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Modular Building : Economical and quickly

15 February 2021

Need to create or expand a living or working space? Have you thought about prefabricated modular building? Do you know what it’s all about? The term modular construction refers to a type of building made up of different modules arranged together. The main structure, constructed in steel, is combined with sandwich panel walls. This type of building’s standard dimensions are 6 x 2.5 m and 12 x 2.5 m with a standard external height of 2.6 m. This height can be optionally increased to 2.8 m or even 3 m. These modules can be juxtaposed and stacked, one on top of another, to create entire modular buildings. Depending on the situation, these constructions can extend over one, two or sometimes three floors. This gives customers total freedom and offers a fully flexible approach to meeting their needs and budget.

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Modular Construction: Multiple and diverse solutions.

The modular building has a variety of possible applications. While it can often be found as an administrative building or office (whether temporary or permanent), it is also an increasingly attractive option for clinics and schools. In short, by its very nature, this type of building is aimed at all those who are looking for reliable solutions that can be implemented quickly. Traditional uses also include the provision of on-site buildings, particularly workspaces, and living spaces (dormitories, showers, refectories, housing, etc.).


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Modular building: a system that is economical and quickly assembled.

So, what are the advantages of modular building? Here too, the list is long. This type of construction, being factory-made, has the advantage of being optimised for swift assembly. It is incredibly robust, designed to withstand the passage of time and the weather. Ideal for areas that are particularly prone to seismic activity and other natural disasters such as cyclones. There is no difference between a modular building and a standard building from a standards point of view. Both comply with the same local standards for the same level of safety. And since it is modular, let us not forget either that this type of construction is suitable for quick dismantling. This is what makes it a particularly popular temporary or permanent modular solution! Your sandwich panel module can be quickly disassembled and reassembled elsewhere and used on other projects. This is a significant advantage when it comes to making a good return on your investment. And one which helps reduce an already low acquisition cost compared with standard concrete constructions available on the property market.



Module-T: the leading manufacturer of modular solutions in Turkey

Why choose us, Module-T, rather than another company? Module-T is the modular building specialist! We are Turkey’s leading manufacturers of modular buildings and prefabricated modular containers. When you choose Module-T modular construction, you are drawing upon the expertise of a recognised brand. Our prices are among the most competitive on the market. At the same time, we do not skimp on the quality of the material we use. Steel, sandwich panels, door and window joinery, finishes and accessories… our finishes are carefully crafted to guarantee you a long-lasting product with a simply unbeatable quality/price ratio. Our rapid production methods mean we can respond quickly to our international customers’ demands. We offer a variety of fast shipping options all over the world! But that’s not all, because when you choose Module-T, you are also choosing professional, personalised support. Which is why our team will be happy to assist you wherever you are in the world. By providing you with a tailor-made assembly or supervision service, for example. So, a modular building for your professional or personal needs, yes! But a guaranteed top-quality Modular building by Module-T is even better. To take your projects to the next level.


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Modular buildings are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of professional purposes, either temporarily or permanently. Although the structures are often used as modular office blocks and administrative buildings, other increasingly attractive usage areas include school buildings, site accommodation, site facilities, clinics, workshops, and living spaces with dormitories, showers, and refectories. The list of applications here is far from exhaustive, and because the usage areas vary so greatly, the modular buildings appeal to a wide range of clients across various industries all over the world. Naturally, we can adapt and customize these buildings in their design and fittings upon request from clients.


Because client satisfaction is at the heart of our business, we strive to ensure that the prefabricated modular buildings we provide are tailored to clients’ exact project needs. Apart from the high quality of materials and supreme workmanship that go into the building solutions as well as the exclusive assembly services provided by our teams, it is important for us to design our modular buildings to suit various fields of application, in turn broadening our client base and thereby bolstering our international image. Whether you are an administrative manager needing a quick reliable modular office solution for your clerical staff, a construction site manager requiring site accommodation and site facilities for your workforce on your next project, or a school principal wishing to expand the classroom blocks with extra school buildings to accommodate more pupils, we have it all at Module-T. With our flexibility and readiness to customize our solutions, we cater to practically all industries.