40 Feet Office Container - Module-T

40 Feet Office Container

Our 40-feet office container is designed as a work space for up to six people. The joining of two modules creates a large open space of approximately 60 m2.

The 40-foot office container has standard dimensions of 11.70m x 2.50m with an interior height of 240cm. The interior height can be increased to up to 3 meters!

40 feet prefab office container

You can also build a 40-feet modular container by connecting two 20-feet M01 sections with the help of the supplied joining kits. This will provide you with a 12.00 x 2.50m modular office space.


A leading manufacturer of modular construction, we design, manufacture and export various prefabricated office containers as well as modular locker rooms, bathroom facilities and housing containers.

Choosing MODULE-T modular construction solutions guarantees you a modern, high-performing, customizable and quick-to-install structure!



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