spaces. We provide junction and sealing kits to easily connect the modules.

Do you have an urgent need for a workspace on your work site?  Or do you simply have a need to construct a temporary or permanent modular office building at a low price?  Complete our online form or contact us to request a quote. One of our salespeople will contact you promptly.



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