Guardhouses and Kiosks - Module-T

Guardhouses and Kiosks

Guardhouse & Kiosk Supplier

Area of o prefabricated guardhouses and kiosks:

  • Guard for control and security of construction sites and sensitive areas
  • Observation cabin related to the work on the construction site
  • Ticket booth
  • Kiosk for different points-of-sell

Our stands and kiosk sandwich panels consist of rockwool, polyurethane or polystyrene insulation with a minimum thickness of 40 mm.

Standard sizes:

1,50×1,50m / 2.00×1.50m / 2.00×2.00m / 3.00×2.40m / 6×2.40m.

Standard Height: 2,60m

Modern Solid Guardhouses

  • Walls:  high galvanized and painted steel surface or aluminum surface sandwich panel walls. Guardhouse container with an inner and outer rockwool, polyurethane or polystyrene foam insulation sandwich panel walls.
  • Door and window profiles: aluminum or PVC with the following options: large window, oriel window, sash window, aluminum or PVC shutters, shades, steel bar for doors and Windows to prevent unauthorized entering).
  • Floor covering: Construction site cabin and kiosk with pvc vinyl flooring (optional: parquet, ceramic, steel or aluminum sheet).
  • Possibility to add sanitary system: prefabricated guardhouse and kiosk with sink, toilet and shower.
  • Package delivery: The delivery of cabins and prefabricated kiosks in special packages in order to minimize land and sea transportation costs.
  • Arrangement upon request: Manufacturing of sales kiosks and construction site cabins in the desired sizes. Possibility to include all materials including moveable barriers (manually or automatic), video monitoring system, air conditioning, computer and internet network, furniture, steel storage shelves, security bars for window and door.
Guardhouse Manufacturer
Kiosk Supplier
Guardhouse manufacturers

Guardhouse & Kiosk: Examples of configuration

GH-1500.1 - 150x150cm

Security guard house

GH-1500.2 - 200X150CM

Prefabricated guard house

GH-2000.1 - 200X200CM

Security kiosks

GH-2400.1 - 240x240cm

Security guard house for sale

GH-2400.2 - 400x240cm


GH-6000.2 - 600x240cm

Modular guard house

GH-6000.1 - 600x240cm

Guard house for sale

GH-3000.1 - 300x240cm




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