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13 October 2022

Temporary Buildings: What You Need to Know


Temporary buildings are a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for expanding businesses and companies looking to accommodate seasonal or temporary workforces. Prefabricated buildings offer a cheaper alternative to constructing a permanent building. They are also highly durable and easy to install, meaning you get the space you need quickly, saving you time and money.


Module-T designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of temporary building solutions that can be used for many purposes. All our structures are lightweight and made from top-quality materials that comply with UK, US, and European building standards. If you want to expand or create additional space and you’re looking for options, here’s what you need to know about temporary buildings.


What Are Temporary Buildings?


Temporary buildings are affordable, lightweight, modular structures. Each building is made from a prefabricated galvanised steel frame with fully insulated sandwich panel walls, making them strong and highly durable. They are supplied as either standard units or custom-made, and all come pre-fitted with the necessary utility connections, cabinetry, sanitary facilities, and security features. Prefabricated temporary buildings can be assembled quickly, in a matter of hours in most cases, saving you considerable time, building, and labour costs compared to constructing a conventional building. `



The Advantages of Temporary Buildings


There are many reasons why companies are turning to prefabricated buildings to create space. So, before considering leasing or relocating to larger premises, consider the following temporary building advantages:


Quick installation

Temporary buildings are quick to order and install. Module-T supplies standard prefabricated containers or customised prefabricated buildings. Both can be ordered, made, shipped, and delivered in a fraction of the time it would take to build or relocate to traditional premises. A temporary building can be assembled in just a few hours, which is ideal if you want to be up and running quickly and keep downtime to a minimum.


No Foundations Required

Lightweight temporary buildings can be placed on almost any surface, and minimal civil engineering or groundwork is required in advance. This means the impact on the land and environment is minimal, plus it is easy to construct or disassemble and relocate them when necessary.


Flexible and Easy to Expand

Aside from affordability and savings on time, one of the main benefits of purchasing a temporary modular building is that you can add to it and create more space. Our temporary containers can be stacked or placed next to one another to create additional rooms, storage, sanitary facilities, or living quarters. This is ideal for businesses looking to expand in the future or those looking for temporary offices, storage, or accommodation for construction, mining, and industrial sites.


Types of Temporary Buildings


Module-T designs and manufactures a wide range of temporary buildings in Turkey and ships them to sites worldwide. Our most popular types of temporary buildings include:


  • Temporary Office Buildings


Module-T office buildings are an excellent choice if you want a temporary office or commercial space. These durable, quick-to-install constructions come in kit form and are available in a range of standard sizes or can be made to measure. They are fully insulated and fitted with all utility connections and your choice of interiors. These prefabricated offices are perfect for construction, building, or industrial sites and can be stacked or linked to create additional space. Our prefabricated office buildings are built to the highest standards and comply with current seismic and anti-cyclonic standards making them suitable for use in even the most challenging and remote locations. Read more about our temporary office buildings here.


  • Temporary Accommodation Buildings


Prefabricated modular accommodation buildings are supplied in standard dimensions of 20 or 40 feet or can be custom-made. Each container stands alone or can be linked or stacked to accommodate a larger workforce. They tend to be used as emergency housing or on construction or mining sites to accommodate contractors and staff. Modular accommodation units are customised to your needs, with a choice of floor coverings, sanitary facilities, furnishings, locker rooms, air-conditioning, and security systems. View our full range of modular accommodation buildings here.


  • Temporary Flatpack Showroom Containers


Temporary showroom containers are perfect for use as a sales area, office, or exhibition/point-of-sale space. These temporary buildings can be customised with a choice of flooring, painted walls, furnishings, and utility connections. They can be assembled and dismantled quickly, making them a savvy solution for many businesses. Click to know more.


  • Temporary Prefabricated Restaurant Containers / Canteens

Temporary building sites and camps often require a canteen or restaurant facility to cater to the staff on site. Prefab restaurant containers are specially designed for this purpose. Our standard restaurant containers can seat 40, 60 or 126 people, and each comes with a fitted kitchen and facilities. Custom containers are also available on request.

How to Assemble Temporary Buildings


Module-T temporary buildings are designed to be practical and quick to assemble. Minimal civil engineering is required before delivery, and most of our standard products can be put together in a few hours using simple tools. No welding is required, and the interior and exterior walls are already cut to size with utility connections in place. The containers have a choice of flooring, facilities, cabinetry, windows, and doors, meaning you can be up and running quickly. The Module-T support team is on hand to assist, and a specialist assembly team can come to the site and help with larger modular installations or on request. 

Modular prefabricated buildings Northern Ireland

Order Your Temporary Building from Module-T!


Module-T is one of the world’s leading temporary building companies. We have more than 15 years of experience providing modular and prefabricated building solutions to companies in more than 120 counties.


Module-T designs, manufactures, and ships prefabricated offices, accommodation containers, sanitary cabins, kiosks, bureaus, and many other temporary structures from our factory in Turkey. We specialise in providing standard and customised temporary buildings for the construction, engineering, and mining industries. Still, our solutions have also been used for many other purposes, including retail, temporary storage, education, recreation, and rebuild projects.


More and more people are turning to temporary buildings to save costs and create the needed space. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about our temporary building solutions and services.



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