40 Feet Office Container

A 40 feet office container provides a practical and hardwearing alternative to traditional office construction, and they are specially designed to give you all the functionality of a brick-built building at a fraction of the cost. By investing in a 40ft office container for sale, you can quickly expand your site or create a new temporary or permanent workspace. In addition, a 40ft office container is modular, and it can be joined or stacked to the other modular buildings so that you can create all the space or facilities you need for your staff.


At Module-T, we are a specialist prefabricated building and 40ft office container manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in the supply of modular constructions. We use quality materials and high technology to ensure all our containers meet international building standards, and our logistics team can organise the economical delivery of our constructions to almost any global location, no matter how remote.

Please find out more about modular offices and our 40ft office container price below.


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Areas Where 40 Feet Office Containers Can Be Used

One of the main advantages of a 40ft office container for sale is its versatility, as you can configure the interior and exterior in various ways so that it suits many applications and environments.

A standard 40ft office container can stand alone or be joined. It can include open-concept or closed offices for up to six staff during the initial design stage. If you need to create more room, two modular containers can also be joined together to form an open office space of 60 m2. Alternatively, a 40ft office container with a 12,00 m x 2,50 m interior space can be created by linking two 20ft MO1 sections with a joining kit we can supply.


Some typical applications of a 40ft office container include:

  • Construction and Labour Site Offices:40ft office container is portable and can be assembled and disassembled quickly. This makes them perfect for use on building sites or temporary locations.
  • Eco-Friendly Offices: As a leading 40ft office container manufacturer, we use precision technology modular office requires minimal foundations and causes less damage to the land it’s placed on. This is why you often find them used in areas of environmental Importance.
  • Commercial Offices: A 40ft prefab office container can be aesthetically enhanced or branded and modified for use as forecourt or in-facility offices, industrial estates, or other commercial locations.


Our 40-feet office container is designed as a work space for up to six people. The joining of two modules creates a large open space of approximately 60 m2.


The 40-foot office container has standard dimensions of 11.70m x 2.50m with an interior height of 240cm. The interior height can be increased to up to 3 meters! You can also build a 40-feet modular container by connecting two 20-feet M01 sections with the help of the supplied joining kits. This will provide you with a 12.00 x 2.50m modular office space.


A leading manufacturer of modular construction, we design, manufacture and export various prefabricated office containers as well as modular locker rooms, bathroom facilities and housing containers. Choosing MODULE-T modular construction solutions guarantees you a modern, high-performing, customizable and quick-to-install structure!

Transportation and Assembly of 40 Feet Office Containers

As an established 40ft office container manufacturer, our team can organise the delivery of containers to cities, towns, and remote locations throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Our prefab constructions are optimised for safe and economical transportation, and they arrive carefully flat-packed in sections in a container. Once the container arrives, each section can be unpacked and loaded onto beams or a light cement base using the lifting hooks. We can assist throughout the installation or arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend if necessary.


Benefits of 40 Feet Office Containers

A 40ft prefab office enjoys many benefits compared to a traditional office construction. A few advantages include:

·        Quality Assured:40ft office container meets European and American building standards. It also meets seismic and anti-cyclone regulations.

·        Time: A 40ft modular office is made remotely; therefore bad weather delays and time lost due to unreliable contractors or waiting for materials are eliminated.

·        Price: Due to savings in time, labour, and delays, a 40ft office container price is usually far more cost-effective than building a traditional structure. Typically, savings of up to 30% can be achieved by ordering a prefabricated office rather than constructing a brick-built office.

·        Versatile: You can customise a 40ft office container to include many features to make the space work for your team.

·        Sustainable: Our 40ft container offices are built remotely in Türkiye using advanced technology, so less waste ends up in landfills. An office container also only requires light foundations, meaning the damage to the land they are placed on is minimal, and the site can recover quickly if the structure is ever moved or relocated.


Cost of 40 Feet Office Containers

We are often asked about the cost of a 40-foot modular office, but to issue a 40ft office container price, we first need to establish your requirements, as several factors need to be considered.

First, we need to know the type and thickness of insulation you require and the amendments you wish to make to the 40ft office container floor plan. Our 40ft office container model has the space to include many interior changes, and the layout can be altered to better suit its purpose for an additional cost. We also need to find out where you are located, as the cost of transporting the modular office from Istanbul to your site also needs to be factored into the equation. For this reason, we ask you to contact us for details of the 40ft office container price.

Why Module-T 40 Feet Office Container?

Module-T is a 40ft office container manufacturer specialising in the global distribution of standard and custom-made modular offices.

Prefabricated offices are just one of many modular buildings we manufacture, and we also supply accommodation and sanitary containers, locker rooms, industrial kitchens, dormitories, guard houses, and many other high-quality constructions.

If you would like to know more about our 40ft office container for sale or any other buildings in our modular range, please get in touch with us.

Yes, a 40ft modular office is portable and can be dismantled or lifted and moved to other locations.

Yes, a 40ft office container for sale can include appliances and many other features on request. Let us know your requirements during the initial design stage.

Yes, our 40ft office container can be linked using a connection kit we can provide, or it can be stacked to create additional space.

Our prefabricated office containers only require minimal foundations or can be assembled on beams or blocks. To save time, the groundwork can be laid before the container arrives.

Safety comes first; therefore, we ensure all our 40-foot office containers are precision-made to meet current US and EU building standards. In addition, they also comply with current anti-earthquake and anti-cyclone standards.



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