Guardhouses and Kiosks

A guardhouses and kiosks, also referred to as a security gatehouse, guard shack, or modular kiosk, is a prefabricated portable building typically used as an access control checkpoint. Strong, durable, and weather-resistant, the security cabins we supply come in various sizes and designs, and they are generally used to provide security personnel with a compact and secure space to check credentials or control access to restricted areas, parking lots, construction sites, or industrial and commercial facilities. Our range of prefab guard booths can be highly customised, and we can manufacture and deliver them quickly, making them a practical and affordable alternative to traditional security gatehouse constructions.

Guardhouses and Kiosks
Guardhouse & Kiosk Supplier

Guard Houses

A guard house is a portable and prefabricated construction manufactured remotely, securely packed, and delivered to your site. These robust and steel-framed sandwich panel containers come insulated for comfort and thermal performance, and they have a guardhouse floor plan that varies according to your needs. Our standard guard booths accommodate one or multiple personnel and can include video security systems, access barriers, storage, compact sanitary facilities, and furnishings. Security huts are available in sizes varying from 1.5 m x 1,5 m square to 6,00 m x 2.4 m.



A modular kiosk is like a guard house; however, rather than being applied for security purposes, they tend to be used as car park payment points, portable ticket booths, mobile first-aid booths, or point-of-sale kiosks in factory forecourts, car parks, airports, car hire centres, or on industrial estates. Our portable kiosks come with an interior space of between 2.25 sqm and 14.4 sqm, which can be customised structurally and aesthetically to suit their purpose and location.

Technical Specifications of Guardhouses and Kiosks 

The technical specifications of a standard modular kiosk or guardhouse differ according to your requirements. Options for a guardhouse plan include:

  • Sizes: Security cabins come in the following sizes: 1,50 m × 1,50 m / 2,00 m × 1.50 m / 2,00 m × 2,00 m / 3,00 × 2.40 m / 6,00 m × 2,40 m.
  • Height: The standard height of a guard shack is 2,60 m.
  • Walls: The walls of a prefabricated guard house have aluminium or highly galvanised and painted steel surfaces and sandwich panel walls filled with rock wool, polystyrene foam, or polyurethane insulation. Insulation thickness varies between 40 mm and 100 mm.
  • Floor: Prefab guard booths come with PVC vinyl flooring as standard. Other options include ceramic, parquet, steel, or aluminium sheet flooring.
  • Doors and Window Profiles: A standard kiosk or prefabricated guard house has a PVC or aluminium frame. Extras include large, oriel, or sash windows, PVC or aluminium shutters, steel security bars, and shades.
  • Sanitary Facilities: If the size of the security guardhouse allows, a compact toilet, sink, and shower can be added.
  • Custom Kiosks and Guard Booths: If you are looking for a bespoke guardhouse for sale or wish to add movable manual or automatic barriers, security systems, cables for internet and networking, or include furnishings, we can work with you to design a guard house plan to meet your specifications.   

Guardhouse & Kiosk: Examples of configuration

GH-1500.2 - 200X150CM

Prefabricated guard house

GH-2000.1 - 200X200CM

Security kiosks

GH-2400.1 - 240x240cm

Security guard house for sale

GH-6000.2 - 600x240cm

Modular guard house

Areas Where Guardhouses Can Be Used

A prefabricated guard house can be enhanced and customised in many ways to make it fit a purpose; this is why they are now commonly used on sites in many built-up city and rural locations. Typical guard house uses include:


  • Prefab Guard Booths for Security Personnel: The military, hospitals, airports, highway control areas, private estates, schools, industrial sites, and construction sites often use a guard house to oversee entry and control access to and from a sensitive location or facility.
  • Security Cabins for Observation: A guard house can be used as a visual deterrent and to form an observation point to monitor movement and unwanted access along a perimeter or high-security boundary or fence.
  • Security Huts for Night Watchmen: Many commercial and residential sites use a guard house to provide shelter for onsite security guards or CCTV operators.
  • Guard House as Point-of-Sale Kiosks: shopping malls, car parks, sports stadiums, and drive-throughs often use a portable guardhouse to accept payments or issue tickets on exit and entry.


Cost of Guardhouses and Kiosks 

Purchasing a portable guardhouse or modular kiosk offers a cost-effective way to create the space you need for your security personnel, guards, or point-of-sales team. Several factors influence the price of a guardhouse for sale, including the size of the guard house you order, the type and thickness of the insulation used in the walls, the customisations you choose to make to the standard guardhouse plan, and the cost of transporting the security gatehouse or kiosk from our manufacturing facility near Istanbul in Türkiye to your location.


All our guard houses are specially packed and economically delivered to your site via land and sea. They can be erected quickly on a simple concrete base or beams that can be prepared in advance to save time and cost. For a free quote and more information on guard house prices, please get in touch with us.

Guardhouse and Kiosk
Kiosk Supplier

Why Module-T Modular Container Office?

Module-T is a prefabricated container manufacturer that specialises in the supply of high-quality and competitively priced security huts, guard houses, and other modular constructions. Our security guardhouse range is just one of many modular buildings we produce, and we also manufacture and distribute prefabricated offices, industrial canteens, school buildings, accommodation containers, dormitories, showrooms, locker rooms, and many other portable prefabricated buildings to sites across Europe, Africa, The Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.


Today, a guard house is essential in providing the space for personnel to monitor and manage many security and observation functions. Whether you are looking for a basic design to shelter a single guard or a large, security-enhanced guard booth with a restroom and desks for an entire team, we have the facilities and knowledge to complete the order.


If you are looking for a guardhouse for sale or interested in learning how we can custom design a guardhouse floor plan suitable for your needs, please contact us for more information.



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