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Modular prefabricated building manufacturer in Germany

12 November 2022

If you are looking for a modular prefabricated building manufacturer in Germany, consider Module T. From our facility in Istanbul, our team has designed, developed, and supplied a wide range of prefabricated solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential use. The quality of our products, the speed at which we can deliver them, and their cost-effective price point have ensured that we are recognised as one of the world’s leading suppliers of modular constructions.


So, what prefabricated structures do we produce? What benefits can you enjoy by ordering your prefabricated building in Germany from Module T?


Which Structures Do We Produce?


Module-T designs and manufactures custom-made and standard modular buildings to suit commercial and industrial purposes. Here’s an outline of some of our most popular products:


Prefabricated Offices


Our prefabricated office buildings are an excellent choice if you need to create additional space for your administration or commercial team. These sturdy, easy-to-assemble buildings are portable and can be relocated, making them perfect for use on a remote temporary construction or industrial site. They are delivered in a flat-pack form, with all the necessary electric, networking, and utility connections already in place, saving you considerable time and money. All our office buildings are engineered for performance and energy efficiency, and they come in a range of standard sizes or can be custom-built. In addition, they can be stacked, laid side by side, or stand-alone to create the space you need. For full details on our prefabricated office buildings, see our website.


Modular Accommodation Buildings


Module-T’s modular accommodation buildings offer a comfortable, clean, and safe environment to accommodate a temporary or permanent workforce. They are typically used as dormitories at industrial, mining, or construction work camps or to accommodate teams in remote or challenging locations. One of the beauties of prefabricated accommodation buildings is that they can be highly customised to suit your staff’s needs. They can also be joined to modular WC and sanitary containers, locker buildings, prefabricated restaurants/canteens, or office buildings to create a fully operational work camp which could then be relocated, should the need arise.


Modular Locker Room Buildings


Modular locker room buildings can be used for many purposes. They can be joined to other modular constructions, but they are equally suited for use alone to create changing rooms at schools, sports stadiums, commercial sites, or film sets. We produce various standard models that can all be customised with benches, changing cubicles, toilets, showers, and metal lockers where necessary. These state-of-the-art prefabricated constructions are fully insulated, hard-wearing, and weather-resistant, so they can easily withstand weather conditions in Germany or elsewhere.


Modular Restaurant Buildings


Providing a clean, comfortable, and well-equipped canteen for your workforce is essential for many companies. The Module-T range of prefabricated restaurant buildings is designed especially for this purpose. These highly versatile prefab structures can be erected quickly. Various kitchen and catering equipment, serving stations, storage, tables, and chairs can be included. Their interiors are designed with easy-to-clean floors and walls, and you can add guard rails, security, and sanitary facilities. Our standard modular restaurant buildings can cater to up to 126, or a custom-built structure can be designed.

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The Benefits of Prefabricated Buildings in Germany


The use of modular construction and prefabricated buildings in Germany has risen significantly over recent years. People are now becoming more aware of the time and financial savings that can be enjoyed by using prefabs as an alternative to traditional builds. You now see far more prefab constructions in German towns, cities, and remote locations.

Prefabricated buildings are known for their strength, affordability, and efficiency, but they also have other advantages, including:


  • Safety: Modular prefabricated buildings are made offsite in our highly controlled facility in Turkey. This ensures the quality of our products is maintained and eliminates the risk and liability of having additional staff, contractors, heavy machinery, and materials at your location, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and injury.


  • Eco-Friendly: Prefabricated buildings are far more environmentally friendly and sustainable than most conventional buildings. They are produced in a controlled environment, so they have a lower carbon footprint, and less waste is created. The light foundations they require also mean the impact on the land is minimal, so the landscape can recover quickly if the building is relocated.


  • Durable: Modular buildings are engineered to withstand extreme conditions, and our products meet anticyclonic and seismic building standards. They are made to withstand transportation and be assembled and dismantled many times, so they typically prove far more robust than traditional structures.


  • Versatile: Module-T produces many premanufactured buildings to suit many purposes. Our standard ranges can all be customised or upgraded to include many fixtures and fittings, or we can design a structure to suit your needs. Commonly purchased enhancements include guard rails, alarm systems, air conditioning, heating, pc and network features, cables, cabinetry, and furnishings.
prefabricated building supplier sénégal

What Privileges Does Module-T Provide?


If you’re looking for a prefabricated building supplier in Germany, why choose Module-T? Here’s a quick look at the client benefits you can enjoy by ordering from us:


  1. Easy Installation / Assembly

Module-T’s easy-to-build assembly system ensures your new prefabricated building is up and running a few hours after delivery in most cases. The clever design and high-performance technology we employ throughout the manufacturing process mean all sections can be joined together easily using simple tools. Lifting hooks are fitted, and the flat-pack sections come pre-cut with doors and windows. Electric sockets and utility connections are already in place. The walls are pre-painted, and the ceramic or laminate flooring is ready for you to take your first step. Our trained assembly team is available to assist you throughout the assembly process or can attend your site for large modular projects or on request.


  1. Top Quality Products and Services

Suppose you order a prefabricated building in Germany from Module-T. In that case, your order will be designed and manufactured in our factory in Turkey, where our skilled team and state-of-the-art technology ensure the quality and consistency of our products. Each of our prefabricated buildings adheres to current EU building codes and regulations, and our materials have been carefully chosen due to their strength, quality, price, and performance.


  1. Competitive Price

Module-T specialises in providing superior quality prefabricated solutions at a highly competitive price. To discover the Module-T difference and know more about our products and service, please get in touch with us.



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